Round 7 – Essendon v Hawthorn: Disappointing Dons and around the grounds


This must surely be one of the worst games of football from the Essendon Football Club that I have ever seen. I have witnessed a few bad ones this season, but Saturday’s “takes the cake”.


They must be under the misapprehension, that if you are clear and heading towards goal, you turn around and kick it or hand pass to a team mate who is surrounded by opponents. Isn’t it better to boot the ball forward especially when the opposition aren’t there and chase it? Surely that’s a 50/50 proposition instead backwards into congestion.


I thought the game I was watching was once called football, but Essendon have tried to incorporate a type of European Handball into the game with less than spectacular results. Through out the game you could hear stressed Don supporters screaming their tonsils out, ‘kick the bloody thing’, but to no avail.


Even though there was less than a kick in it at half time, the game was less than inspiring, and with the feeling that Essendon get the third quarter ‘vapours’, I wasn’t feeling at all positive. And sure enough, even though they chased and tackled and fumbled and kicked backwards and handballed sideways, Hawthorn added goal after goal, very dispiriting.


The Dons scored a solitary point for the quarter.


The last quarter was more even affair but the damage was done, Hawthorn far too good for Essendon. So home on the tram with a lot of very quiet Essendon supporters, not much cheer there. Thankfully the ‘Mayblooms’ were not boasting.


It’s always good to get home and check on other results on a Saturday night and as usual it was a mixed bag.   Fitzroy VAFA Premier C, had a very big win and so far this season are undefeated however MHSOB VAFA Division 2, had a loss their second of the season.


I had to wait until Sunday night to hear that Coburg VFL were beaten again but not as badly as the last couple of weeks. There seems to be improvement with this very young side, so maybe their first win is not far away


The real disappointment was on Monday morning when I found out that ‘The Tykes’ Barnsley were beaten and have been demoted from The Championship to League One.  For most of the year they have been in the relegation zone, so it comes as no surprise. I’m sure the lads at the Prince William will drown their sorrows, shame I can’t join them.






  1. Colin Ritchie says

    Great to read your thoughts once again Rod. It’s hard to work out what the problem is with the Bombers after promising so much. One of the things I noticed, and talked about with my grandson on the way home to Irrewarra/Barongarook was how easily the players got caught with the ball. They seemed to believe they had plenty of time to consider all disposal options when clearly they didn’t. First option maybe the best option! Opposition teams have worked our players out. For example, Saad was caught twice inside 50, free kick, two goals. The opposition corralled him so he couldn’t run in a straight line and he ended up running in circles and was easily tackled. Time to give some of the younger players a go I think.

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