Round 6 – St Kilda v Adelaide: Positives from disappointing loss


St Kilda versus Adelaide Crows
Saturday 27 April 2019
4:35 pm
Marvel Stadium, Melbourne


It was a big sports weekend for me as playing footy at IMPACT Anzac Day Cup on the game day, this professional footy match and watching a baseball in Osaka following day.


But disappointment of losing the game put me away from watching the replay. Or just I have been just busy??


At our footy tournament, three Crow supporters attended while I was the only St Kilda supporter.


It was not excuse to lose the game. I had predicted the mighty Saints would win from previous matches, but at the same time was worried of Crows bouncing back from their massive win over the Suns.


On the footy field, I was relieved that Saints led at first as other players updated the score for me.


But negative news were delivered to me on our way back to Osaka for the post tournament function at a pizza izakaya in central Osaka.


I am very disappointed with the loss and wonder where our good efforts in the last five matches were gone.


St Kilda coach Alan Richardson appeared Talking Footy programme on Monday, so I searched a video clip on the Club App.


I was unable to find it; however I saw videos of St Kilda’s goals and Matty Parker’s impressive mark.


Long took a contested mark (two on two) at the early in the match and scored a goal easily close at the posts.


Steven running, and receiving a handpass and running to a good spot scoring a goal was impressive. I could have ran swiftly at the last game against Shanghai Tigers on the day.


Parker’s flexibility not waiting a free kick when taking a high mark close to posts is what I should adopt. I should have ran to the easier spot to snatch a goal at the Game 5 against Merged Tokyo team on the day.


His running and climbing on Talia’s shoulder taking a high mark was magnificent and has been nominated a mark of the year. Parker’s such a talented player.


Membrey continues taking high marks and running hard to collect footy. His set shots are accurate this year. I want to score goals like him.


Gresham’s flexible running and finding right spots to score goals are what I would love to learn for my play career.


As I am playing footy in a month, I really need to focus on keeping positive and learn from the previous matches. I look forward to improvement of St Kilda boys and myself.


The baseball match we (Matt, his mate and Shanghai Tigers players) attended was played by the local Orix Buffaloes and Saitama Seibu Lions (based near Tokyo). The locals led at first but the second pitcher threw balls to push batters walking to allow more points to turn over.


The Lions won four to two.


It was a good sports weekend despite losses.


ST KILDA 3.6 5.6 8.7 10.8 (68)

ADELAIDE 3.0 8.1 10.6 15.7 (97)

St Kilda: Parker 3, Membrey 2, Steven, Paton, Long, Kent, Gresham
Adelaide: Walker 4, Murphy 3, Himmelberg 2, Betts 2, Gallucci, Greenwood, Knight, Lynch

Umpires: Gavine, Howorth, McInerney

Official crowd: 28,404


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About Yoshihiro Imagawa

Love, passion and pride are seen on the footy that is the biggest part of my life. 1. St Kilda Club member: I am a passionate and crazy Sainter. Just hope we will win the second flag soon, especially after Dogs and Tigers having ended long premiership draughts. 2. The Osaka Dingoes Player and Public Relations Officer: Player number 44 that I chose to honour Stephen Milne with my wish being like a small forward like him. Lenny Hayes' hardworking attitudes are adopted on my trainings and practices. Nick Riewoldt's great plays are in my player audiobook too. 3. Writing: Here on the Almanac and also on the World Footy News. My skills utilise on great footy websites.


  1. Yoshi, if we flash back almost 22 years, it’s not the first time that the interfering Crows have upset the Saints’ applecart.
    However, unlike 1997, this loss need not prove fatal.
    The Saints’ season has gone WWL WWL, so if this trend continues September action is virtually assured.

  2. Yoshi, the Sainters were certainly not disgraced with their loss to the Crows. If not for bad goal shooting in the first quarter could have held an impressive lead. However, the Crows, led by a more dominant on -ball brigade and a re -charged Taylor Walker grabbed the game by the scruff of its neck to take out the chocolates.

    But the Saints refused to give in and kept coming back. I was impressed how they, at times, were able to clear the ball from defense and deliver well to their forwards. Some of their high marking was quite impressive.

    As a Crows fan with a soft spot for Saint Kilda, I really enjoyed the match and feel your mob has a real chance this year. Alternatively, Adelaide began the season really poorly but now appears to be on the right track provided they keep at it and don’t slacken off.

    All the best to you Yoshi and keep on enjoying your baseball (I too am a big fan). Cheers

  3. Thanks Fitzroy Pete and Fisho for your comments and positive reviews on the mighty Saints. I sense the boys are improving and doing well this year. We are rising.

    Fisho – I am not a big fan of baseball, but would socialise when being offered to go to a stadium. To be honest I am much more a footy guy rather than baseball.



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