Round 9 – Brisbane v Adelaide: Sluggish start but the Crows eventually fly


Adelaide 21-14 140 d Brisbane 7-18-60


Adelaide Goals: Cameron 4, Betts, Walker, Lynch, Greenwood 3, Otten 2, Milera, B Crouch, Gallucci

Brisbane Goals: Zorko, Barrett 2, Hammelmann, McCluggage, Walker

Adelaide Best: M Crouch, Laird, Sloane, Lynch, Cameron, Betts, Walker, Talia, B Crouch, Greenwood

Brisbane Best: D Beams,Zorko,Rich,Zorko,Mayes

Malarkey Medal Votes: M Crouch (Ad) 3, D Beams (Bris) 2, R Laird (Ad) 1
Adelaide stormed back in to the winners’ circle with a comfortable 80 point win over Brisbane after two poor performances against North Melbourne and Melbourne.


1. While it was great to win easily the fact is the Crows lost the first quarter again which makes it 7 out of 9 and Brisbane had opportunities and enough of the play to put far more scoreboard pressure on the Crows. They are 18th and will win the wooden spoon this can’t just keep happening against the better teams.


2. Promising debuts from Hugh Greenwood (3 goals) and Jordan Galluci.Greenwood is a great story in that he had a promising college basketball career in the USA had signed for the Perth Wildcats in the NBL and then decided no he would pursue and have a real crack re at footy his real love he has made steady progress in the SANFL and deserved his opportunity his quick hands in close and tackling beside his goals show he may have a role at the elite level. The category B spots re alternative sports on a clubs list is one thing the AFL have actually got right. Jordan Galluci the Crows first round draft choice showed some dash and assuredness he will in time be a good AFL player.


3. Rory Sloane is now going to be tagged heavily every week he took a small step forward in learning how to shrug the tag but he and the club have a long long way to go re running to spots to challenge the tagger more and he still must receive more help thru clever blocking at stoppages (Greenwood well done) from team mates. A large percentage of Crows supporters have shown re a lack of knowledge re picking the tagger off re wanting someone to belt the tagger those days are long gone all it would have achieved was to give away free kicks and reports in other words nothing.


4. Sir Edward Betts again just a freak the brilliant goal in the second quarter just had to be seen to be believed yet he just does it so regularly.What sets Betts apart is the number of goal assists and unselfishness (if any thing two unselfish) no surprise that he gifted both, Greenwood and Galluci their first goal this is a area where he is a mile in front of Stephen Milne and Kevin Bartlett in particular who let’s face it would have had a shot taking a kick in.


5. The mental side of sport, the Crows were over confident against the Roos and got what they deserved both on ground and in the Coaches box and then against Melbourne, Simon Goodwin set ups re Jacobs winning the ruck were superb with players at the back of the square again Adelaide did not adjust, Jacobs was also disappointing with a lack of touch and feel with his ruck work. Don Pyke ( all the coaching panel ) were smashed in the coaches box it was a Goodwin by the Dees (Terry,Tim or Christopher) there you are Paddles, a subtle Payneham mention. Now what a master move by Goodwin appointing Troy Chaplin as a assistant coach now as we no average players are meant to be good coaches so there for Chaplin could well turn out to be the greatest coach in footy history and in any case if the Dees win it’s a good win and if they lose it’s the most uttered phrase in footy during the last decade bloody Chaplin! (Happy with that one).

Mentally it shows how confidence can disappear just so quickly re: Kyle Hartigan and Rory Atkins are perfect examples of poor decision making and 2nd guessing themselves. Both have to back themselves in more.


6. Rory Laird has been the Crows most consistent player across the 9 games it was a farce he did not receive all aust honors in 2016 if he continues on his merry way surely he can’t be denied in 2017.


7. Charlie Cameron third quarter cameo with four goals was pretty to watch while his attacking and aggression at the contest is unquestionable if he can only find a bit more footy he can go from being a good player to elite.


8. Tom Lynch the connector was down last week after being concussed the week before was back to his linking best he is such a key player.


9.  Brisbane are clearly the worst side in the comp and while they have promise re the spine with Eric Hipwood, Rhys Mathieson and Harrison Andrews the seemingly inevitable departure of Josh Schache highlights the need for top end draft picks in particular to be on longer initial contracts for two years. The Lions also have Stefan Martin, Dayne Beams (he is a gun), Dayne Zorko, Daniel Rich so there is a bit to work with but have a acute lack of depth the appointment of Chris Fagan and bringing David Noble in to the Lions den are positive moves but it’s going to take a while for them to become competitive again.


10. Congrats to Luke Brown (Go the Redlegs) on his 100 and Rory Sloane on his 150th Sloane has become 1 of the key players in the game while Brown in general does a good job as the lock down defender on a opposition small.
11. I would like feedback from Crows supporters why there is no interest in the Crows SANFL side surely it’s not just the fact a lot of us have our own SANFL sides the Crows when they burst on the scene bought along a lot of new footy followers why don’t any of you support the Crows SANFL side ? When the Crows came in to the SANFL Stephen Trigg claimed they would bring a extra 3 to 4 thousand spectators a game where in reality it would be lucky to be 300 ( arithmetic wasn’t Triggs strong point ) There MUST be a national reserves competition to restore integrity to the game and a hell of a lot more financial assistance from the Afl towards state leagues for the overall  game to survive how the Afl can not see that has me completely stuffed


12. Mental side of sport are the Richmond FC the greatest example in world sport ? Following up the amazing last 21 seconds against Fremantle where a under 8 side could have defended better crumbled again yesterday they lack structure and an acute lack of leadership both on ground and in the coaches box. Hell they had a monkey on there back before yesterday surely now it’s the whole zoo?


Summing up it was the win we needed to have next Saturday night against Fremantle with Ross Lyons style of football is the perfect test for the Adelaide FC.


  1. Did the Crows win this week?

  2. Hi Malcolm….I am not i Aus anymore so i cant get to any games…the funny thing is i follow the crows second team online as i am interested to see how are our juniors are going, but as i was a North Adelaide member for many yrs i would probably attend their games if i was living there still. a bit crazy i know lol

  3. Wondering where the last 2 weeks of reports are, lost in cyberspace?

  4. You never disappoint with Chaplin references – well played.

  5. Crows lack of work on the inside from some is hurting them – some of their younger players need to improve their work rate and much of this is in their positioning at stop plays and ability to defend/apply pressure – it was Interesting to note their ruck dominance against Melbourne but lack of ability to control from the stoppage – Greenwood with 9 tackles and speed gives them more of what they need – 19 teams in the AFL – give me strength!! The quality of some of this football is seriously questionable!!

  6. G’day Rulebook, enjoyed the article as much as the result. (Still believe we have plenty to work on as a team and our poor first quarters must be rectified or another game like North Melbourne will occur.)

    Agree that the team (and supporters) need to become a little more knowledgeable about what to do regarding taggers. (As you say just belting the tagger, while it might have short term enjoyment, will result in line term pain.)

    Think that Rory and the team need to watch some footage from the 90s when taggers were prolific. Even into the early 2000s there were taggers being used regularly. (Adelaide still has one ex player who was used as a run with player in VB. Just need to talk to him to work out strategies to counter a tagger.)
    They could always get Rory to start on a half back or half forward flank or even as a full forward, take the tagger to an uncomfortable area. (Sloane is pretty good overhead and could hurt them on the scoreboard. Just a matter of getting it there in the first place.)

    As for the question of the SANFL side, I can’t speak for others but our family is usually pretty occupied on weekends with other commitments that preclude us from getting to SANFL games. (For many years I was a player and/or coach with Morphett Vale in the Southern Football League and spent most of my weekends watching them when not actively involved. Watching a SANFL game just wasn’t high on my list of priorities and still isn’t.)

    Think overall we got a confidence and percentage boosting win and hopefully this game against Freo will give us more of a gauge on our current form.

    (One thing, I’d really like to see the coaching staff do more during games is to counter the opposition’s tactics, particularly when they have a run on. Throw everybody behind the ball if you have to, then play some tempo footy to get the opposition chasing jumpers and break up their momentum.
    It’s all well and good to say it’s up to the players to implement the plans, but when you’re in the heat of the contest it’s not always possible to remain calm enough to think of what to do. That’s why the coach is high above the action and can see everything and should be removed enough from the action to implement the plans.)

    Cheers, Steve.

  7. Greenwood impressed me a lot

  8. Great sledge

  9. Ben Larsen-Smith says

    Disappointing that Brisbane remains uncompetitive and underwhelming, can only hope we do better than 18th next year. Also concerning for Adelaide are those first quarter loss stats as you point out Rulebook,, the importance and gravity of being competitive for the full four quarters is so stark. Still, a very long season, in the initial stages it is understandable to have mental lapses. Hope to see less blow outs and more closer contests in the future (don’t we all though).

  10. Malcolm Ashwood says

    MarcD and Moikal imo the team which wins the game re the knackery supporters of that side deserve the opportunity to do the write up.Dave no problem with that what so ever.TC glad you enjoyed it.Brenton totally agree also yep not enough talent pool for 18 teams.Steve yes tactically a lot of work still to be done agree re using VB again for me must have nat res comp.James Greenwood was impressive and thank you.Ben agree re the lions need them to be competitive the Crows starts a huge concern and as the messiah said it is a marathon not a sprint thank you

  11. “Arithmetic wasn’t Trigg’s strong point” Amongst other things, Rulebook, ha ha!!

    Re a national reserves comp: North Melb are ending their allegiance with Werribee in the VFL next season. This means that many of the Melb-based AFL clubs now have their own reserves teams who are not aligned with a VFL club. But the VFL is now a curious mixture of stand-alone clubs (Williamstown, Port Melbourne, North Ballarat, Coburg, Werribee next year), AFL reserves teams (Collingwood, Footscray, Geelong, North next year, Essendon, Richmond) and joint VFL/AFL reserves teams (Casey Demons, Northern Blues, Sandringham, Box Hill Hawks). It is unsustainable in this form, I believe.

  12. Travis Lynn says

    Greenwood looked great. Cameron’s quarter was brilliant but Brisbane is awful. Can’t take much else out of that win.

  13. Steven Ronson says

    Once again, Rulebook has shone the torch on all the key issues both on and off the ball. Picking up on the query viz the Crows reserves and the total ‘lack of support’ mystery; (how can a club with 60,000 members fail to deliver more than 300 supporters to a game which showcases the future?), I part company with Malcolm on a national reserves competition and advocate in favour of two or three divisions (F.A. Comp style) where relegation/ promotion is the ‘deal’. In other words, the concept of a reserves team is ‘over’. The SANFL, WAFL, VFL, ACT, TAS leagues will all be involved. The sooner the AFL and State leagues sign on to a truly national competition the better off footy will be.

  14. Dan Hansen says

    Even TC could have coached the Crows to a circle-work victory over the Lions.

    Good write up though. Are we guaranteed a write up for the next two weeks?

  15. There wil be bigger tests than Brisbane….

  16. Great article Malcolm ,its great to see the Crows back on the winning list and they played three good quarters of footy.
    But in saying that Im not sure how to gage the Crows win .
    Great signs by Greenwood and loved Gaucci work rate too and think they both will improve more and more each week .
    Charlie was electrifying at times as was Eddie too.Jakey Lever was the mr reliable in our defence as usual and a great inclusion.
    Sloaney did well with another heavy tag which hes learning to deal with each week .
    Freo this week wont be easy and hopefully the Crows will be switched on at AO

  17. Steven Ronson says

    Smokie is spot on re ‘sustainability’ – time for a totally new operating model

  18. Cameron Glenn says

    A well needed win for the Crows after the previous 2 weeks. With the Cats and Giants winning, the Crows had to win to avoid sliding down the ladder. Typical for them to start poorly but they demolished the Lions after qtr time. I really like Greenwood, Eddie’s Goal of the Year contender, Rory and Luke Brown’s milestones plus the fact the Crows won.

    Was good to see the Crows win but honestly felt other games were better quality due to the closeness and even unexpected results. I thought the Crows were the only certainty to win however as other games could have gone either way. How Richmond and Hawthorn gave up big leads is beyond belief.

    Next week is a massive round. Looking at matchups and positions it will be a beauty and even better with Thursday nights for the next 5 weeks. Geelong, Adelaide and West Coast have huge home games against fellow top 6 sides, we have 7 vs 10 and 8 vs 9 in Melbourne, 2 teams on 3 wins playing each other, 2 teams on 5 losses in the Alice and then Collingwood and Brisbane. Interesting round. No Fyfe vs Danger at AO this time but another big Crows vs Freo game. Last time Freo were in Adelaide they were pumped by Port. With 6 wins of their last 7 since that fateful day, they have come back. Won’t be an easy game but one to really look forward to. Anything is possible but we know what the locals want – a Crows win.

  19. David daly says

    Hey malcom another well written article. Some good questions with good points. On the afl crows was good to get the win restore some confidence and introduce a couple of good young kids ie greenwood gallucci both looked good and will get better each game. As usual laird lever brownie great down back. Sloane abit better with dealing with a tagger. Crouch boys need to step up abit more. Eddie charlie and tex in parts were good up front . As for the sanfl i’m a norwood boy all the way but even i struggle to get to most games as i am involed with junior footy so that with work takes up most of my wk ends. But when i’m free i am straight out to the parade or what ever ground my legs are playing at. I believe that there should be a afl reserves comp play as curtain raiser to the main gig. This would then make it even for all teams in afl and keep the sanfl as it was. I think a lot of the old school footy lovers of sanfl still don’t like the crows or port in the comp and believe the integrity of our comp has been comprised because of there inclusion so therefore they have stop coming and supporting the sanfl. Which is sad as i believe the sanfl is the strongest football comp in aus.

  20. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Smokie what has been done to the former VFA is unforgivable it really is a dogs breakfast of a comp in
    Victoria with full credit to Port Melbourne geez been some problems re alignments over the years to me the establishment of a nat res comp and the underpinning of the levels below should have been the Afl number 1 priority for years incredible that it has not been so.Travis spot on.Steven interesting philosophy cost huge factor in plenty of ways re work re players traveling as well while I think your idea has merit lots of factors to take in to account.Danny yes the scum would have given the lions a run for its money huge test for the Crows re the dockers 50 50 re a write up..Lawrie well and truly.Caz thank you totally agree.Cameron yes hopefully the win gives the Crows some confidence but in reality the lions were terrible big test this week with some huge games in the round overall.David for mine I still have real doubts re Brad Crouch his injuries have meant a loss of pace and both brothers together is not a good mix not convinced it can work re better sides and in finals,Matt has had a good year overall so far.David yes must be a national res curtain raiser where all sides are on the same aim re developing players a further stain on integrity to f the competition re Summerton not being allowed to play for the port power res this week end wake up afl and yes plenty of people have lost interest due to the inclusion of bloody afl reserves sides it is just so wrong thanks folks

  21. Re point 11, from a VFL perspective I love that it is very much a local competition and would hate to see that lost as part of a national competition.

  22. John Butler says

    Rulebook, I’m with Litza re the VFL. It needs to be local to have a hope, but the problem of how the non-aligned teams match it with the AFL affiliates remains unresolved.

    Re the Crows, like several teams this year, they look great when they can play on their terms. They have managed to do that more consistently than most so far.But there’s a long way to go.


  23. I’m not convinced yet. I honestly think we’re going to lose to Freo by 5/6 goals. Slow starts and our midfield is soft as tub of warm vanilla custard

  24. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Litza,JB and Please any 1 else surely the local Vic comp should still be the vfa which has been destroyed to me that is unforgivable also just blatantly wrong re the neafl having to play against afl players.
    Again re any side which correctly has the goal of winning the flag v afl teams goal to develop players to play at the elite level and winning is a secondary consideration is wrong as well

  25. A pretty good result on the weekend.
    Could we please have Charlie Cameron vs Michael Walters in the midfield at some stage this Saturday?

  26. Riverboy says

    So you only do a report if the Crows win, nothing to cheer about hey??
    Critiquing Crows football games needs to be done win or lose let the facts speak for themselves.
    Crows played the bottom side, there is plenty to be worried about.

    Orazio Fantasia Adelaide boy drafted in 2013 R3 pick 55 by the Mighty Bombers will be cutting up soft Crows defence come August 12.

  27. Nice one Rulebook. Personally, I think it’s a shame you don’t have time to do your write-ups of Crows losses as it’s my firm belief you learn a lot more from your losses than your wins.
    As for the match, I was pretty disappointed by Brown’s effort as I felt he looked very fumbly when under pressure with a number of mistalkes creeping into his game. I also can’t believe you didn’t think much of the Rat’s game, I thought he was very good all night!
    With the upcoming battle against Freo it’s critical the Crows midfield don’t allow the likes of Fyfe and co. to shark jacobs ruck work like happened when we played Melbourne. It will be a given that Sloane will be tagged so the Crouch brothers and Hampton (if fit) will need to step up. Perhaps time to bring Thommo in to add some mongrel to the centre bounces?

  28. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Thanks Paul ( glad you enjoyed your present ) Riverboy as I have said above imo the winners deserve 1st crack also rapt to see Orazio doing so well v much involved re Norwood hasn’t forgotten his roots like some do.Jim,Riverboy it is also time trying to fit it in started at 5.30 am yest before going to work so a combination re winning clubs almanac writers dererve it and time agree re finding out more during a loss,Brad Crouch re lack of pace was very noticeable over those 2 weeks.Big Jim Brown had his moments of indecision I liked him being used on ball in the last q and re Atkins had his good moments and times where he looked like a deer caught in the headlights just needs to back himself in again thank you

  29. Nice one Book and nice re the Payneham input.
    Gotta agree with others re learning from losses and would be nice to hear your insightful inputs and analysis Book.
    What I would like to see is the Crows being more ruthless when ahead in a game. after the third goal at the 7min mark of last quarter we should have continued to drive home the advantage and win by 100+, but we seem to relax and just let the quarter run, we don’t seem to have the killer instinct.
    Keep up the good work

  30. Barb Jamieson says

    Good to see your report this week Malcolm, I missed it last week, but no sledging from me about that, and no big deal , I don’t get it that some people are so picky, but as a journo, you’d understand completely that you can’t please all of the people , all of the time . And while we got off to a slow start, and it was a win against the bottom team , like everyone else who has beaten Brisbane , we are aware of that , but it doesn’t make the 4 points any less valuable.
    Yes, there is more work to be done, but I did see some positives , Tom Lynch back to better form , he will be better again next week and soon back to being his best . Good to see Rory Sloane managing that tag with a little help from his friends, hats off to him , he understands that tagging is a part of the game, and the way he doesn’t retaliate, but just works on his game speaks volumes about his intent to work harder at managing the fact that he has now become heavily tagged . I also find it pleasing that Charlie Cameron seems to have done some fine tuning, and certainly in this game, did not waste his efforts , some more fine tuning, and he will shine. Eddie doing his usual job of kicking the impossible !!!!!, sometimes he looks surprised himself that the ball did what he asked it to do .
    I’m sort of hoping that we are going to see out talent scouts hanging around the NBL courts a little more, Hugh Greenwood is going to be a real find, and our out of form Jenkins will find his form again and prove that he is worth what we paid for him .
    It is a bit disappointing that the SANFL Crows are not getting the support it should, but I think it’s a sign of the times Malcolm, and that people are time poor , and sometimes for the older members , or people who are unwell , it is just a bit too hard . I would dearly love to go, but you know my circumstances, and getting a carer is the best I can do to get to the AFL games right now , and I think a lot of people who have kids are probably involved in sport too . My Grandson plays for Elizabeth Eagles, and I don’t even get to see him play , although he has his 150th game coming up soon , so I will make a real effort to get there. I’d gladly take out a membership for the Bloods, and with my Crows membership, would love to go to Adelaide Oval early and watch two games , but maybe that’s been tried, or is financially unviable to the competition.
    And yes, agree , at the present time , Richmond is the heartbreak team. I think If i was a supporter, my foot would be through the TV , and that’s not being arrogant because we are top, under Neil Craig, I so often felt we were the heartbreak team, who always promised, but never quite delivered. Maybe that’s why I’m quite happy to take our 4 points this week, regardless that the win wasn’t full of glory, I” rather win that way , than lose the way Richmond did.

  31. Phillip Dimitriadis says

    Nice work Book.
    I’m a big fan of Charlie Cameron. He does need to do more. When he does, look out.

  32. Jeff Milton says

    Somehow a solution needs to be found where the Crows and Port can have reserves teams with someone other than each other to play against, without corrupting the SANFL comp.
    If the Victorians won’t come to the party maybe a reserves comp with the 8 non-Victorian sides. Could throw in a Tassie and NT side as well. Would be lots of travel and expensive but should improve the development of young players in these clubs. And it stops the corruption of the SANFL while still allowing our 2 AFL sides to have reserves teams.
    I have been to a few Norwood/Crows games but no prizes for guessing which scarf I was wearing.

  33. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Paddles agree re the last q a session at the bar at Payneham would have had more intensity.Barb as always love your passion ( all the best 2 ) Lynch such a vital player will be interesting to see how,Greenwood goes against better opposition.Barb it is disappointing re the Crows lack of support in the SANFl just desperately hope common sense happens and a national res comp happens it can’t be quick enough.Richmond lack of leadership and structures just bizarre to say the least.Thanks Phillip yes if Cameron can find more ball he could be a gun.Milts couldn’t agree more another kick in the guts re SANFl with,Summerton not allowed to play again lack of credibility thanks folks

  34. Paul Johnson says

    Book love the KB and Milne line and yes as a Saints man you knew when he had the ball, no need for anyone else to lead, he would have a shot. Certainly an area where Betts kills him while KB wasn’t called hungry for nothing!

  35. Pete Chenoweth says

    On point 11 Rulebook.
    Trigg suggestesting that participation in the SANFL was going to “bring supporters” was at best a self serving lie and at worst utter idiocy.

    The Crows aggregated the SANFL supporter base from many clubs to one – they didn’t add to it. In fact I would also argue that formation removed a direct grass roots connection to suburban footy and disenfranchised many (like me) – so formation possibly eroded the net football going public from what it was per capita 30 years ago. (Would love to see some data on that as it’s a wild guess)

    So In short yes – we should scrap the whole shooting match now and re-think how reserves are done for the AFL.
    The SANFL is another question for another time….

  36. Matt Huppatz says

    Re point 11. As a follower of SANFL the Crows side has done nothing for the league, and created no interest at all. Have gone to neutral games with Eagles v Crows, and it is almost want your team to win for points, but interested to see how your afl ressies up and comers are going. No atmosphere at all. Only thing to go against this is the Port situation. As a red and blue blood through and through, you cannot have the hated Ports not in the league. There is the dilemma!! Not sure how to fix the problem, but it would help having less conflicting games, and maybe a few more Sunday games. Eagles are at least encouraging a more family atmosphere and community support, but again, Saturday afternoons make it hard for people to attend games, as people play and work on Saturdays in these modern times.

  37. Matt Huppatz says

    SANFL need to have forum from all sides, Amateur, Hills, Southern, Great Southern etc. on how everyone is affected, and AFL need to sit in on it as well. AFL are on the way to neglect grass roots footy all together which is dangerous. We do not want to go the way of NFL in the US if you don’t play college, then don’t get into NFL no hope to get anywhere, but don’t even have any local comps either to keep local communities together.

  38. I think the Americans were saying Bloody Chaplin in the late1940s when they thought Charlie was a communist. Turned his back on America and like Troy, never went back..

  39. Matt Huppatz says

    The last maybe 30 years or so, like to know how many country and local clubs have merged? Most of them have fallen by the wayside due to no money or resources, yes some have to merge as unemployment in country areas drive people to the city, I get that. But many have been destroyed by lack of funding, as they get their players poached by other clubs with imaginary money. Maybe AFL can step in with funding, BUT put regulations in regarding minimal payments to players, unless you play in the next league under the AFL. Therefore, SANFL, WAFL, VFL, etc. and you will then have an so called elite league under the AFL which young footballers can strive for. ??

  40. Martin Rumsby says

    Agree with your observations, Malcolm. A return to form, of sorts, from the Crows, but the game against Freo this Saturday will be more revealing about the team’s progress in their areas of concern.

    It will be interesting to see team selection when all of Walker, Jenkins, Otten, Greenwood and McGovern are fit – room for three at the most I would think

    The poor attendances by Crows supporters in SANFL matches and the drop off in Magpie attendance is a concern. I suspect that AFL Crows supporters do, in fact, attend SANFL games, but they barrack for one of the traditional SANFL teams rather than the Crows reserves. If the Crows remain in the SANFL for the longer term perhaps some of the younger AFL Crows supporters may become more interested in following the SANFL team. As an aside, I doubt whether attendances for a national AFL Reserves competition would be any better than attendances at SANFL games for the Crows or Power reserves.

  41. Luke Reynolds says

    Good work Malcolm. Nice Chaplin.
    The VFL is struggling, and the standalone former VFA clubs are finding it harder by the year. Hopefully Frankston can re-enter next season and North Ballarat can hang on. Much more effort and money from the AFL is required.
    Great to see Hugh Greenwood do well, look forward to following his progress.

  42. Good to win, but we (the footy public) learned nothing v Brisbane. Satdy nite will be a true acid test against a vastly improved Freo who aren’t afraid of travel. Or tagging.
    The connector on fire!
    Absolutely nobody cares about the Crows SANFL side, nor should, due to existing allegiances. Only people introduced to footy after 1990, and who only took an interest in the top AFL level, may then be interested in the progress of the club at feeder league level.
    Eddie just a freak… one of the last true entertainers.
    Props to Greenwood- great debut.
    Not sure why people asking M Crouch to step up??

  43. What sets Betts apart is the speed with which he hits the footy at the bottom of a pack. Never seen the like of it.

  44. Pete Cheniweth says

    @ Matt Huppatz all great points.

    Personally I’m astonished that we reflect on the 80s and 90s SANFL administration as one which was fantastic.

    We had a free look at the demise of the WAFL post West Coasts entry, yet did exactly the same thing. We sold out a collective 800+ years of football history and in hindsight demolished any chance that the SANFL was ever again going to be anything more than a feeder league. We propped up a broke VFL and cruddy broke franchises (look at the Melb – North Melb game attendance on the weekend as an example) with our franchise contributions and simply fuelled a VFL expansion without any regard for our own games sovereignty and connection to grass root footy.

    The toothpaste is long out of the tube and it’s never going back in, but it doesn’t mean that it hurts any less to someone who remembers what the SANFL was by comparison to the VFL.

  45. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Paul good to hear some honesty from a Saints man,Peter there is no doubt that the afl reserve sides have been extremely detrimental to the SANFl.Matt yes the Crows games just have no atmosphere what so ever it is terrible I used to think that we had to have Port in the comp but reality is it’s Port power res it’s not the same and the stupidity re Summerton showed that well and truly get rid of both.I entirely agree with every other word you have written a outstanding post all up ohh we need the people at the top to actually listen.Paubai love it.Martin I feel afl res must be curtain raisers so attendance looks after itself and it doesn’t show any signs what so ever re younger supporters taking to the Crows res what so ever unfortunately.Luke can the vfa be revived ? Geez the Afl are answerable to a lot of damage done to the overall game.Glad you liked the Chaplin ( it’s getting harder ) Greenwood test is to come he’s had bigger challenges in the SANFl than against the lions.Jamesey yep agree totally re SANFl and no one learning any thing re the Crows and yes the M Crouch comment was bizarre.Dips superbly put no doubt what so ever he is incredible at that part of the game with the other player who is amazing at that skill,Dangerfield thank you

  46. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Pete unfortunately you are 100 percent correct Betts incredible

  47. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    It will be a while before the insipid efforts against North and the Dees fade away. Perhaps a win at the Cattery might convince me.

  48. Ben Footner says

    I’m with Swish ^^. Far from confident this week. The only saving grace is that it’s indigenous round and generally we’ve served up a good performance in the past with our indigenous contingent lighting the place up (Betts in particular).

  49. Dave Brown says

    Yeah, pocket that win and move on I reckon, Rulebook. Greenwood was good and is a real utility type who can, as you identified, provide Sloane with some protection while putting plenty of pressure on too. The other issue which was rectified after half time is that umpires need to crack down on the tagging tactics that are well outside the rules. As for Melbourne setting up without a ruck, they paid the price this week as North Melbourne was able to get on top in the middle and lock the ball in their forward line for extended periods. Like we would do against Port Magpies in 2014.

    Speaking of the SANFL, yes AFL reserves comp please. Crows and Port add nothing but the annual fee the Crows pay and a seat at the SMA table for the SANFL. We also need to be realistic, however, about any significant revival in interest in the comp. The AFL has long term suffocated any other comp and that will continue. We need to focus on making the remaining eight clubs sustainable moving forward with smaller crowds. Ross Oakley got his way and Port got their revenge.

  50. Chris Bray says

    Accurate account yet again book. I listened to this match on the radio whilst camping in NW SA and have watched up to 3/4 time. First half highlights were Greenwood goals. It appears to be just a win and that is all. Unfortunately I think team balance at present is better without Jenkins. No Hampton or Smith this week makes for an interesting selection conundrum. Will 2 more debutants get a gurnsey(would make 4 in two weeks)?
    For me Thompson is a must inclusion.

  51. Given the Lions’ status and list this win was a pass, but little else. First quarter lethargy now entering third big year. Find this unfathomable.

    Thanks Malcolm.

  52. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Swish and Ben it was far from convincing not confident at all against the dockers.Dave entirely agree with every thing wonder re SANFl if it’s time to go more community re juniors all ages both male and female etc love any mention of the mighty 2014 legs,Dave.Chris personally I reckon it’s time to give,Wgg a go the wet weather forecast may give,Thommo a chance.Mickey 1st quarters a huge concern is putting it mildly thank you

  53. As much as this was a win we needed for % and respect at the end of the day it was Brisbane, dont want to turn into Port supporters and get excited. Positives for me were, the boys gained some confidence back and played like they did early in the season, also CHARLIE CAMERON, how exciting is he, Pyke interview yesterday on MMM had his praises and said when he gets running he’s a bullet, I love watching Charlie, Greenwood, what a great start to his AFL career and Galluci, when he’s bulked up in a few seasons he’ll be an asset. Negatives…our poor starts, the question is why? Hopefully this is being addressed behind closed doors, my other negative is poor Sloane, he definitely is being targeted, maybe Pyke needs to move him around a bit to confuse the opposition, im sure tgey would be addressing this as well.

  54. Bryan Haines says

    Good read again book.

    Some comments.

    The Crows midfield will always struggle against the bigger bodied midfields when they are really up and about because of the size of our inside mids, Sloane and the Crouches are not that big. But conversely we will beat them on the outside and we should design our set ups to spread the contest area by clearing the ball further from the ruck, especially when we are dominating the hit outs.

    For the Dockers we cannot bring in Thompson without dropping a Crouch, they have too much outside speed. Greenwood was impressive, his tackling very strong, he has size and his skills were better than I thought. He may help inside.

    Starting to think we might have to design the midfield to the opposition. For the more contested teams bring in Thommo. For the quicker teams, our quicker guys.

    The slow starts are interesting, I think its more the other team applying a lot of pressure and we are restricted by that. We clearly need to work out a way to with stand extreme pressure better by adapting our game. Then we work harder for longer and run over them. However that strategy wont work against good teams in finals.

    My feeling is people don’t go to the Crows reserves because most Crows supporters would follow a SANFL side. SANFL is still a great comp and I enjoy going. The quality of football produced and the commitment of the players is amazing considering the small amount of money the clubs run on. Like Sheffield Shield, any shortfalls should be covered by the AFL because it is the breeding and training ground for all their talent, players, coaches, umpires, trainers etc. Talking to some of the guys at South, people support their local team where they or their kids play and the AFL team, so don’t have time for the SANFL. I don’t know what you can do about that, but its essential so should be supported by the AFL.

    Keep up the good work. Bob Neil (the ultimate proof that i before e except after c is bullshit)

  55. Malcolm Ashwood says

    KEDE yes not a win to get excited about,Greenwood showed some promise and Cameron electrifying in bursts just need it for longer.Sloane huge test for him tomorrow night v Blakey a v good tagger it is the area where,Sloane ironically the person who he can learn the most from is the best player in the game
    they are good mates so hopefully he is talking about being tagged with Paddy.Bryan to me Thommo comes in to the equation if it is pissing down with rain far from convinced that we have picked our best possible side re tomorrow night I would have given,Wigg a crack and also it is either,Otten or Jenkins not both imo.Bryan the Crows have 60 thou members which the majority get free admission and lucky to get 300 imo the lack of promotion by the Crows is a disgrace e.g. last week have handball clinic and autograph session re Knight,Menzel,McGovern etc.The SANFl bend over backwards for the Afl clubs like shortening the length of the quarters of reserve games give something back to the game !

  56. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Very good point about the legend as well !

  57. Raj Singh says

    Are they back we will see?

  58. Jill Tathra says

    Sorry I’m so late getting back to you Malcolm but was in Adelaide all week having radiation treatment. If the Crows don’t wake up earlier they are not going to win games against the others in the top 8 let lone the top 4. They must work on that first quarter and soon. Congrats to the 2 new boys who certainly did well for first gamers. We really should have won by so much more boys as we are sitting at the top and poor Brissie is way down the bottom so come on show us tonight what you are made of please.

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