Round 9 – Collingwood v St Kilda: Yoshi Curse Established?

Collingwood v St Kilda
Saturday 18 May 2016
1:45 pm
Melbourne Cricket Ground



St Kilda had performed perfectly until Round 5, and have fallen down since Round 6.


Round 6 – Home game against Adelaide
Me missing a good opportunity at IMPACT Anzac Day Cup influenced the mighty Saints??


Round 7 – Away game against GWS
My mistake booking a day off, the wrong day (I was supposed to have a day off to follow the footy live and the mighty Dingoes had no training that week) cost the match??


Round 8 – Home game against West Coast
Kids kicking longer at Auskick clinic gave more opportunities to the opponent??


These things should not affect any St Kilda game technically, but I feel curses were established. Even I haven’t made any silly comment like  Jeff Kennett did in 2009.


Today I happened to serve a Collingwood supporter at work while the game was played. I hadn’t had any confidence winning the game, but sensed having an opponent supporter cost the game.


Ending my shift at 4 pm, I checked the score. Another disappointing evening welcomed me. Loss by 41 points.


On the social media, people described the last quarter being too good for the home side. Others showed Saints being competitive until third quarter.


Some Saints supporters urge the public that the club needed a new kicking coach.


Techiques need to be implemented to improve kicking skills, but as a player’s point of view, running hard on the field and kicking with tiring legs is hard.


Professional players need to kick with accuracy. Otherwise they will not bring wins to their club.


What I learnt at the Dingoes footy tournament on the day St Kilda played against Adelaide were:

1. I need to run closer to kick a goal;
2. Keep in mind about the distance in my ability to kick a goal; and
3. I need to kick a goal longer.


For the last strategy, I grab the big tree and move my right leg higher in order to make my leg more flexible.


It doesn’t give me a quick fix but hardworking should bring a better outcome day by day.


St Kilda boys can set their goals and do drills like what I do often, can’t they? Just boys need good advice. Changing a kicking coach is not the answer, I think.


In two weeks, I will be Shanghai for the clash against Port Adelaide and am playing in the Shanghai Cup organised by AFL Asia. AFL Asia competition will be held on Saturday, a day prior to the St Kilda match.


Towards Shanghai footy.


St Kilda need to win next week against Carlton to get back on the winning side, and then gain the power. With much confidence, Saints go marching in at Shanghai.


For me here is a note I put on my fridge.


“Get an opportunity – do my job!


Don’t hesitate to run closer to posts. Otherwise I will miss.


Run hard to take a mark. Read the ball.


Kick footy for accurate goal.


Run hard to win contested possessions/marks.


Do some jumps to win contests.”


I have paid a lot of money to subscribe Watch AFL. Not watching replay of St Kilda matches wastes money.


Please please! Win the games in 2019. Don’t ruin my passions or love of the sport. I love footy so please give me opportunities to watch professional games for enjoyment and to learn for my playing.


Do we need 13 games to kill the curse?


COLLINGWOOD          3.1       6.2       11.4     17.10 (112)
ST KILDA                     1.3       4.9       9.11     10.11 (71)


Mihocek 4, Reid 3,Stephenson 3, Sidebottom 2, Thomas 2, Varcoe 2, Hoskin-Elliott
St Kilda: Membrey 4, Young 2, Bruce, Marshall, Savage, Battle


Sidebottom, Grundy, Reid, Crisp, Beams, Stephenson, Treloar
St Kilda: Dunstan, Billings, Membrey, Savage, Gresham, Steele


De Goey (shin soreness) replaced in selected side by Wills, Moore (ankle) replaced in selected side by Aish, Langdon (knee)
St Kilda: Nil


Reports: Travis Varcoe reported for rough conduct on Ed Phillips


Umpires: Meredith, Findlay, Gianfagna


Official crowd: 60,702 at the MCG


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