Round 7 – Carlton v North Melbourne: This was about them

Carlton versus North Melbourne

1.10pm, Sunday 5 May

Marvel Stadium, Melbourne


I’d prefer to start by banging on about North Melbourne’s thumping victory over the Evil Empire, however to be honest, the main talking point from this match was how bad Carlton were.


Their first-half was the worst I have seen from an AFL team in donkeys – and I’ve seen plenty bad ones.


Carlton were soul-destroyingly bad for their supporters, many of whom were at this game, and most of whom, C Little included, hit the gates at ¾ time.


Yes, I know they had a handful of players out, but we had a few missing as well. Problem is, take four decent players out of Carlton and they fall away pretty quickly. Like, off the edge of the cliff. Even after all these years of rebuilding and green shoots.


This was last against second last, or thereabouts, and North led by 9 goals at half-time and had doubled Carlton in every stat.


We could have won by over 100 points.


The main concern for Carlton was the lack of effort. Players ran past the ball and the contest leaving North players enough time to scratch their bums before deciding what to do.


There was no on-field leadership.


They did not tackle, chase, exert any pressure,  or take risks when in possession.


Not one player won his position.


Cripps was pushed too easily off the ball at centre square ball-ups by Ziebell. In his quiet moments, I wonder if Cripps wonders if he has the stamina to last at this club. He looked tired, like a player who can’t carry this mob every week.


His team mates were stalked and pounced on by Cunners.


Walsh has signed on for four more years. That’s a long time to not play in a winning team.


When Simpson returns he will break the record for having played in the most losing games.


McKay was embarrassed by Tazz.


Casboult’s kicking for goal was not up to league standard.


North made mistakes; they turned the ball over, but were able to get it back at will like the biggest kids in the schoolyard.


North tired and gave up junk time goals. Inexplicably, Carlton players hugged.


You know I hate Carlton. But on Sunday I felt for their supporters. They don’t deserve this shit.


North came to play.


They were aggressive at the contest. There was cohesion and system. This looked liked a training drill.


They ran and moved the ball well. They had winners all over the ground.


The names mentioned above excellent.


Add Zurhaar, who has played well since coming in against Adelaide a few weeks ago, Browny for his first-half effort and Thommo before he went off hurt.


It was good to see Garner back. And Marley.


Goldy dominated but had little competition. Good to see him kicking goals like in his All-Australian season.


But it’s difficult to know if this win means much.


Two days post-game, I’m still shaking my head.


Carlton mates tell me the sacking of Ratten for Malthouse was the decision that sent their club on this seemingly never ending downward spiral.


They’re probably right.


Wouldn’t it be ironic, or serendipitous, or something like that, if Ratts landed at Arden St next season.


Just thought I’d put it out there.



CARLTON     0.2     1.7     3.10     8.14 (62)
NORTH MELBOURNE     5.5     10.6     15.7     18.12 (120)

Silvagni 2, Cripps 2, Dow, E.Curnow, Cuningham, Gibbons, Cripps
North Melbourne: 
Zurhaar 5, Brown 4, Simpkin 2, Goldstein 2, Garner, Anderson, Wood, Thomas, Ziebell

no one
North Melbourne: everyone

Jones (concussion)
North Melbourne: 
Thompson (adductor)

Reports: Nil

Umpires: Rosebury, Hosking, Dore

Official attendance: 42,430


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  1. John Butler says

    Yep, no question about it. This was a shocker.

    The only thing I can offer in mitigation was that it was unrepresentative of our previous 2019 efforts.

    We’d better come out roaring against the Pies.

  2. Andrew Starkie says

    Were you really ill, JB, or did you pull a sickie knowing what was to come?

  3. John Butler says

    Starkers, I wasn’t optimistic about this game. The outs from the Hawthorn game left us very inexperienced. And we haven’t matched up well with North in recent times.

    But yes, I was crook on Sunday. Watching on the iPad didn’t help.

  4. george smith says

    Bit of a worry this…

    The Blues next opponent is you know who.

    it would not surprise if Chris Fagan’s team of Long John Silvers turned into a team of Jake the Pegs against the Magpies.

    Again, it was not Malthouse, as he won the Showponies their last final, against Richmond, of all opponents.

    It was their inability to handle the draft(s) that nutted them…

    It does perturb me, though, to see Robinson, Gibbs, Garlett, Kennedy and Betts running around for other teams.

  5. Gee, you dropped C Little right in it! Leaving early? Pffft

    I felt North would prevail when I saw the selected teams, but
    North had no right whatsoever to beat Carlton by this margin.

    Malthouse has much to answer for and, after berating the media for years, I assume he would not even see the irony in his wearing of many media hats.

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