Round 9 – West Coast v Geelong: Inaccuracy Worked For Once

The second quarter on the late afternoon of Sunday the 31st of May was either a big talk or a big joke to people. West Coast won the quarter by 10 points, but who knows how much it could have been if the Eagles didn’t kick eleven behinds. And while you’re thinking about that, think about this: how much could the Eagles have won by if they did kick straighter with their 40 shots at goal?

At quarter time, the Cats led by 1 point, with the help of Johnson, Hawkins, and Gregson. West Coast had kicked 2.6 to begin their game, but I tended to look on the bright side. I mean, the Eagles could’ve kicked six goals instead of just two, and led by 20 points instead of 10. But Kennedy, previously controlled by Harry Taylor to just one goal in the last two encounters between these two clubs, was running hot, kicking both the Eagles’ goal in the first quarter. He later would finish with a strong six goals, a clear sign that he was not controlled by the Geelong defence. Even though the Cats led at the first break (though it was not much,) West Coast was clearly controlling the game. It was their poor accuracy that was holding them back.

The second quarter also held them back. The Eagles kicked 2.11 to the Cats’ 2.1. The Eagles had already had 21 shots at goal, and their score was 4.17. Think: If West Coast kicked accurately in the first half, just think how much they could have been winning by. They could have kicked more than 100 points in total, and led by more than 70 points. Think then. What reputation would the clubs have then?

Well, Geelong would be sitting in the same position as North Melbourne, talking about how they would be trying to get around the problem, with everyone doubting that they would be able to. West Coast, on the other hand, would be highly praised, with everyone saying about how Western Australia was dominating the league. I’m not saying that West Coast isn’t dominating at the moment; they are second on the ladder with a 7-2 record. If you ask me, at this point, a WA Grand Final is looking likely. It would be interesting.

For Geelong, it was downhill after the main break. Rhys Stanley got subbed out, and Mitch Clark was in doubt for playing next week. And West Coast continued to take control, this time, kicking more accurately, kicking 5.4. And in the final quarter, Geelong looked like they couldn’t continue, letting the Eagles kicking 7.3. Every time a Geelong player kicked the ball into their inside 50 in the second half, a West Coast player was there to mark the ball and kick into their inside 50.

And then – and this highlight impressed me, even though I am a Geelong supporter – there was Nic Naitanui, as he leapt up and saw the beaches of Perth in what is a strong nomination for the Mark of the Year. If he wins it I won’t be surprised, and I’m pretty sure lots of other people won’t be surprised, either. You could hear it in Anthony Hudson’s tone that he was completely amazed as he yelled, ‘NAITANUIIIIII!’

I’ve seemed to notice, lately, that the team opposing Geelong can kick goals more easily than Geelong. It’s sort of saying that Geelong is starting to fall back into the teams that fight to get a place in the finals. The Cats are currently 12th, at the edge of the cliff; if they lose against Essendon, it will leave them behind the pack, and it will be hard from there to get to at least 8th.

In conclusion, even though I’m a Geelong supporter, Geelong might, for the first time since 2006, miss the finals. But that’s why you set more reasonable goals. One might be, ‘Play as best as we can, and don’t completely fall apart.’

West Coast 2.6 4.17 9.21 16.24 (120)
Geelong 3.1 5.2 9.3 10.4 (64)

Goals – West Coast: Kennedy 6; Hill, Sinclair, Naitanui 2; LeCras, Cripps, Shuey, McInnes.
Geelong: Hawkins 3; Caddy, Mackie, Johnson, Gregson, Murdoch, Stokes, Kersten.

Best – West Coast: Kennedy, Naitanui, Gaff, LeCras, Shuey, Sinclair, Masten
Geelong: Enright, Blicavs, Johnson, Caddy, Hawkins, Mackie

Umpires: Fisher, Farmer, Dalgleish

Crowd: 37,676

Votes: Kennedy (WC) 3; Naitanui (WC) 2; LeCras (WC) 1

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  1. Very generous match summary Ethan. Reckon you are a bit over the top predicting an all WA Grand Final. Injuries to Sandilands or Fyfe will bring them back to the field.

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