Round 7 – Geelong v Collingwood: Strong win in the West for Pies (Floreat Pica Society)


Thursday 16 July 2020
8:10 PM (AEST)
Optus Stadium, Perth


Hi All,


The Experience


Was a great atmosphere last night as many West Australians went to the football for the first time this year.


Pub outside the ground was packed and really no social distancing at all – maybe the grounds should be allowed to sell some decent full strength beer and then people could spread out around the venues inside the stadium.


Crowd was 22000 which still was decent for a game between 2 non WA teams but all drink / food / toilets were opened which meant it felt a bit sparse but no crowded area at all inside the stadium.


Also had $3 Pies or Chips and $6.50 beer which was a nice touch and cheap family tickets made it a reasonably priced night out – had great seats on the wing – up high and undercover out of the rain so cannot fault the experience at all.



The Cox Question


The way the weather looked and big Cox’s form converged to finally drop him for a small and all in all it worked well – our forward line looks better with one of De Goey / Elliot / Stephenson / Hoskin-Elliot playing deep.


With the shortened quarters Grundy probably only needs a breather once a quarter and how we get through that will be a serious question if Cox does not return. Our best option would be Moore but he is playing too well down back that doubt he will be used in this role.


Roughhead may have to be the one although I don’t think he really enjoys the ruck duties and basically did not compete at one boundaray throw in which led to an easy Geelong goal. Mihocek would be a better competitor but is undersized and leaves us with no real target down the line so I would leave him where he is. 


Even if they rest Grundy for a game or two if we get that luxury I doubt they will play Cox as he is a pinch hitter at best so Cameron probably plays in those games so not sure where big Mason’s future is at – if they get a dry track against WCE who are a tall team and Buckley leaves him out then not sure he will get back in.



The Football


The Pies seem to dominate early but did not really get a decent return on the scoreboard and then gave up a goal late in the first which meant once again we were leaving the door open on the opposition.


This was basically the story all night – we always seemed in control and did always have a decent enough break on Geelong but not enough that you always had that nervous feeling it was going to get close.


Injuries again to Geelong left them pretty depleted – especially in the midfield – so we could expect a lot stronger unit from them later in the year if that happened.


We did get the rub of the green with the umpires as well – thought Grundy got a couple of real cheap free kicks – so no complaints there.


We probably did have the best 4-5 players on the ground which was the difference in the end in what was a good start to the WA hub for us. So with apologies to Grundy / Adams / Pendles / Crisp and Moore who could all have got the 1 votes are as follows:


3. De Goey – clearly the difference and best game for the year ( I am not even sure he had a good game to be honest apart from the goals ) if he ever has a real day out he will kick 10 one day.


2. Adam Treloar – can be wasteful but his run and carry and just weight of disposals make him a standout – will be a Brownlow chance in an even year so far as may have polled in most games he has played.


1.Chris Mayne – continues to surprise me but was our toughest player last night – lots of tackles and when he has to go into tight spot he does not think twice.



GEELONG               1.1     1.3     3.5     5.5     (35)
COLLINGWOOD     2.2     4.3     5.7     8.9     (57)


Geelong: Clark, Guthrie, Rohan, Simpson, Tuohy
Collingwood: De Goey 5, Adams, Daicos, Hoskin-Elliott


Geelong: Dangerfield, Guthrie, Ablett, Menegola, Tuohy
Collingwood: De Goey, Treloar, Moore, Pendlebury, Maynard, Adams


Geelong: Selwood (right hamstring), Clark (right shoulder)
Collingwood: Cox (managed) replaced in selected side by Noble


Rory Adams


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  1. Gee I thought Pendlebury was the best by quite a way. And I’m a Cats supporter. De Goey got on the end of a few but the blokes up the ground did the hard work.

    The spread of the Pies was excellent. Hope we get another crack!

    Pretty ordinary game as a spectacle.

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