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Round 9 – Hawthorn v Sydney: Priceless


House mortgage – hundreds of thousands of dollars.

TV – thousands of dollars.

Couch in living room – hundreds of dollars.

Sitting in my house, on my couch, watching Buddy Franklin on my TV, dominating Hawthorn – Priceless.


Buddy Franklin signed a 9-year, $10 million deal with the Sydney Swans at the end of the 2013 season. It was a bargain – since his arrival, the club has boomed.


Apparently, reputable businesses perform something called a cost benefit analysis when deciding on a purchase or investment. In the offices on Driver Avenue, this no doubt took place prior to Franklin’s landmark deal. Popular consensus at the time was that the deal was doomed. The Toorak Trillionaire labeled him the Bondi Billionaire and the media vultures circled the streets of Sydney just waiting to prey on any slip-up. Melbourne went into meltdown and it was decided that this deal would be the undoing of the famed Bloods culture. I disagreed then, and I find it laughable now.


Heath Grundy – drafted on minimum waged rookie list.

Dane Rampe – drafted on minimum waged rookie list.

Jeremy Laidler – signed as a minimum waged delisted free agent.

Nick Smith – drafted on minimum waged rookie list.

Our much-maligned defence holding the premiers to seven goals for the match, on their home ground, with our dependable fullback knocked out in the first quarter – Priceless.


A cost benefit analysis involves many complicated businessy steps including itemising the tangible and intangible costs, assessing the projected benefits, adding up and comparing the project’s costs and benefits & calculating a payback time for the venture – Blah, blah….Boring! Let’s take a crack at our very own cost analysis. Ours will be heaps better and way less businessy. Our CBA will take a look at the Buddy benefits vs the Buddy blunders. Not convinced? Follow me.


Combined AFL Coaches annual wage bill – millions of dollars.

Money I’ve wasted on newspapers containing articles written about Sam Mitchell being ‘untaggable’ – $346.50

Money I’ve spent on Panadol after listening to the ‘experts’ claiming that Sam Mitchell is ‘untaggable’ – $146.95

Tom Mitchell PROVING that Sam Mitchell can be TAGGED – Priceless.


Buddy Benefits:

On-field results – Team: Two x top-four finishes, currently top-four in his third year. One x runner-up finish. Buddy: All-Australian, Coleman Medallist & Brownlow Medallist runner-up. Currently leading Coleman Medal 2016.

Club memberships – Pre-Buddy all time high = 36,358. This year = 52,335 (and rising).

Merchandise sales – all time high.

Corporate sponsorship – all time high.

National TV audiences – all time high.

Crowd attendances – all time high.

Friday Night Footy appearances – Pre-Buddy = seven from 2003 – 2013. With Buddy = ten from 2014 – 2016.

Market comparison – Tom Boyd: $7 million for 7 years. Tom Scully: $6 million for 6 years. Hmmm.

Untold joy for all in the Swans’ flock.


Sewing needle & thread – $6.50

Posting a pair of footy shorts from Sydney to Melbourne – $7.45 each way.

Mrs. Smith crafting a pocket in Nick’s shorts that Cyril Rioli fit snuggly into for the entire football match – Priceless.


Buddy Blunders:

Loss of the Cost of Living Allowance – The Melbourne meltdown of 2013 prompted the powers that be to rid the Swans of what was actually an equalisation measure – Inevitable.

Trading Ban – The Melbourne meltdown of 2013 prompted the powers that be to rid the Swans of the fundamental right to trade players for two years. This decision was never explained.


Sheet of cardboard – $3.00

Pair of scissors – $5.00

Printing of Buddy Franklin’s life-size face – 30c

Cost of my Hawk-mad mate’s petroleum after driving from Launceston to Hobart to officially handover his homemade Buddy Franklin mask – $83.45

Tormenting said Hawk-supporting mate with photos of the Buddy mask after each win against his team – Priceless.


Now, I’m certainly not a businessy-man, but it’s clear to me, that the findings of this cost analysis indicate that the deal is heavily weighted towards being beneficial for the Sydney Swans. It’s been an astounding commercial success, coupled with on-field success, the prospects of which are looking brighter each week. A rising salary cap and increased TV rights deal also mean that clubs will have more to spend on player payments. This deal was a steal. That’s the end of that, then. Just like on Friday night, the Swans are clear winners.


Buddy has also inspired throughout his recent battle and subsequent management of mental illness. For a young man with such a prominent public profile to ask for the help that men so often don’t request, was incredibly brave and would have no doubt motivated many more to do the same. He just looks happy.


Poor old Gary Rohan’s hospital bills – Lots.

Poor old Gary Rohan’s time spent on the physio table – Lots.

Poor old Gary Rohan’s mates’ bar tab at the Cobden pub, trying to console their mate through the hard times – Lots.

Watching a flying Gary Rohan leave Jordan Lewis with a nasty dose of windburn as he scorched into an open goal – Priceless.


Sure, there may have been better players than Buddy on the night. Hannebery was herculean, Tippett was titanic, Mitchell mighty and Grundy gargantuan. However, there is no greater joy in football than watching the Bloods’ number 23 roll on to that luscious left-foot and send the Sherrin soaring through for goals of inconceivable magnitudes. We are blessed to have him. We made it work and it’ll work for six more years.


Buddy Franklin – $10,000,000.

Having him on your team – Priceless.


Sydney 10.9 (69)

Hawthorn 7.13 (55)


Sydney – Franklin 3, Rohan 3, McGlynn 2, Tippett 2.

Hawthorn – Gunston 4, Rioli, Puopolo, Breust.


Sydney – Hannebery, Franklin, Mitchell, Tippett, Parker, Grundy, Rampe.

Hawthorn – Gunston, Smith, Hartung, Shiels, Duryea.


Nicholls, Schmitt, Hay

Crowd: 61, 552 at MCG.

About Joe Moore

Learned the art of the drop-punt from Derek Kickett as Jamie Lawson watched on. And thus, a Swan for life. @joedmoore1979


  1. Kevan Carroll says

    Hawk premierships since Buddy left – 2
    Swans premierships since Buddy arrived – 0
    Sounds like a good deal for one of those clubs…

  2. Excellent Joe – among your best work.

  3. Phillip Dimitriadis says

    Great win to the Swannies, Joe. Bounced back beautifully after last week. Your dance on Twitter after the game – Priceless. Great stuff.

  4. Thought the Hawks had your measure after a run of soft free kicks and missing frees for the Swans. I really like the Swans hard at the ball footy. Love watching Buddy no matter the jumper.

  5. Rick Kane says

    Well done Mr Moore, the Swans were terrific. Buddy, brilliant.

    As he took the ball to set himself up for that 75m goal every Hawker knew what would happen next. Through Buddy’s time at Hawthorn on the many occasions when he would kick one of those seemingly impossible goals I would take note that he is one of the few players going around that can lift the entire stadium. As the ball left his boot to sail past any challenger on its way to the goal square and beyond I must say I wasn’t lifted. Quite the opposite actually. Deflated. I think this is the year that he has arrived for the Swans. I love Buddy but not when he’s taking it out on the Hawks. The end.

  6. Keiran Croker says

    Good one Joe. A couple of Hawks fans the row behind me at the G on Friday night were wondering how many premierships the $10million man should provide to be good value. Personally I’ve always said 2 in 9 years. Let’s hope!
    Regardless, the amount of joy Buddy provides and the boost he has given to footy in Sydney is priceless. I am glad he is on our side, and most Hawks fans I know would love to have him back.

  7. Joe Moore says

    Kevan – Astute observation. Contrary to polar belief, football is actually more than AFL premierships, don’t you think?
    Cheers, Don. It’s joyful just to write about him!
    Phil – Thanks mate. Glad you enjoyed the celebratory dance, I was a little excited!
    Matty – I remember that phase of the game well… The attack on the footy is leading the current success.
    Rick – Cheers. Completely fair to feel deflated watching Buddy in opposition colours. I don’t think we Swans were fully prepared for his magic.
    Keiran – Thanks mate. The impact he has had in Sydney, completely lifting the profile of the game, and the club has been immense.

  8. Daniel Flesch says

    Nice one , Mr. K. Carroll . And Joe , glad you’re happy . But… rather triumphalist piece , however, not a great look, in my apparently altogether minority opinion. We’ll see how we all feel after return match on Bastille Day at that funny non-oval SCG. And in September , which is what counts. …Incidentally , number 23 is a Hawthorn number – John Peck (look him up if you need to ) Don Scott , Dermott Brereton , Lance Franklin. The equivalent Swans number is 14 . Bob Skilton , Paul Kelly . I remember when Buddy went to the Swans he said he wanted 23 and the bloke that had it had to give it up. Touch of arrogance to go with his brilliance , perhaps unavoidable.

    (Kevan , my regards to Mr. M. Derum please.)

  9. Joe Moore says

    Daniel – I think we all have a touch of triumphalism when we win, don’t we? I sense you haven’t quite come to grips with the loss yet. Enjoy your week.

  10. Daniel Flesch says

    Not really wanting to continue a disagreement , Joe. But no , we don’t ALL have a touch of winners’ triumphalism. I have consoled quite a few disappointed opposition supporters after many a Hawthorn win – some wins crushing , other wins lucky. Even Grand Final wins. And no again , your “sense” is wrong .I have totally accepted the Hawks’ loss last Friday. No inspiring captain Hodge , no Roughie and the emotional toll on the club and playing group , but at the same time as Clarko said – no excuses. I’m an old fart who started supporting Hawthorn as a Junior Member in the 1950’s when they were perennial loser cellar-dwellers. I’ve been lucky to be alive to enjoy the thrill of all 13 Hawthorn Premierships . I’d like to see them win just one more this year if only for the look on Eddie’s face when they equal the Collingwood record , and then i’d be happy to see the Hawks sink . My best mate is a long-suffering Bulldogs supporter and i’d love them to get a Flag. The Doggies are the ones most overdue , then the Saints the next year.

  11. Loved the article Joe.

    Daniel – I am pretty sure some bloke called Michael Jordan made #23 famous. Since then everyone from Le Bron, Warnie, Michael Clarke and David Becham have jumped on it & yes Buddy as well.

  12. Joe Moore says

    Thanks Jay. No matter what number he wears, we love having Buddy on our team.

  13. You are much better at maths than I am on, Joe.

  14. Joe Moore says

    Plenty of ‘estimates’ thrown in there, Smokie.

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