Rounds 5, 6 and 7 Reviews: Fearless Triple-header

FEARLESS 2017 Rd 5 – Anzac Day: For those who have fallen… may we lead a better life here.


Port Adelaide hosted a Carlton side that rested veterans Thomas and Kreuzer. Like lambs to the slaughter, Bolton’s Baby Blues were electrified by a Port Power side intent on showing the footy world that the last 2 years have been an aberration. Sure enough, a 15 goal demolition is hardly great for those that watch Friday night footy but that’s fixturing folks! Ollie Wines in Port’s midfield is a gem.


Brisbane led by 37pts at the ½ against the Reigning Premiers on Saturday arvo at Etihad. Fortunately the Dogs roared back into the contest after half time, suggesting to some that they might have slept in. In a classic shift in momentum, the Dogs ended up winning by 32pt in BOB300, a tribute to skipper Bob Murphy, he of ½ nun and ½ priest. Lions good, but ran out of puff, Hipwood promising again.


The Crows came to Club Metricon intending for a good time on a bonding retreat to the Gold Coast. Sure enough, their artist’s palette jumper inspired a colourful romp over the locals who could’ve used some of the cast of Baywatch to help their cause. Eddie “Basketball Shorts” Betts kicked a few as did Salvador Dali Tex and the Rory’s (Laird, Sloane and Atkins). Pyke’s Crows home away by 12 goals.


It was Easties v Westies as Sydney hosted the Giants at the SCG on Saturday twilight. In keeping with the historic nature of the SCG, the GWS unleashed the Mummy with 62 hitouts and a relic of footy’s olden days when ruckmen were just big brutes and not overly athletic. GWS own the harbour town after condemning Horse’s Harriers to another loss. GWS by 7 goals, Swans young guns the future.


Deja Roo for the Kangas over in the West as Fremantle stole a winnable game on Saturday night. Despite two close losses, the Roos failed to protect the goal square in the dying minute, a skill taught to footballers from an early age. Team leaders made a costly error, given that various points of the game the Roos were defending well and had a 29pt lead. Fyfe and Mundy led the charge to a 5pt win.


The Saints and the Cats were even at the 14 minute mark of the last quarter. Shades of the epic of a few years back. Then suddenly goals to Danger, ex-Roo Black, Duncan, Tomahawk x2, Guthrie and the margin was 38pts at the death. Cats skipper Selwood finished with 43 stats and Saints journeyman Minchington booted 3. The Saints were good but the Cats were too good in the end. Seb Ross 33.


The Hawks found themselves in unfamiliar territory, winless after 5 rounds and hosting the Eagles at the G. Fear not said the brown and gold faithful for the Eagles at the G are footy’s equivalent of flaky pastries…they crumble easily. A solid return by Darling was the only highlight for the Eagles. The Hawks revelled in 3 goals to O’Brien, Breust and the little Aussie bleeder Norman Gunston. (Tom) Mitchell 37.


Richmond played Melbourne on Anzac Eve at the G 85000+ and Eddie’s not happy. Does someone own Anzac Day as a concept? How about what a great game it was? And double the Anzac exposure means more people get the Anzac message. Puff the Magic Hogan returned for the Dees. Riewoldt led Tiger charge to stay undefeated. Melbourne have improved but losing Chewbacca Spencer didn’t help.


Essendon played Collingwood as per usual on Anzac Day at the G and everyone takes notice. Daniel Wells played his first game for the Pies and added some polish in the process, Ben McNiece plays his debut game for the Dons. A close game for the most but the Bombers were led by big Joe Daniher to show his worth as Anzac medallist. Those that didn’t pay attention stayed indoors as the Dons won.



FEARLESS 2017 Rd 6 – Friday Night Footy comes to the Nation’s Capital at zero degrees


Never mind the temp, it was hot in the middle all night as the GWS hosted the Bulldogs in a repeat of last year’s epic Prelim. This time the GWS came out on top by 2pts. Mummy’s tackle on Libba, the Package’s ripper last qtr goal, Greene’s hit on Daniel, Tom Boyd’s shank, you name it… tight games bring out the big moments. The Great Western, crap marketing aside, brought out another classic.


Fortress Tasmania got blown to the sheisenhausen by the Saints on Saturday. The Hawks normally lock opponents in there and flog them. St.Kilda took the 2017-model Hawks and returned the favour. Even the bongos in the crowd were silent as York Park/Aurora/UTas Stadium saw the Saints triumph by 75pts. Even time for They Call Me Bruce to shank one from the goalsquare, whilst kicking 3.2.


The winless Sydney Cygnets returned to the MCG for the first time since the 2016 Grand Final to take on Bolton’s Baby Blues. 1st time since 1986 the sides had played here. Both produced a tight contest with many lead changes… ex-Freo Silvagni (ASOS) standing and shading Swans star Buddy. Not bad for a journeyman at a new club. Another journeyman Matt Wright kicked 4. Baby Blues saluted by 19pts.


Port Adelaide took themselves and some well-behaved fans to the Gabbatoir for a public flogging of the Lion cubs. A 5 goal lead at qtr time just got bigger and bigger with Port’s Wingard confirming what most of the AFL world knows… he will be a superstar. Port had Gray, Dixon and Impey with 4 goals. Lions meanwhile had young Hipwood with 2. Port powered away by 83pts. Fagan’s Lions toothless.


Gold Coast turned up to Etihad to take on North in front of 15000…what those that missed this game didn’t see was a timely reminder of Gazza. 26 kicks, 19 handballs, 3 marks, 9 tackles and 1.1 – says it all really. Gazza’s demise has been predicted but still seems premature. After regaining the lead mid 3rd qtr, Ben Brown inspired the Roos with 6 goals, his best yet. Further the Roos held on for a 13pt win.


In a typical response to last week’s insipididity(?), the Eagles came out in the derby with all guns blazing. A 6 goal lead at qtr time and the Eagles’ were never headed. The revitalised Freo team lost its mojo as Kennedy kicked 6 en route to the Glendinning Medal. Young Dockers Blakely, Balic and Langdon stood out but Eagles Priddis, Gaff and Yeo showed the Purple Army how it’s done by 41pts.


Fox Footy and Hawk stalwart Jason Dunstall said the Melbourne Essendon game on Sunday was like watching the opposite of circle work… they’d kick it to the opposition and then receive it back. Awful stuff. Perhaps inspired by journeyman Pedersen in the makeshift ruck, the Dees truly buried their Etihad demons and the Bombers with a blistering 2nd half. Joe Daniher 1.6 – oops! Demons by 38pts.


Collingwood took to the MCG against Geelong on Sunday with an impressive recent track record over the Cats. From early in the 2nd qtr, the Pies were never headed, enhancing their reputation as the Cats’ bogey side. Adams and ex-Blue Tuohy shared stats onours with 36 apiece, Pie skipper Pendles not far behind. Greenwood’s tag on Selwood decisive, the Cats’ star output down. Pie ruck Grundy on fire.


Richmond travelled to Adelaide for the match of the round against another undefeated team in the Crows. By qtr time, the Crows knew the Tigers meant business, holding a 9pt lead. 2 goals in the next 2 qtrs dismissed the Tiger challenge as the Crows banged on 13 goals to put the game beyond doubt. Rory Sloane jumped to Brownlow fave status as big Tex kicked 5. Young Crow Crouch 38. Crows by 76.



FEARLESS 2017 Rd 7 – The round referred to as the tipster’s nightmare and the “deliberate” crisis


The questions had been asked of the Saints. The Friday night stage was theirs to answer them, against the Gatorade Giants of GWS. That orange G was massive! An emphatic 6 goal to 1 last quarter from the Saints led by the unheralded Blake Acres and Jade Gresham and underwritten by a Joe Dirt-looking Jack Steven made a statement. Richo’s Saints can play finals in 2017. Seb Ross 31. Saints by 23pts.


1st played 15th and 10.4 to 0.0 read the scoreboard at qtr time. Unusual? Probably not, except that 15th placed North had just walloped the ladder leading Crows at Blundstone with a quarter of high pressure footy led by returning 30+ Jarrad Waite with 3 goals. The Crows fought back, but the Roos maintained the pressure for four quarters across the ground to win by 59pts. Sloane tagged by Gibson.


Collingwood had a celebration of 125 years that was centred on playing and beating Carlton at the MCG on Saturday. Bolton’s Baby Blues had other ideas…the classic rivalry revisited as the Blues thought none better to rain on the Magpie parade, led by ex-Pies supporter Kreuzer and icing provided by ex-Pie Premiership player. Celebrations for the Blues by 23pts, SP-S, a revelation in only 7th game.


Much has been made of the Eagles’ travelling woes…and a trip to Adelaide sits far better for them as evidenced on Saturday against Port in the City of Churches. The Frenchman led the charge, Le Cras with 4. A rearguard action (5.2 to 3.3) in the 4th saved Port some face with Wingard 34 stats and Dixon 3.1, but the Eagles managed to stave off a fast finishing Port by 10pts. Yeo the midfielder 27 stats.


Two form teams settled a game off the back of a dodgy umpiring decision. So it was with the Dogs v Tigers game at Etihad… Jaidyn Short’s “deliberate” at the death in the Tigers’ forward 50 showed the umpire to have no FEEL for the game at all. WHY WOULD IT BE DELIBERATE, THEY WERE TRYING TO WIN IT YOU DROPKICK – WTF! – the umpires can’t always get it right but… Dogs by 5pts, Tigers stiff!


Gold Coast have had their mettle questioned many times in their short life. Enter David Swallow and a Geelong team that thought they could come to win at Club Metricon and have a nice weekend away in the Queensland warmth. Swallow might be the heartbeat that the Suns have missed of late – they have a solid spine and midfield. The Cats have again brought scrutiny upon themselves. Suns 25pts.


Brisbane’s Lion Cubs flew south to the Harbour City to host the winless Swans, who were in no mood to tolerate Aliir MIA. Buddy sought to bring home the bacon with 8.4 in a game that saw the Swans take the lead and keep it for the duration. Tom Rockliff and 50-gamer Paparone led the Lion charge with colossus Martin in the ruck. Sydney swanned away to a 54pt win and both a chance to regroup.


Melbourne swapped red for pink as a show of support for Breast Cancer, a worthy cause. Jordan Lewis came up against his old mob the Hawks. Whilst the Dees have improved this year, you snooze, you lose. Captain Roughy chipped in with 4 and Big Boy McEvoy smashed the Demons’ makeshift rucks. Roughy also provided the defensive KO at the death, once the Dees realised game on. Hawks 3pts.


The Bombers flew far west to tackle Freo, a match viewed as even by most punters. Factor in 29 degrees and the pendulum starts to swing Freo’s way. Essendon started well, leading at all changes and making Freo look poorer by comparison. A 6.4 last quarter by Freo to 0.1 put paid to valiant Bomber efforts. A renewed Taberner with 4.0 and Neale 40, B.Hill 37 stats helped Freo to a 37pt win.


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