Round 9 – Gold Coast v Adelaide: Ho hum

Adelaide 22-17-149 def Gold Coast 11-8-74

Goal Kickers: Adelaide – Walker 5; McGovern, Milera 3; Lynch 2; Atkins, Talia, Brown, Jenkins, Lyons, Smith, Seedsman, Douglas, Cameron

Gold Coast – Wright 3; Lynch, Matera, Grant 2; Currie, Davis

I readily admit I was more excited that Mark Bickley’s rain gauge was going to get a decent work out than I was about this game so I have decided to sum it up in dot points and some other observations.

Positives Crows

1. Tex Walker got some touch back and also seemed to move with a bit more freedom than the last few weeks.

2. The connector the Crows Tom Lynch continues to prove to the AFL world he is the best player of his role in the competition he just works so hard and is bordering on elite.

3. Daniel Talia showed yet again he is the best negating defender in the game, defeating the Suns Tom Lynch and even kicking a rare goal. His only poor game this season was against the Dogs where he seemed to let the hypocritical one in bloody Beveridge get to him with the crap of Taliagate.

3. Sam Jacobs got a much needed confidence boost before facing the Mummy this Sat night who has a v good record against Sauce.

4. Milera and McGovern continue to show promise and excite hello rising star judges?

5. Smith and Seedsman getting some touch and confidence but he’ll comparing the opposition to the last two weeks and the upcoming is like comparing a vintage Rolls Royce to not only a beaten up Morris Mini Minor but one which has also had its engine pinched.

6. Charlie Cameron is arriving as a genuine AFL player and scares the opposition with his harassment, speed and tackling ability.

7. Douglas at least got some touches, he is an important player which we desperately need in good form.

8. Lyons, who at least the club admitted never should have been dropped in the first place, contributed with some very good clearance work from the stoppages.


Negatives Crows

1. The ankle injury to the vastly underrated Luke Brown in the last couple of minutes – a vital and needed player to stand the oppositions best small forward each week hope he is ok.

2. The nagging reality that our midfield just does not bat deep enough when Sloane is held against the best sides.


Positives Gold Coast

1. Gold Coast easily 2 metre Peter Wright seemingly a carbon copy of GWS Rory Lobb (pun intended) shows enormous promise and moves so well.

2. Harbrow did a fantastic job on Eddie Betts holding him goalless even more meritorious in that the Crows were always well on top in the game.

3. Prestia worked hard in the midfield and how good would he be adding Ablett, O’Meara, Swallow and Hall?


Negatives Gold Coast

1. Geez, half the the Suns team is injured seemingly for the last 2 years surely questions need to be asked re there medical and rehab part of the club (and May is out thru his own stupidity and poor discipline)

2. While the Suns did not receive as good recruiting concessions as GWS, questions must be asked re. the club’s culture, coaching and recruiting choices. The fact that they are falling away rapidly while injuries are a huge part what other problems are there? Especially as they will always be compared to the orange monster the mob who we are all going to learn too late, GWS.


Positives overall

1. The sporting world’s love and concern for Roughie and Kmac

2. Ben Wilson who played for Norwood, Collingwood and the Sydney Swans has serious health problems with Huntington’s Disease. Ben has created a blog titled – I urge people to click on have a look and in general wish Ben all the best.


Negatives overall 

1. There is not enough talent for 18 teams. Yes, I know re. tv revenue it won’t change but there are some players playing AFL footy who are just not up to it and weren’t the WA public excited for the chance to watch the scrubbers cup block buster on Sat night: Zac Dawson v Troy Chaplin (you were wondering how I would get my sledge of Chaplin in!)

So we move on to a huge test for this Sat night can the Crows continue to make a case to make the eight or will the Orange tsumani (the Monaros) maintain their giant killing way?


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  1. Jill Tathra says

    I`ve said it from the time the last 2 teams were admitted there just isnt the talent for 16 teams let alone 18. The Brisbane and Sydney, Fitzroy and Sth Melb, moving showed it was successful so why didnt they move 2 more Vic clubs north.

    We are going to have to play a lot better next weekend and not have these “spells” in the middle of the quarters to win.

  2. Agree – not enough talent for 18 teams. And having so many teams doesn’t help relieve one of the major imbalances in the AFL – playing each team the same amount of times per season. Apart from downing the Swans, the Crows haven’t beaten another serious contender. To coin a cricket phrase, (even though we are talking footy) – but are they flat track bully boys……??

  3. Jeff Milton says

    Does Brad Crouch come back in this week?
    The competition in the top part of the ladder is very interesting but a third of the way into the season we have 4 sides that may not win another game this season, other than against each other, being Freo, Brisbane , Gold Coast and Essendon.

  4. James Roder says

    Another awfully full game.

    I think McGovern might be ineligible for RS by reason of age?

  5. Willow Wilson says

    To follow your theme Book, comments will be brief as well.
    Disappointing to lose contested possession to what was essentially a NEAFL team.
    Logic of playing VB (I am a VB fan) when you had the chance to play Eliis-Yolmen or Grigg?
    Talia excellent on Lynch, Cheney has replaced Hartigan this year as the defender who makes me most nervous.
    Milera, McGovern improving each week. Can you play Betts, Milera and Cameron in same team consistently? Is Cameron going to be a regular around the midfield/wing?

  6. I think we’re going to need more tall timber against the Giants. Perhaps Otten in for Cheney? Their mobile tall forwards are scarily good!

  7. Dave Brown says

    Glad you can take stuff from that game, Malcolm, such as the glorified training run it was. Crows midfield is where it’s at – winning enough of the footy against the good teams and putting enough pressure on to stop the scoring. Hoping in that we are still very early days with this coach we will see large improvement in these areas as the season progresses. Gee, we’re missing Rory Laird and God bless Rory Sloane and all who sail upon him!

  8. T Lynch – most important Crow. #scratchedrecord
    When both Crouches are fit, the midfield depth should be enough to break even with the 5th best mid fields & below. i.e. not Sydney, Hawks, Cats, Eagles (GWS a good test this week!).

    This weeks game won if Crow fwds can exploit GWS defensive weaknesses. H Shaw can’t be allowed to have a picnic & 497 touches.

  9. Patricia Horne says

    The boys won but they still look vunurable, if we win against gws i will be more confident. I have seen some good signs and im starting to believe they r playing as a team. Go boys!

  10. Short and sweet Book. Just how I like it.

  11. Sean O'Dwyer says

    Thanks for the report mate, I didn’t get to see the game as I was playing Div 1 reserves for Henley on Saturday, I’ll keep it short too

    Good to see Tex finally kick some goals after struggling with some form, I love the milera Cameron and Betts combo…very special indegenious players

    As for the 18 team comp, I don’t like change so keeping it to that will have to do
    Wouldn’t be the same without every club in the AFL if one got booted, although a possible merge with Brisbane/Goldcoast has been suggested.

  12. Uninspiring game on the Gold Coast. We’ll know this week if we can get excited. Crows have to win the cleseances or they are sunk.

  13. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Thanks Jill totally agree.Jags the crows will either just make or just miss the 8 exactly what they are middle of the road ( kept no 32 and they would have been a lot higher and the draw is a farce and is just so vital.
    Milts personally no re B Crouch he was rushed back twice and it failed dismally needs to play some sanfl and get continuity in to his footy and those 4 especially shows the problems with the draw.James I think you are correct re MCGovern and yes v v dull game.Browny I had to use my imagination to come up with that much about this game and we desperately need,Laird back.Jamesy both Crouches,Matt especially don’t have the pace the crows lack big time.Willow I wonder if VB hasn’t been bought back to stand,Stevie J this week ? Can def play all 3 and Cameron will end up playing a lot more midfield.Big Jim the weather forecast for Sat nihght may decide whether another tall comes in even if not wet it may be duey.thanks
    Patricia and TC.Thanks Sean yes vital that Tex got some touch and the 18 teams I just find it frustrating Rd some players playing at the elite level but agreed emotionally it s hard to remove sides . .

  14. Rick Neagle says

    I didnt see the game but would have thought, a win v the Coast less than 10 straight kicks would equate to a loss. Glad that the Skip gained some well overdue good form

  15. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    Twelve goal win was about par. We won’t be given that much freedom again.

    Excited about Charlie’s development up the ground since his return.

    We are a long way off the pace on current form.

  16. A very one sided game but the expected result. The Crows needed to win that one as the Giants at home and West Coast away coming up are tough tasks. Huge game on Saturday night!

  17. Goat Northey says

    18 teams is fine. Plenty of talent coming out of nsw now. Problem is simply that gc have a freak number of injuries and brisbane were pillaged by other clubs. Cant complain that gws are a monster with depth yet not enough talent around.

  18. Luke Reynolds says

    Very saddened to hear about former Pie Ben Wilson. Have read and commented on his blog.
    Re 18 teams- the Americans are coming. Mason Cox is just the start!!! There’s 280 million or so of them!! Think we should go to 23 teams, fill them with Yanks, play everyone once with a bye. No need then for a split round. A fair comp. Add Tassie, NT, Canberra, Nth Queensland & Norwood. M.Ashwood to head the Redlegs bid! Probably as president. You’d have more clout in Adelaide than Kochy, surely!!!

  19. Lovely Lisa says

    Totally agree, 18 is too many. I’ll take the win though!

  20. I too missed the game (only saw Sunday matches) so thanks for the summary – it certainly reinforced my suspicions of a practice game but for 4 points. I did get watch the GWS/Doggies game, however, and thought the GWS were indeed brilliant to watch – but they had it a lot easier with all of the WBD outs. The rematch will be worth the entrance fee no doubt – especially with the Bulldogs at closer to full strength. Injuries would just as easily upset the GWS balance too – I think the path to September success has a lot to do less with the draw than how lucky you are with injury, and then if you get one or two, how well your structure and game can stand up with the replacements. I think WBD have done well to get Jed Adcock to fill in for Bob Murphy, allowing Murphy to get more into coaching (at which he is a natural).

    So put this in perspective then: Collingwood thrashes Brisbane but nobody gives them a sniff at Geelong the following week – look what happens? Crows thrash GC but nobody outside of SA rates them more than an outside chance against GWS this week … no doubt the odds market (if I was a betting man which I most definitely am not) will reflect this. Maybe lightning does strike twice … ?

  21. Unfortunately GWS will win their first flag this season and will dominate the comp for the next 3-5 years, they will keep most of their best 24-28 due to premiership glory.
    The AfL will continue to prop up the Suns as they don’t want it look like they have made a mistake but eventually will realize they have and move them to Tassie.
    my fingers and toes are crossed for the Crows this week and if we show signs that we are competitive and get close then we will definitely play finals.

  22. When the draw came out, I thought the crows would do well to be 2-6. Instead 4-4, plus went close against the Roos, Hawks and Dogs.
    The draw really open up after the bye with lots of really winnable games except for the Roos, port, the mighty catters and west coast. I’d say there is plenty to crow about if you support the ‘pride of south Australia’

  23. Got a feeling we will get thrashed against GWS

  24. For all of the GWS love, they still aint pulling a crowd. Only 9000 parents and friends, WAGs and the Bulldogs cheer squad at their home game, against another top side. Hopefully, a big noisy sell-out Crows crowd this week end will scare some of their kiddies

  25. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Thanks number 48,Swish and Cameron totally agree.Goat that GWS have so much depth is a huge part of the problem the ability despite the draft has been distributed so unevenly the concessions they have got are so out of whack .Luke v sad re Ben Wilson and thank you re the rest of the comment I had a good giggle funnily enough I am happy that the redlegs are still in the sanfl far more personal than afl.Thanks LL aka Miss China.Model if this year eg if we had Ess,Bris,Freo,GC,Rich as our double up games finals would be a certainty injuries and the draw are equally important,at home the crows are a chance but I no who I am tipping.Coke if the Orange tsumani don’t win it this year there is no doubt what so ever that a long period of dominance awaits thank you folks

  26. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Haz yes the draw opens up crows double up games aren’t great tho.Matt I fear likewise and if we do manage a win I reckon it will be the last against gws for quite a while.Pierre spot on despite the afl creating the next super power it has not and very unlikely to capture the masses

  27. This week is the big test. Re the midfield not batting deep enough why is Ellis Yolmen not given a crack?

  28. Agree on most points Malcolm. I worry about Eddie flying for marks when there are enough big men to fly and then he can do what he does best – crumb the ball!!! Luke Brown is so underrated he rarely gets beaten and nearly always finds a player I still worry about Cheney and I think too much pressure is put on other back line players. Talia needs to be able to shine without having to worry about those around him. Cameron is a delight machine in the making – nearly there. Milera will get there with a bit more body strength. I worry about Sauce – if he goes down we are in big trouble. JJ needs to be in the forward line although I think McGovern is showing great things so maybe JJ can be released more often to help Sauce I love trying to ‘assist’ my Crows with my thoughts. Thank you for the opportunity Malcolm. Love my Redlegs and Crows.

  29. The reality is on each afl list there are about 6 high level afl players which determine the result of most games, another 6 blokes who are solid afl players and then the rest are roughly sanfl quality who follow the structures which are there in order for them to not be exposed too much against the blokes who can actually play. Then there are some young kids on each list who you hope develop into high level players (elite). When you take the best six players out of any team that team gets belted. If you think about it there about 400 players playing each week. Compare to others sports how would the 400th best cricketer or tennis player against Federer or De villiers – not that well i would have thought. So even reducing the teams to 14 you will still have some reasonably ordinary players going around as you would only be getting rid of 2 players per team.

    Boring game really but a well earned rest for the crows after a tough schedule

  30. Sad to hear Ben Wilson’s story. Wish him all the best. Thanks for sharing Rulebook.

  31. Riverboy says

    Dot points this week Book!
    Well structured and factual.
    Adelaide still in no mans land though!

  32. Good read as always Rulebook

  33. Sam McEwen says

    Give Charlie Cameron a crack in the midfield!

  34. Inside Fiddy says

    Rule book,

    Like the bullet pt. option

    Do the Crowies get enough inside 50 ball to go deep in September ?

    Are you able to write up the state game this weekend please.

    Cheers Drew

  35. Steve wood says

    All good points RB. The crows are still learning dons playbook, so give them another 12 months, but they did slow down in that last quater, and as mid range team they can’t afford to do that.
    As for 18 teams ? Why the afl ignores tassie is beyond me. They want Qld because of the population up there, but it will always be an uphill battle against rugby. Listen to Leigh Matthews, he makes a really valid point and he should know.


  36. Campbell says

    Massively one-sided game. Disappointed that the victory couldn’t have been closer to the 100 point mark. McGovern looks great in our forward line.

  37. Andrew Weiss says

    Is there enough talent for 18 teams? The answer is very simple. The AFL needs to spend more on grassroots footy and junior development rather than expecting other footy organisations (e.g SANFL, WAFL etc) to do it. More participation and quality coaching at the junior levels = better quality players (and more of them) in the AFL.

  38. John Warhurst says

    18 teams is fine by me. There’s plenty of talent. If there has to be any change it should come in Victoria.

  39. bernard whimpress says

    Football talent for about 8 teams Rulebook. Plenty of blokes out there running around but what do they do with the ball when the get it? Call me an absolute dinosaur but I think we’d have a better game if we reverted to the days of the playing coach only.

  40. RB
    The current state of footy in Qld must be causing the AFL a lot of angst. Money & players doesn’t appear to be the answer – maybe it is time for Malcolm Blight to dust off his clipboard!

  41. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Raj CEY is too similar re Thompson,Lyons,M M Crouch lacks pace it was in his best interests to be traded.
    Thanks PK you are 1 of the greatest crows and legs supporters.Byron reasonable point good analogy and hard to argue.Raf ditto spot on.Thanks Riverboy and Lawrie ( hope I am annoying you 2 on Tuesday to comment) Thanks Smack yep he will get more and more midfield time.Thanks Inside Fiddy and unlikely on all anglesexcept dot points.Woodsy totally agree and Lethal as usual speaks common sense.
    Thanks Campbell and McGovern is showing a lot of promise.Weissy great point it is a disgrace how much the afl invests in to gws and the Suns while basically ignoring football development in traditional football heartland absolutely appalling.Thanks John yes by having 10 teams in Vic it just shows its a extended vfl not a real national comp,Bernard I reckon it’s more than 8 and agree to differ re playing coach way way to tactical for that now days thanks folks

  42. Michael Sexton says

    Re the talent diluted over 18 clubs: it seems to take teams so long to “rebuild” – is that because only the very top picks bring in game changing players to your club and you only get one or two each draft. How much pressure must there be on recruiters now? In the old days you could sign Stephen Kernahan as a 16 year old then watch him develop at SANFL level, now you take a punt at 17 and hope your club can develop him.

  43. Malcolm Ashwood says

    AD yes footy is in a shocking state in Qld a huge worry for the afl.Michael yes a fantastic point recruiting is just about the most important role in a club get it wrong and it hurts for ever eg the obvious,Tambling instead of Buddy or Roughy.Where I am really critical is when clubs just seemingly take what they think is the best midfielder not on a needs basis eg I was rapt when the Crows picked,Lever it was the tough necessary choice.I am v critical of a club such as Richmond when it ignored,Brodie Grundy exactly what they needed and took the soft option re Vlastuin supporters who really follow and understand list management and the game want to have a club having a go at the holy grail not at being compeditive.
    The club you pointed out in Carlton were the classic get the chequer book out and it has taken them nearly 20 yrs to realise now it is thru decent drafting and research with a element of luck

  44. Hugo Lidums says

    Great read Malcolm. Quite an interesting perspective.

  45. debbie blades says

    I believe they dont always get it right when it comes to talent. More ways of being able to get more opportunities to get through should be thought about to possibly find unexpected talent. Too many exceptional players get overlooked. Good reading. GWS should give us a better insight to where the crows stand this week.

  46. Good article again Malcolm. Re: drafting of young players, I remember hearing of American football coaches being puzzled over AFL clubs drafting players at 18 years of age.This is because players are still maturing, both physically and emotionally, and many seem unable to cope with the rigours of professional sport at such a young age.
    Given the US has the collegiate system, where players generally spend 4 years learning to become professional athletes, and when they reach professional ranks they are generally ready to go and can cope with the training and playing demands required of them.
    Maybe it’s worth looking more at the “mature age” player when it comes to draft time, rather than simply going for young players, particularly when it gets to the bottom rounds of the draft?

    Cheers, Steve.

  47. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Steve totally agree I would love to see the draft age be 19 I reckon it would benefit in the long run.
    Puopolo,Duigan,Spurr and Barlow just off the top of my head successful mature age draftees there should be more

  48. Ben Wilson says

    Definitely too many teams in the AFL which has led to weakening of the competition and lead to some really average football games.

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