Round 8 Gold Coast v Collingwood: Pies put to bed theory “No Jackson Ramsay, no Collingwood.

written by Paul Harkin for the Floreat Pica Society
“We’re just taking it one week at a time.”
“You can only beat the opposition that is presented to you on the day.”
“By 1990, no Collingwood child will be living without a premiership.”
These are some of my favourite, football cliches. Yes, we beat the lowly Gold Coasters, but that’s all you can do on the afternoon/night. The commentators seem to suggest we had our mojo back after this win. I have to say we will need to be more on our game to beat stronger opposition.
The game opened with a Fasolo, Pendlebury and Sidebottom flurry. After a quick fire 2 goals, the game became an arm wrestle, where we had the better of it, but not on the scoreboard. Pendles was in everything up forward, scoring 2 goals in this quarter. Travis was also playing really well, Varcoe, not Cloke. A 23 point lead at the first break was passable.
Early goals in the second quarter led to a handy 34 point lead, before “moment, please,” we had our usual bout of “lifting our foot off the pedal.” Crucial mistakes from Seedy, Brown and Sidey on the backline, led the Golds into easy scoring opportunities. This seemed to fire them up, which saw them score 4 goals in quick succession, to be within 10 points at one stage. Brown’s opponent, Charlie Dixon, the main scorer. Jessie White steadied the ship with 2 goals (how many times have you heard that one?) We went into the main break with our quarter time lead reinstated. The best players to this point included Pendles, Varcoe, Swanny, Crisp and Sidey.
The Pies finally got right on top in the third quarter. Clokey started getting a bit of it and Jamie started to come into his own. We were still butchering it a bit, but the Coasters were running out of puff. Varcoe was still playing well as was Jessie. A 55 point lead at three quarter time meant we at least had the game in the bag.
The last quarter was a bit of a procession, before we let a couple of late ones in. All in all a 69 point win was “cceptable ” as TV’s Supernanny would say. There were some positives to take out of the game, despite the opposition. Fasolo played his best game for ages, especially in front of goal (perhaps he’s not a backman after all). Jessie played well kicking 4 goals. Just love the way Jack Crisp is playing (is it possible we got the best of the Beams trade?) Great to see Sidey back, his first half, was particularly impressive (he missed out on votes because he butchered a couple of disposals.) Swanny is playing so much better than last year, he just has to take more care with some of his disposals. Goldy was very good down back, I’m glad I mentioned in an earlier report he should play on the backline. Marley was also a good contributor.
At least we have put to bed the notion that no Jackson Ramsay, no Collingwood. Last week we slipped over a lot, especially at critical times. At least we were better this week. I’d still like to see us eradicate the fumbles. If there was a Brownlow for fumbles, Jack Frost would have more votes than Nat Fyffe in the real Brownlow at this point.
Votes for the Horsburgh Medal
3. Travis Varcoe
Best game in years, with 2 goals and 29 disposals. He provided great run from down back, which I see as our greatest weakness. If he and Seedy can start to generate this sort of run regularly, we would be that much better. He had an unprecedented 100% disposal efficiency. We can’t even reach that at training when there’s no opposition team.
2. Pendles
What can you say? Great 200th game. Plenty of goals and goal assists. He brings others into the game. I never thought I would ever be quoting the great Anthony Hudson, but his comment on Pendles summed him up as “poetry in slow motion.” So much time. Could he be a distant relative of Twiggy Dunne?
1. Jamie
This could have gone to a few mentioned above. Not a lot of possessions and some quiet patches, but anyone at Collingwood who kicks 5 goals straight, takes a big mark and slots them from the boundary line has my vote every time.
PS Message for Haiku Bob – congratulations on the Euro Song Contest win for Sweden. Does this put you into the final for the World Song contest?

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