Round One: Geelong v Essendon

Why do they play the first game of the season on a Thursday night? For some, for most, have either work or school the next day, so it was hard to get excited about the Season Opener, knowing that we still had to get an early enough night to prepare for the last day of the term. I had a bit of difficulty, finding it hard to wake up and get out of bed, but after putting on my North Guernsey (it was an out-of-uniform day, the theme being Rock Star. What’s more Rock Star than a Roos jumper?) I felt more enthusiastic.

At lunch time, some of the school crammed into the hall to watch an air-guitar show by students and teachers. It was a great laugh, seeing some of our teachers emulating Angus Young’s antics to the tunes of AC/DC. After school finished at the earlier time of 2:30, I set my mind on the game being played on the night. Geelong v Essendon.

With the Cats missing 2009 premiership players Tom Harley (retired), Travis Varcoe (injured) and Mathew Stokes (suspended), the Cats introduced youngster Mitch Duncan into the team for his first game after impressing in the NAB Cup. The Bombers are also blooding youngster Ben Howlett, with Mark Williams also donning the red and black for the first time.

The game began and Cameron Mooney got onto the end of some great play by the Cats midfield, kicking the first goal of the match after an early struggle. Jobe Watson replied in his first game as skipper, pumping through a goal from 50. David Zaharakis grabbed the lead with a goal, but Brad Ottens replied after a good mark and goal. At quarter time, the premiers led by two points, 2.5 to 2.3.

As the second quarter started, Gary Ablett started many conversations in the crowd and around the country with the first goal after a kick that never deviated away from the goals. The Bombers exploded into form though, with Watson intercepting and snapping an impressive goal. Kyle Reimers marked and goaled, Alwyn Davey received a handball and snapped a crucial goal, before gathering from a hit-out and kicking his second to give Essendon a surprising 17 point lead. Tom Hawkins answered with a mark and goal, Steve Johnson snapped a ripper, Ablett kicked a good goal and Hawkins and Shannon Byrnes kicked nice goals to give Geelong an 11 point lead. A late goal to Jay Neagle after a 50m penalty from Paul Chapman saw the half time deficit cut to four points at the main break, 7.9 to 8.7.

The second half started and Essendon showed how dangerous they can be in short bursts, with Dustin Fletcher snapping his first of the season from 50, Brent Stanton took a good mark and kicked a goal, Angus Monfries snapped an easy goal from the boundary line and Howlett was on the end of great play by Essendon, kicking a nice running goal to get themselves out to a 23 point advantage. The Cats fired back though with James Kelly goaling, Cameron Ling snapping a captains goal and Jimmy Bartel putting through his first. At the last break, Essendon led by six points, 11.14 to 11.8, but the momentum was with the Cats.

It showed in the last quarter, with the first six goals coming by the boys in the blue and white hoops. Joel Selwood snapped a high goal, Mooney gathered and goaled after getting a rare reprieve from Cale Hooker, Byrnes ran into an open goal, Johnson coolly slotted a goal from the boundary line, Mooney ran into an open goal, showing his skill by landing the ball in the ball-bag behind the goals and Byrnes kicking his third after getting Geelong out to a 32 point lead. The Bombers answered with a couple through Zaharakis and Monfries, but a pearler from Kelly out of mid-air and Bartel running into an open goal was all she wrote, Geelong winning by 31 points in a dominant last quarter, 19.11.125 to 13.16.94.

This game was different to what I thought it would be. I predicted Geelong to come out and flex their muscle and blow Essendon away, but at times it was Essendon with the biceps pumping and Geelong just watching. But, as all premiership sides do, the Cats fought back and won easily in the end. Will this form by Geelong be the catalyst of another dominant year? Or was this win just impressive against one of the predicted also-rans?

Geelong 2.5—8.7—11.8—19.11.125

Essendon 2.3—7.9—11.14—13.16.94


Geelong-Mooney 3, Byrnes 3, Kelly 2, Ablett 2, Hawkins 2, Bartel 2, Johnson 2, Ling, Selwood, Ottens

Essendon-Watson 2, Davey 2, Zaharakis 2, Monfries 2, Howlett, Neagle, Stanton, Fletcher, Reimers


Geelong-Byrnes, Selwood, Bartel, Ling, Lonergan, Ablett, Corey

Essendon-Stanton, Watson, Prismall, Fletcher, Howlett


57,772 at the MCG


3: Shannon Byrnes (G)

2: Joel Selwood (G)

1: Brent Stanton (E)

About Josh Barnstable

21 year old North Melbourne supporter from country Victoria. Currently living in Melbourne studying a Bachelor of Sports Media. Dreams of becoming a sports journalist and broadcaster.


  1. Nice report, Josh.

    I have a theory on this match – There was one really good team and one really crap team, and several times throughout the match they swapped jumpers.

  2. That’s almost as crazy as Healy’s theory that you and Michael are the same people. Lol, but yeah it seemed like that during the match.

  3. BYRNESY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Great report, Josh. Keep in mind, the various Cats players had anywhere between 4 and 8 weeks less of the preseason than their Essendon opponents. We’re not expected to hit form until about Round 3 (gotta feel sorry for Fremantle :p ).

    We played a lot better than I was expecting, in certain patches. A lot worse than I feared in others.

    But if even Doms can put in a good game, I’m not worried about Geelong’s performance this year, not by a long shot :-)

  4. 1 – Hahahaha, that’s hilarious! I subscribe to that theory! :-D

  5. Nice to see you took my fashion advice, good work Joshy!! ;)
    OR should i say BRUCE? :P lol

    Don’tcha just LOVE Mooney!
    Susie, LOOK HOW CUTE he looks in this photo!!

  6. 5 – Very cute :) Are you like my sister? She prefers him with the longer hair, LOL
    And yes, I do love Mooney – especially when he kicks goals :-)

  7. Dave Long says

    good report, ‘cept the suspended Mathew Stokes wasnt a 2009 player (he was 2007) and it was Max Rooke missing from last year’s GF..

  8. Eh, girls :|

    How freakish is Adam Goodes?

  9. 7 – You know what? I’m not usually this girly – ever, LOL. Danni brings out the worst in me. Like, I didn’t look at any players as being “hot” until I joined the almanac site, LOL.

    He is FREAKY good. But do you know what’s even freakier? That Saints kicked 9 goals straight :-S

  10. comment 9!! thats right MY HUBBY, HEAR THAT BLONDIE??


    yeah i love him with the curls and the head bands!! soo CUTEEEEE
    Susie i thought they were hot ever since i first laid eyes on Cameron Cloke as a 17 year old rookie

  11. Damian Watson says

    Great work Josh,

    I enjoyed the match last night, the momentum fluctuated throughout the game but the Cats outlined their dominance to win easily.

    I must admit I haven’t watched tonight’s Sydney v St Kilda match, I’m viewing the Brisbane v West Coast game on the net and the Lions have really run away in the final term.

  12. 10: You picked the wrong game to watch Damo, the Swans v Saints game was a pearler. Although the Lions v West Coast game sounded tight, I saw Fev’s goal earlier, how freakish is that? Although Goodes bettered that tonight.

  13. Steve Healy says

    Im listening to the Brisbane V West Coast game. Fevola has kicked 3.7! They lead 15.17 107 to 10.10 70 at the 29 min mark of the last quarter

  14. Damian Watson says

    Really? All I know is the Saints won by 8 points and Kennely copped a knock in his comeback game.

    Yeah the Fev goal was a beauty but his kicking has been woeful, an innaccurate 3.7.

  15. Damian Watson says

    The Lions lead by 37!

    lol Steve was the only one barracking in the outer after the 15 minute mark of the first term, and we were sitting near the cheer squad.

  16. It was a really high-scoring game compared to past Swans-Saints games, 96-88. And the Saints kicked 9.0 before they had a behind rushed. And Koschitzke will most likely be suspended for 1-2 matches.

  17. Damian Watson says

    Well it’s sounds like it was a physical game as well as the high scoring. Who was B.O.G?

  18. A lot of players were very good, no one stood out. Kennelly had 29 possessions before he broke his nose, Goddard and Montagna were the highest ball-winners for the Saints. Riewoldt kicked four and had 20-odd touches. Adam Goodes gets my three votes though. Three goals and I think 18 disposals, he had many goal assists as well.

  19. And Malceski and O’Keefe were outstanding, but O’Keefe was a bit inaccurate.

  20. Steve Healy says

    yeah, Hille might be out for the same time. Just learnt that McKenzie had 11 tackles for the Dees today and McDonald 10, quite surprised

  21. Damian Watson says

    Well it sounds like it was a fairly physical contest.

    The Lions are winners by 32, having said that many of the Eagles midfielders like Selwood,Priddis and Kerr racked up plenty of disposals.

  22. Damian Watson says

    I’m just happy that the Blues are still on top of the table.

    Yeah but many of the Demons players were second to the ball and their efficiency was a little poor.

  23. So how was your day Steve and Damo? Was Healy any threat to anyone around him halfway through the second quarter Damo? Lol

  24. Steve Healy says

    Damo, I heard that Buchanan and Adcock got injured, was it bad?

  25. Steve Healy says

    Yeah and the Dees arent last!

    no, I was just angry, shouted a few things to the umpires, a few heads turned, and then quietened down a bit in the second half

  26. Damian Watson says

    No, young Steve wasn’t too juvenile today, by then the result was inevitable.

    Yeah I heard about those injuries but I’m not sure about the extent.

  27. Watch for Goodes’ trick in the second quarter when watching Gameday or whatever tomorrow, it’s special.

  28. Damian Watson says

    Only the heads of the couple of kids sitting in front of us.

    A few of the Hawthorn supporters around our area in the pocket made plenty of noise.

  29. Steve Healy says

    interesting stat- Brendan Fevola and Jonathon Brown kicked exactly half of the Lions score tonight

  30. Damian Watson says

    What are your predictions for tomorrow’s clash Josh? the Power have being in good form and will be difficult to beat at home.

  31. Well i’m not sure if Steve told you Damo but Robbie Gray and Daniel Motlop have both been ruled out of the side so two youngsters will fill the remaining spots so on paper, I think North are stronger. It just depends on what North Melbourne shows up tomorrow. If its the Roo outfit that defeated Geelong a few weeks ago, North should be around the top 4 come the conclusion of Round 1.

  32. Steve Healy says

    27- Shut up Damo, but your right.

    Port will win by about four goals

  33. Damian Watson says

    Yeah Steve told me, I still believe Port will come away with the four points.

    lol Don’t worry Steve there is nothing wrong with venting your frustration.

  34. Steve Healy says

    Damo, you know how I said Scully and Trengove would get 20 possessions each today?

    Well, Trengove got 23 and Scully got exactly 20, so I was pretty spot on

  35. Speaking of being spot on, i’m 5 from 5 in the footy tipping and my Supercoach team is racking up the points.

  36. Steve Healy says

    Id say most people are 5/5 lol, I know I am

  37. Not Luke Darcy, he tipped the Swans lol.

  38. Richard E. Jones says

    HI Damian and Josh — Luke Darcy the special comments man on Ch.10 gave the plasma screen BOG award to Riewoldt.
    He slotted 4 goals for the Sainters.

    Steve, it’s going to be a loooooong looooong year for the Dees. They are woeful. Heard the first half driving home from Melb. this afternoon. Dees v Tiges for The Spoon, 2010.

    And Susie and other fellow Cats’ supporters: let’s hope someone can give S. Byrnes some goalkicking practice. The little tacker missed his first three shots when the heat was on.
    Travis Varcoe, hurry up and get your thumb fixed so u can come back as our crumbing forward.

  39. I’m yet to see why Varcoe gets a regular game when fit at Geelong.

    But thanks for that info Richard.

  40. 38 – Bite your tongue! ;-p Keep in mind, prior to 2009, he was statistically the most inaccurate player in the league. That all changed last year. I believe people can be cut some slack in the first couple of rounds for the year. He’ll settle and be right. I’m just happy my boy had 7 (really 8) scoring shots! That’s obscenely good for my little midfielder/crumber. His accuracy can only improve as the year goes on. At least he had better conversion than Fev.

    39 – Again, prior to 2009, I would have agreed with you. I often think the biggest mistake Thompson made in his career was guaranteeing Varcoe a spot in the GF team of 2008. He was a great tackler, but he had no commitment, never travelled faster than a jog, and didn’t get many possessions. Last year, he completely transformed himself.

    I think this was part maturity, part his brother arriving at the club. Travis wanted to be a role model. He ran absolutely everywhere, tackled like there was no tomorrow, made good use of his freakish abilities and improved his disposals out of sight. He is one of the best in the league for creating forward pressure – remember in 2007, I think it was, when he tackled that Sydney player at Kardinia Park and tore his jumper off?

    He is now one of our most valuable players, especially with an injury-prone Chapman potentionally in the twilight of his career.

    Varcoe the Younger is the EXACT same type of player – and they look almost identical. Adam is still a bit light, but another solid preseason in him, and he’ll be ready. He’s even more tenacious than Trav – scary thought. He’s the player for the opposition to keep an eye on in the years to come.

  41. Richard Naco says

    The Swannie stripped bare (chested) was Nick Malceski, so just catching him in the first place was quite an accomplishment.

    I think that the thing that has transformed Travis has also been just plain growing up. You only get in to this team (let alone in to this league) by being markedly superior to your peers at the lower levels, so it’s pretty natural for young blokes to think they’re ten feet tall & bulletproof, and to expect the flow of success to naturally continue.

    The difference between true champions and sad old gits in country bars talking about how they had one or two seasons in the bigs is finally recognising that survival (let alone success) at this level is not a given, and that the old formula of Success = 10% Inspiration + 90% Perspiration needs to be rigorously applied. This is maturity for any bloke – we saw it in 2007 with Gazza and The Freak (my pet name for Steve Johnson, because some of the things he does are simply not possibly for any normal member of the species), and we’re seeing that evolution occuring right now with Tomohawk & Travis.

    I think that the Varcoes have all the potential to be even better than the Krakoers [sp?] once were, and that the cycle of hard work + success should become self perpetuating for both of them.

  42. Richard, have you had a chance yet to see Adam play?
    I’ve only seen him at VFL level, but I remember his first game. He came on, and within 10 seconds had run from one side of the ground to the other and laid a bone-crunching tackle, and he’s never taken a backwards step.

    Four players pushing for senior selection from yesterday’s VFL match, from what I hear:
    Pods – Kicked 6.6 and set up three more goals
    Djekurra – Looked a class above, too good for VFL
    Gamble – Near 40-possesion game, baulked, weaved – looked magical and played an amazing game
    Motlop – Living up to the family name, kicked a mid-air kick for a goal from a Pods pass; baulked around 4 opponents in the centre at one point.

    Exciting stuff, but who will be bumped? Poor Dunks will probably have to make way for Pods, I’d think. Anyone else looking iffy?

  43. Hogan deserves a spot in the Geelong side, he should be a worthy replacement for Ablett next season. Haha just kidding.

    Damn, Port Adelaide won. I’m really pleased how well we finished the match though, down by 7 goals at half time and only lost by 14 points.

  44. 43 – Good effort, then. Didn’t just pack it in.

    Hogan does deserve a spot, but I’m pretty sure he’s injured at the moment, he didn’t play any preseason games, and I don’t recall him being mentioned as playing in yesterday’s VFL match. He’s one of my favourites. He’s got a bright future, and he’ll be around for years.

  45. I’m also pleased with the youngsters at North Melbourne. Ryan Bastinac will be contending with Todd Banfield for the Round 1 Rising Star nomination after a 23 possession effort in the wet, unless a player from Freo or Adelaide has a breakout match tonight. Ziebell was also impressive with 22 touches and Anthony was a standout with 25 disposals. Brent Harvey is back to his best form with 23 possessions and three goals. I don’t think we can beat the Saints, Eagles, Swans or Hawks who come in the next four weeks.

    Thanks to Danni, i’m now viewing every Collingwood game differently. Like when Jack Anthony took a good mark early in the match today I immediatly thought “I wonder if Danni saw that” Lol

  46. Ziebell would also be a chance for a Rising Star nom, as would Shuey for the Eagles, although I didn’t see either match last night.

    The Dogs Pies match is a pearler of a contest.

  47. Also, Carl Peterson would be a chance if he was younger. And I think Mitch Banner played a good game for Port judging by the stats.

  48. I’m tipping the Dogs still.

  49. 48: Okay I just looked at the current scores, I take it back.

  50. 49 – SCORE!!!!! I tipped Collingwood :-D And people thought I was an idiot :-D

  51. If Freo wins i’m 7 from 8 this weekend, and my Supercoach team has fired. Ah I love footy.

  52. I’m just so happy footy is back :-)

    (real footy, I mean)

  53. Sharrod Wellingham has been really productive too, despite getting his head split open by Barry Hall earlier.

  54. I think I am going to cry. I just went to see how many winners I’d tipped – AND I CHANGED MY TIPS DURING THE WEEK!!!! I’m shattered. I’d originally had the Pies picked, but I must’ve changed my mind, succumb to the excitement surrounding the Doggies…

    Let this be a lesson for you all, kiddies: DON’T GIVE IN TO PEER PRESSURE. It can cost you SuperTipping points :-(

  55. I bet you regret comment 50 now..

  56. Steve Healy says

    im sure danni wont be too happy with Jack Anthony’s shocking game today. Pies so good, Shaw, Swan and Didak at their absolute best

  57. 55 – Most embarassing moment of my year thus far. Still, much like the ’08 GF loss, I will learn from my mistakes. Next time, I will trust my gut, and never change a tip. When the going gets tough, I will remember the pain, the humiliation. I will stick with Collingwood.

  58. 54 – Not doing SuperTipping – it’s the worst tipping website out there.

    I was going to watch the last quarter, but then I saw Susie’s facebook status and figured there was no point.

  59. 58 – My bad :-S I forgot about delayed TV coverage. I was listening on radio. Promise not to go doing THAT again this year, either :-S

  60. 3 votes – Swan
    2 votes – Boyd
    1 vote – O’Brien

    Oh, and since I don’t have any Freo or Adelaide players in my lineup, I have finished the round with 2244 SC points. Go me!

  61. Damian Watson says

    Yeah Swan was exceptional in the midfield.

    You have to give credit to the Magpies their run, efficiency and ball carry was excellent.

    I’m just switching onto the stream of the Fremantle-Adelaide clash. Jenson Button basically has the Grand Prix in safe keeping.

  62. I’ll most likely do a report on Fremantle v Adelaide.

  63. Damian Watson says

    Are you listening via radio?

  64. Yeah I will be, it starts at 8:10 right?

  65. Damian Watson says

    Yeah that sounds correct, I think it begins 5:10 local time.

    I’ll probably watch it using the stream.

    Bad luck this afternoon in regards to the Roos although their first half was deplorable they did well to whittle back the lead in the wet conditions.

  66. Damian Watson says

    Hamilton and Webber have crashed out on the second last lap, bad luck for the latter after starting on the front row on the grid.

  67. The old North Melbourne would have got rolled by about 70 points, so credit to the new team to fight back. But like I said we’ll most likely be 0-5 coming into Round 6.

  68. Damian Watson says

    Yeah they managed to gain some respectability, however I’d probably be a little disappointed with the result.

    Yeah I agree their draw over the next couple of months is difficult but they should be able to defeat the Eagles and Sydney at home.

  69. Damian Watson says

    Josh are you going to make an appearance on radio this week?

  70. Still not sure Damo, they haven’t contacted me so maybe this Friday i’ll just ring up and demand a spot lol.

    The Round 5 match against the Hawks in Tassie will be tight, the Roos’ big win over Hawthorn, which included Taylor, Sewell and Franklin, in the NAB Challenge match gives me confidence.

  71. Damian Watson says

    And the conditions in Tasmania will probably be similar to Ballarat lol.

    I think it will be a good physical contest next week against the Saints.

  72. Steve Healy says

    I listened and scored the Bulldogs V Collingwood game on the radio.

    Votes- 3. Didak
    2. Shaw
    1. Swan

    Boyd just misesd out

  73. Damian Watson says

    Yeah Heath Shaw had a brilliant game running off half back.

    Steve should we head off on Wednesday or Thursday?

  74. Steve Healy says

    Yeah Shaw had 36 possessions and 14 marks. The first quarter of the match was incredible, but the pace of the match slowed down after half time.

    Um, perhaps Thursday Damo, that’d be a good lead in to the round of footy, but ill let you know soon which day is better

  75. Where are you two off to?

  76. Damian Watson says

    We were thinking about going to some of the tradional suburban grounds we haven’t visited yet like Brunswick St, Junction Oval etc.

  77. Damn, that sounds fun. I’d love to go.

  78. Damian Watson says

    Well we could do that the next time you come down to Melbourne, the problem is it will probably have to be within the holidays.

  79. Yeah that sounds good, I don’t even think i’ve been to Princes Park yet lol.

  80. Damian Watson says

    Really? Well it is an historic ground even with the new facilities.

    I don’t think I have ever been to Arden St.

  81. hey guys, great start to the season

  82. Hey Dom, yeah it’s been a great round. How did you cope with the heavy loss on Thursday?

    I’ve been to Arden Street a few times, but I haven’t seen the new facilities.

  83. expect it, i just wrote an article on it which should be posted soon, that will explain my thoughts in much more detail

  84. north fought back from a tough start, it was the old timers like Harvey and Rawlings that go you back in it

  85. And the youngsters in Ziebell, Bastinac and Anthony as well Dom, they were really impressive.

  86. i like bastinac, petrie was a big blow to u guys- earlier in the week

  87. Hmm tell me about it.

  88. I’ve become convinced that the Dogs losing to Collingwood is bad news for Richmond – the Dogs will probably try harder now than they would if they’d beaten the Pies easily.

    Listening to the beginning of Freo vs Adelaide on SEN.

    Damo, which stream are you using?

  89. 88: The match so far is a shocker, i’m listening to it on ABC radio.

  90. adam-we’re gonna lose anyway, just watch the kids and development of game plan

  91. How much for the Dogs next week? 140?

  92. Dom – confidence is important for the youngsters, and being totally pulverised by the Dogs would possibly give their confidence a big hit. I’m as keen to see Hardwick play the youngsters to give them experience as anyone, and I know a loss is pretty much a given, but an honourable loss is better than a thrashing.

    Anthony Morabito joined the exclusive “Out of bounds on the full with their first kick in footy” club. The only other member I can think of right now is Jarrad Oakley-Nicholls.

  93. How is everyone going in Supercoach?

  94. 93: Fan-bloody-tastic.

  95. 1850 so far with tippet, pavlich and barlow left- not so good this week

  96. Damian Watson says

    Here is the stream:

    Chris Mayne finally broke through with the first goal, the pressure is intense.

    As I speak Dangerfield provides the answer.

  97. Who has kicked the past two goals? talking with Danni distracted me from the radio, last goal i heard was Dangerfields, now its 15-15.

  98. Damian Watson says

    Is it working for you guys?

    Pavlich just sailed a mongrel through for a goal. Many of the Docker midfielders are finding space, Sandilands has been instrumental.

  99. Steve Healy says

    Yeah im scoring on the radio, id try Justin TV if i had fast internet lol.

    Barlow looks good on debut, Mayne looks great, and Sandilands is leading all comers on the ground with 9 possessions

  100. Damian Watson says

    Yeah although Mayne has been inaccurate with his shots on goal although he is presenting well.

  101. Goal to little Hayden.

  102. I got the stream working. As I said earlier, I don’t have any players from this match so I have finished on 2244. Not a bad start.

  103. Damian Watson says

    By the way guys I joined msn, it’s the same as my e-mail address because it seemed easier.

  104. Peter Flynn says


    I prefer S Byrnes to T Varcoe.

    Varcoe seems to have a heap of ideas when he obtains possession of the agate. Alas thus far very little comes to fruition because he has a touch of the Ronnie Burns about him.

  105. Peter, S Byrnes is my all-time favourite player :-D I still can’t get over the fact that he had 7 (8) scoring shots on Friday!

    Ronnie Burns might be a favourable comparison – if you’re talking early- to mid-career with the Cats. Last two or three years he was at the Cattery were just painful.

    There are times when I want Trav Varcoe kicked out the door and told not to come back – he can be very frustrating. But when he’s switched on – which is happening more and more frequently – he can be beautiful to watch. Breathtaking, even.

  106. Where did Gamble play in the VFL? Midfield?

  107. No idea – my brother just passed some info on to me from a forum.

  108. Well gathering near 40-possessions is a good effort for a forward so i’m suspecting he was given a run in the midfield.

    Amazing match at Subiaco Oval, the Dockers had a real purple patch that quarter (no pun intended). They lead 9.9.63 to 4.3.27 at half time. Michael Barlow is a chance to have the most disposals on debut.

  109. 108 – Mum just told me he had 20 to half time. That’s insane. I hope he can keep it up.

  110. Damian Watson says

    The Crows have gained some momentum but the Dockers still have the ability to keep a sufficient buffer.

  111. Does your Mum like footy Susie? I’m so envious!

  112. My Mum surprised me today, saying “Wow Dane Swan has got some nice tats”

    I didn’t even know she knew Swan.

  113. My brother has convinced my Mum to support Essendon, mainly because Mum likes Mark McVeigh. Needless to say, I was annoyed. She says Richmond is her second team though.

  114. Adam, my mum LOVES footy! She’s the reason why me, my sister and my three brothers are all so in to cricket and football.

  115. Freo win by 56 points, 17.16 to 9.8. Third match this round to be decided by 56 points, the top 3 ladder positions are:

    1. Hawthorn
    2. Fremantle
    3. Carlton

    Very unusual looking positions that.

  116. 115 – And those three pozzies spell… HFC. Hawks year?

  117. Hey Josh,

    What’s your best contact


  118. Steve Healy says

    Sounds like the perfect footy family you have Susie.

    Barlow isn’t without a chance for the Brownlow, he’ll get 3 votes for the game yesterday, especially now that the umpires definitely do get their eyes tested

  119. Liam,

    My email address is [email protected]

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