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Round 9 – Sydney v Carlton: Take me to the O’Reilly Stand

May 29, 2015. The Bloods have been afforded the privileged honour of kicking-off this year’s Indigenous Round. This proud club has a rich history of highly-skilled, hard-working and much-loved Indigenous heroes. From Elkin Riley of the 1950’s, to Abiana Davis who was drafted late last year, the Red & White faithful have adored and admired our Indigenous footballers. As we take on the Blues, thoughts of current and former favourites take hold. Tonight is a celebration.

Helping to celebrate the contribution of our Aboriginal stars, is the aesthetic delight that is our Indigenous Guernsey. Designed by Lisa Sansbury, mother of our champion, Adam Goodes, it is a joy to behold. The boys love it, the fans love it. It also helps that the last time we wore the guernsey, we smacked the Cats by a hundred plus! I bet the likes of Troy Cook, Derek Kickett and Jamie Lawson would’ve loved to have played in that jumper.

One man who most certainly would have taken much pride in wearing that guernsey is all-time Bloods favourite, Micky O. A footballer of rare skill and courage, he’s now back among the flock, safely tucked beneath the Swans’ wing. Time after time, Mago would light up the SCG, combining flair, speed, toughness and unmatched skill. Champion.

Tonight, we take on the Enemy under the Friday night lights. It’s been a long week in more ways than one. My long-suffering Blues-barracking-brother has informed me to beware, revelling in a new coaching setup. I receive a photo of his beautiful kids decked out in their navy and I acknowledge my soft spot for the team from Lygon St. But not tonight. As the boys are cheer, cheered onto the hallowed turf, Buddy, Jets and Goodesy pose an imposing threat on such a meaningful night.

Once again, with in excess of 30k in the ground (a regular occurrence these days,) the Swans attack the game head-on. The Enemy are missing some stars, and from the get-go this looks like a mismatch. Buddy bursts out of the blocks, booting three sausage rolls before any in the outer can eat one. We are blessed to have this man at our club. Ours to enjoy. I will never cease to marvel at the brilliance of that recruitment coup. The joy he brings to the game is unparalleled. And he’s ours. Gaz is proving dangerous alongside, and a healthy first-term lead ensues.

The second term of this match will forever be remembered for one of the most inspiring acts I have seen on a football field. Goodesy, displaying true leadership once again, kicks a goal. However, it’s the celebration of the goal that will be remembered. A proud Indigenous man performing an Indigenous war-cry in the Indigenous Round is a glorious scene etched into mine, and many others’ memories. An exhilarating display, a tribute to his people and communities all over Australia. The great man never ceases to amaze, empowering and educating along the way. The O’Reilly stand erupts and I’ve never wanted to be somewhere I’m not, more than this. Please, take me to the O’Reilly Stand…

The sound half highlights that the Bloods beginning to piece together the footy that we all love to see. Tough and hard at the contest (Joey, Parksy, Tommy,) gut-running (Hanners, Kizza, Benny,) and the sublime (Buddy, Jets, Goodesy, Macca.) The formula that Professor Longmire concocted in 2011, is continuing to develop and evolve, bringing with it, an enveloping warmth to every Blood’s soul. We’re in safe hands with the Horse. The Enemy have some young kids who will be good’uns. Cripps leads the way there. Former Swan, Andrejs plays well and is welcomed back to Moore Park.

A terrific win against a plucky opponent is highlighted by Kizza’s continuing return to top-notch form, Benny’s rugged determination in his 150th, Reidy’s marking, Robbo’s debut, Gazza’s speed and most importantly, on this most important night of celebration, the impact of our three Indigenous boys. Bloody gems, all three.

Jets has transformed his game to become the complete package: bursts of speed, dazzling kicking and an impressive steeliness that belies his boyish charms. Buddy transcends anything that is routine within our great game. Words cannot do his skill any type of justice. And finally, Goodesy. Our champion. Proving naysayers wrong with form and more importantly, providing the game with a much-needed voice for equal rights. And for this, I sincerely thank the great man.

Sydney 19.8 (122)

Carlton 9.8 (62)


Sydney: Franklin 7, McGlynn 2, Goodes 2, Tippett 2, Hannebery 2, Rohan 2, Robinson, McVeigh

Carlton: Casboult 2, Everitt 2, Jones, Wood, Cripps, Buckley, Tuohy


Sydney: Franklin, Jetta, K. Jack, Goodes, Mitchell, Hannebery, McGlynn

Carlton: Cripps, Docherty, Simpson, Bell, Curnow, Everitt


32,105 at SCG.

Umpires: Deboy, Kamolins, Meredith


3 – Franklin

2 – Jetta

1 – K. Jack


About Joe Moore

Learned the art of the drop-punt from Derek Kickett as Jamie Lawson watched on. And thus, a Swan for life. @joedmoore1979


  1. Mathilde de Hauteclocque says

    Joe, we need to have an O’Reilly meet and greet with Jan Courtin in a few weeks v Tigers!!
    It is a joyous place to be on a Friday night. Can heal most of the weeks wounds.

  2. Joe Moore says

    Must be organised at some stage, Mathilde.

    I’ll be watching that one poolside in Darwin though!

  3. Mathilde de Hauteclocque says

    Waah, jealous!

  4. Luke Reynolds says

    While Goodes’ brilliant career is well documented, Mickey O was the Swans player I always loved watching. Silky skills, eye-catching play and longevity. Underrated a bit??
    Jamie Lawson was shaping up as one of the competition’s most exciting players before that broken leg. Never quite the same after that.
    Another great read Joe.

  5. Joe Moore says

    Thanks Luke. Fascinating that you say Micky O was underrated. Well respected, highly regarded, but I do agree. I think he was.

    Jamie Lawson was so exciting.

    We’ve been blessed in recent years, that’s for sure.

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