Round 8 – St Kilda v Carlton: Let The Sunshine In.

Inspired by Haiku Bob – with thanks.

Docklands Saturday

Roof open to the winter rays

White strip grates the eyes


Disorganised early

First three at the opposite end

Number 15 is a problem


A big tackle sticks

Two in a row to the skipper

Half-time halts the charge


Saints on top in the third

Here come the Blues again

We have a contest


Pat Cripps steps up

A booming kick from 40

The good guys lead


Fifteen minutes left

The bold resistance falters

Umpire’s ego infuriates


19 points the margin

But only on the board

Blue skies overhead


Conscription into the army ended Warren's dreams of becoming either a league footballer or a professional musician, but military service did at least teach him how to handle firearms, and to work behind a bar.


  1. Yvette Wroby says

    Good stuff. Now we have a Haiku Bob and a Haiku Warren.

    Keep it up!

  2. Warren Tapner says

    Thanks Yvette,


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