Round 7 – Greater Western Sydney v Port Adelaide

Round 7: Greater Western Sydney vs Port Adelaide

“It done got nine below zero and she done put me down for another man”. The sounds of Sonny Boy Williamson often emanate from the studios of the community radio station situated next to Manuka Oval, a station that would disappear should the icy recommendations of the Commission of Audit ever come to pass. While the mercury didn’t quite descend to Sonny Boy’s nine below, it was bitterly cold at Manuka. I’ve probably felt colder – at a Crows vs Collingwood match at the G a few years back with the wind up your kilt on the long walk back to Young and Jacksons after a Crows loss, or sitting on those aluminium seats at Pleurisy Park watching the Crows do circle work in the days of Coach Cornes. It was so cold at StarTrack that Spog disappeared into his anorak early and did not resurface until the final siren. That bloke wearing the shorts, T-shirt and thongs – obviously oblivious, or just numb? A young boy ran along the concourse wearing a newly purchased, brilliant orange GWS cape.

“ … one of those who knows that life is just a leap of faith

Spread your arms and hold you breath

Always trust your cape” (Guy Clark)

Jared Polec (ex Seaton Ramblers/Woodville-West Torrens/Brisbane) with 38 possessions and Callum Ward (ex Spotswood/WesternU18/Western Bulldogs) with 40 are two who “trust their cape”. Both were inspirational, although Ward failed to see the funny side of a blow to the elbow.

Our totally organised host, the genial Michael provided wonderful treats at the long interval, but even the party pies were not enough to lure Spog back into circulation. The Port supporter among us became chirpier. He also possesses greater artistic credentials – an irony not lost on those in our group who, at some stage in the distant past, have suffered a somewhat non artistic belting at the hands of an opponent from down Alberton way.

Overall, it was a good, competitive game. There were some terrific individual efforts from committed players – Gray, in and under and weaving through the fringes for Port, Giant Giles (no games for the Power) battling manfully in the ruck for GWS. And young man-mountain Patton displays the potential to cause future havoc a la Tom Hawkins. Port were more efficient and effective and they will give a yelp come finals time. GWS continue to show great promise although the fade remains. However, they fought back well and matched Port when it looked as if they were about to be blown away. They will benefit from the return of the experienced, no-nonsense Mumford and the mercurial Lachie Whitfield.

Without being too harsh on the adjudicators, there was some consensus that at least one of their number would do well to become better acquainted with the merits of orange by attending the Pumpkin Festival to be held at nearby Collector on the next day.

PORT ADELAIDE   5.3  10.6  15.9   20.12  (132)
GWS                        3.4    5.4    9.6    15.7    (97)

Port Adelaide: Schulz 6, Monfries 3, Polec 3, White 3, Wingard 3, Gray, Impey
GWS: Smith 3, Hoskin-Elliott 2, Palmer 2, Patton 2, Lamb, Cameron, Giles, Shiel, Scully, Kelly

Port Adelaide: Polec, Gray, Schulz
GWS: Ward, Haynes, Smith, Hoskin-Elliott

Umpires: Fisher, Nicholls, Ryan

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Peter Crossing loves the pure 'n natch'l blues. He is a member of the silver fox faction of the Adelaide Uni Greys. He is something of a cricket tragic although admitting to little interest in the IPL or Big Bash forms of the game.


  1. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Thanks Peter totally agree re Mumford and Whitfield being v important for GWS
    ( give them another 2 yrs good luck any 1 v the giants ) and Port are a good side with the best small forwards in the game . Good to see 2 reports from , Greys in yourself and Danny on the same game thanks , Peter

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