Sadness on Animal Cruelty

Earlier this week, footage of greyhound race training was shown on ABC’s Four Corners.

In the morning following day, the subject was discussed on SEN – Morning Glory, the Run Home and Evenings with Finey. I was shocked to hear the news at that time.

Live animals were used to improve racing greyhound performances. Rats, rabbits and other animals were scared to be chased by dogs and then lost their lives.

Even such trainings were done by some trainers and stewards. Their actions are intolerant because they are being cruel to animals.

SEN’s evening program is my favourite one, so I tuned in last night as always. I like Finey’s entertainment and strong opinions on issues.

But when Finey and a guest presenter talked about hurting rabbits, I was shocked and had to switch to the music radio because my heart was hurt. It was because I cannot stand too much harsh stuff (such as blood scene in a hospital drama) but Fine’s personality.

Then my opinions of greyhound racing popped up. It should be ended.

Greyhound racing is not sport or entertainment. We humans put unnecessary stresses on animals, not only those used to strengthen dogs performances, but also dogs.

When I watched a news video measuring dogs’ stress levels, I was sad to hear that some dogs suffered stress.

While researching this article, I found the Sydney Morning Herald’s editorial. I learned that greyhound racing is illegal in 38 states in the US, South Africa and Italy. After World War Two the Allied Forces GHQ tried to demolish the controversial Yasukuni Shrine to build a dog racing field, but the plan was thwarted due after large protests against this idea. No greyhound racing has been held in Japan – even if no strict legislation exists here.

Some people do not it like that I speak up on Australian issues because I am Japanese, but I would like to take action to help animals. Let’s share the beautiful earth with precious animals.

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  1. G’day Yoshi, i found it dificult to watch the program. i’d be looking, then i’d need to leave the room, then i’d come back in again only to walk out again. I felt truly disgusted, and sick that people can act like this.

    I rarely bet on the greyhounds, usually just following the Pink greyhounds in February ,as they raise money for the Jane McGrath foundation when they win. Now no, maybe no more.

    For those perpetrators of these barbaric acts of cruelty, a a jail sentence, with life time bans from greyhound racing must be mandatory. I’d also like to see the ‘sport’ curtailed/ceased until justice has been done. That is the least that can be done.


  2. Horse racing is OK in Japan and Australia, but dog racing should be curtailed, ceased or banned? Spare me days. Drugging racehorses to run beyond their natural pain barriers, and many break down physically as a result and end up in a can of Pal dog food. Completes the circle of life I guess.
    Rabbits were cruel to our farming land. My grandparents would have starved without trapping rabbits in the Depression.
    Ban people who break the rules by all means, but the hysteria and media devoted to this and other emotive issues is ridiculous.
    We lose our perspective and creative unintended, often unseen alternative victims when we let emotive hysteria dominate our public policy.
    There are many examples I could cite dominating the current headlines, but I don’t want to distract this forum too far beyond sport.

  3. G’day Glen and Peter,

    Thank you for your thoughts of the issues.

    Glen – I am sorry that the graphic of the Four Corner was too harsh for you. Also it’s sad to hear that you are not happy helping charity (Pink Greyhounds) due to the issues.

    Peter – You have good points of views and I admit that my thought was exaggerated. Yes, I should have considered about horse racing. Also I should have suggested how to improve sports. What I want now is that we should not put too much pressure on animals.



  4. Well said Yoshi, your direct emotional reaction and considered thoughts are very reasonable and, I would add, how we should interpret the 4 Corners story. Animal cruelty may have been an accepted practice in the past (and sadly, may continue on) but historically it will say a lot more about us than it will the animals we inflicted our ‘human-centric’ actions upon.


  5. G’day Rick,

    Thanks for your compliment on my writing. Your thoughts of practice of animals are good!



  6. Live baiting: jesus, greyhound racing has got some serious scum in its ranks.

    Don’t really have any ethical issues with greyhound racing itself. I figure dogs chasing a lure is pretty much what dogs do naturally. Of course, in nature, it’s a rabbit or something, but the lure is a harmless enough deception for me.

    Horse racing, however, is a tricky one. Whipping a horse to run faster doesn’t sit well with me. I reckon they should look to the greyhound model for inspiration i.e. get rid of the jockeys and whips and simulate something more natural. The obvious way to go would be to simulate a pack of wolves. My thinking is you’d also have to combine a visual and audio presence of the blighters. I see it working with a modified vehicle at the tail of the herd which has been fitted with a cinema screen and powerful sound system. Once you fired up some National Geographic footage, you’d reckon that scare the bejesus out of Seabisket, Sad Ken and co. You’d then tail them as they made their way to the post, and voila, you have your 1st, 2nd and 3rd placings. See this is what I do … solve problems.

    PS 1: On horses being startled to death in this way, well, gee … I think we put that down to collateral damage. And besides, if they couldn’t stand a little national geographic footage in this age of tricky ethical dilemmas, they wouldn’t have lasted too long in the ages preceding it.

    PS 2: Can anyone place which show I lifted the horse name ‘Sad Ken’ from?

  7. PS 2 – Bottom

  8. G’day T-Bone,

    Thanks for your comment with thoughts from other angles. I had not had any idea from brightness.

    I wish I could watch the National Geographic program, but cannot afford to subscribe cable TV…



    P.S. Thanks Sean for providing the answer for T-Bone!

  9. The bertocchi ham and patra orange juice goes to Sean. Bottom it is, and what a great episode the one with Sad Ken was.

  10. Assume you are all out of Aladdin thermos (thermi?) and Tosca luggage T Bone?

  11. You’ve got to handball a bullseye on you non-preferred side for the luggage, Sean … you know that. The Bottom trivia equivalent of that would be to answer how Spudgun got his name?

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