Round 9 – Richmond v Essendon: Using light and sound to illuminate the people.

Our stories are told in sound and light. Screens and speakers entice us from all directions. We fill our walls and pockets with portals to worlds other than our own. Sometimes we’re transformed and enlightened. Mostly we’re just distracted. Even when we’re at an event the screens and speakers continue to whirr. Our senses get confused.

Last year’s Dreamtime made me feel crook. The sacred ceremony couldn’t be heard over the blaring PA. And every goal was followed by a blinding flash of light demanding me to do my dough. We were celebrating Dreamtime with a hyperventilating hypnagogic hallucination. Even worse, the Tigers got pumped.
As soon as I set foot in Yarra Park on Saturday I could feel the difference. The main light towers were turned off. As the massive crowd flowed in there was a cool, calm ambiance. The dominant sound was kids laughing.
Inside the ground the new digital advertising boards showed the artwork of fourteen year old Titjikala artist Derek Summerfield. From The Call to Ceremony, to the bouncing of the ball, light and sound were used to illuminate the people. Humble people. Michael Long, Dustin Fletcher, Derek Peardon, Troy Casser-Daley. Men without hyperbole or hubris. A didgeridoo counted us down to the bounce. The power of that instrument was evident in that minute. Richmond could do worse than make it a permanent fixture at every match.
Jobe Watson won the first ball and drove it into the Bomber’s fifty. It didn’t seem to leave for a while. But the Richmond defenders weathered the early storm. They’re growing together. Trent Cotchin kicked a couple. The first was from about fifty out on a tightish angle. His body language showed he wanted to give it off. Then more reasoned thoughts arrived. He’s the captain. Captains kick these goals. He did. The Tigers went in a couple of goals up at the first break.
We all cheered when Dustin F. showed his still explosive speed and precision disposal early in the second quarter. Us Tigers cheered louder when Dustin M. showed his explosive speed and precision disposal to goal from outside fifty minutes later. A Joe Daniher goal at the siren kept the Bombers in touch. There was a bit of a dust up as the players headed for the race.
At half time the Auskickers came out to play. At the City End a young redheaded lad in a red jumper kicked goal of the day. He looked around hopefully to see if the folks were watching. Mate, even if they weren’t, I was. Eddie Betts would be in trouble for Goal of the Round if Auskickers counted.
The third quarter brought that old sinking feeling. Watson took a courageous mark running with the flight of the ball. His subsequent goal got the Bombers on a three goal run. They were within a point before Ivan Maric won a crucial ruck contest allowing first year player Kamdyn McIntosh to mongrel one through for the Tigers.
It was another first year player, Corey Ellis who stepped into the light to provide the highlight of the last quarter, a silky smooth running left foot goal. The Tigers showed they are adding strings to their bow by slowing the game down and hanging on to win.
I was happy to cheer for the yellow and black.
Heading back through Yarra Park a streak of Dreamtime Tigers pounced into view. The Gilhcrist family. It’s your turn to shine.
Use light and sound to illuminate people.


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Tiger fan Chris Daley works in Community Nursing, which has taken him to Perth, Broome and now Dandenong. Being tall, he used to get a game in the ruck playing bush footy outside of Warrnambool.


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