Round 7 – West Coast v Gold Coast: Eagles Start to Fire

Started slow, Elliot Yeo,

Howling breeze, lots of frees

Masten Chrissy, rain is pissy

Simmo, Rawlings, Woosh-Sha Who?


Three goals three, good to see

Luke Shuey, Naitanui

Butler Sam, Welling Ham

Mr Wrap, this game’s crap, Aven-ging Eag-le

We didn’t start on fire

It’s a slow fuse burning

Got my stomach churning

We didn’t start on fire

Still we lead by two

Got a lot to do



Jamie Cripps, wet ball slips

Hutchings, Hill, boots to fill

Callum ruck, Gold Coast suck

Does Duggan shave, Jesus save? Mira-cles hap-pen


Eagles burn, Shannon Hurn

Andrew Gaff, start to laugh

Mark LeCras, head to bar

Game is won, Setting Sun, Who we got? – Saints next

We’ve just started to fire

Now the Eagles working

While the Suns are jerking

We’ve just started to fire

Half time by six

Got some midfield tricks



Harley Bennell, Queensland hell

Jamie Bennell, winning well

Tale two city, Rocket shitty

Wet dreams, both Perth teams, Subi-Ac-Co

Twelve goals straight, worth the wait

Josh got four, need no more

Rest JK, mice can play

Cold as hell, winning well, O J Time

We’ve lit a forest fire

Now the win is certain

Rocket Eade is hurtin’

We’ve lit a forest fire

We kicked twelve goals straight

Game is on the plate



Junk time, ladder climb

Priddis leather, shitty weather

Suns kick four, Stop no more

Sheppard, Sheed, Suns can bleed

Schofield Will, time to kill

Fraser Mac, Darling’s back

Selwood Scott, find a spot?

Five and two, Overdue, Win-ning feeling


We’ve got a winning feeling

‘Cos our seasons turning

Every week we’re learning

We’ve got a finals feeling

Playing in September

It’s good to remember



WEST COAST   3.3   7.6  19.6  21.9  (135)

GOLD COAST    1.1  1.2    2.6   6.7   (43)


West Coast: Kennedy 4, Yeo 4, LeCras 3, Hill 3, Priddis 2, Cripps, Shuey, Gaff, Sinclair, McInnes

Gold Coast: Matera 2, Bennell, Dixon, Prestia, Rischitelli



Priddis (WC) 3; Yeo (WC) 2; Masten (WC) 1






  1. The Wrap says

    Way to go Mr B. Way to go. Nothing like setting the old town alight, eh? BIT at last. AE must be stoked.

  2. The Chardonnay set will be loving this,i think i am going to puke

  3. Yep Wrap there are more resurrection stories at the Eagles than in the 4 gospels. What a difference a good coach makes. Grumpy grey haired, balding old blokes like Rocket and the Maltster should be up in the stands with other grumpy grey haired old blokes………………….like you and me. You can tell when teams want to play for the coach – they don’t chuck it in when they are struggling. Saints are a good example.
    Thanks Snowman – a good purgative always helps clean out the bile in the system. Glad I could help. Catchy little tune eh – a real earworm. Can’t help but keep hearing it – “Eagles are on fire; Now we’re going higher…………………………………..”

  4. I’m not sure that will help you Snowman.

    Do you barrack for Hawthorn?

  5. Tony Robb says

    Good one PB
    mind you Le Cras is more your Uptown Girl

  6. Have only ever barracked for the ONE side

  7. E.regnans says

    Love the creative dance.
    The story.
    The way.

    How good are the Eagles, anyway?

  8. We might be the 4th best team in the comp with Darling and hopefully Scott Selwood back mid season. North Melbourne, Geelong and Essendon in the next month will be a fair barometer. Top middle or bottom middle? We might be the 10th best.
    Time will tell.
    My gut says 6-8 given our reasonable draw. Our strength is contested ball. pressure, run from defence and josh kennedy.
    Our weakness is size at the back, and it will be interesting to see if Buddy, Tippett, Tomahawk, Cloke (I’m predicting 1-7) can exploit it. And whether Rance or Hooker can contain JK.
    First world problems after our last 2 seasons. Simmo is a genius, and all new coaches need to be under 45 and have the Clarko pedigree.
    Bret Ratten must be worth a squillion with his pedigree now. Turned a sow’s ear into a silk purse at Carlton but they were too bloated to recognise it; plus now the Clarko finishing school.
    The old water buffaloes like Mick, Rocket neither understand the modern game or can get young players to follow them. Too much fear and defence.

  9. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Very well done PB for the Eagles to have lost 2 key defenders and performing the way they are has been brilliant.Does the stupidity of McKenzies non all Aust selection last year help McGovern this year ? ( glad you picked a good song )

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