Round 6 – Carlton vs Essendon: Seeing ex-Saint captain

Sunday, 1 May 2016
3:20 pm (2:20 pm in the ex-capital of Japan)

My week was supposed to be good after the enjoyable weekend and my Saints’ win over Melbourne. But late check ins on Monday and Tuesday ruined the joy.

After having dealt with f***ing selfish and rude Japanese couple who stayed at the inn, I felt like aggressively that BJ has been said. Then I found an interesting article on SEN’s website.

Breakfast show’s co-host, David Schwarz doubts Brendon Goddard’s captaincy. The Ox thinks BJ is worried too much about seeing the whole field rather than offering his footy.

I watched the first half of the game live on AFL Global Pass on my lunch break.

Essendon touched more footy, but passing skills were not great. It could be because the Bombers have some once retired players to form the team this year.

But their old enemy, the Blues were unable to create attacking footy either. It was not like how two clubs sharing the most flags in the league play footy.

The former Saint and current Essendon captain BJ touched footy, but his kicking was not great towards his teammates. I did not see him playing good footy and can’t believe he took a fantastic mark in the 2010 Grand Final.

Sadly he didn’t play his unique footy or lead his team. His aggressive attitudes on the field should be transformed into leadership skills, as well as trying myself to transform angry (the current feeling at my workplace) to enthusiasm on writing here even though I am tired.

It would be hard for him to be appointed suddenly after the 12-month ban had been handed to Essendon Footy Club.

He should have gained leadership skills well at St Kilda and Essendon. But he may be able to ask advice from Nick Riewoldt.

Good luck BJ even if I am not happy with him having left St Kilda for whatever the reason was.

CARLTON 3.1 3.7 5.9 10.12 (72)
ESSENDON 1.1 1.4 4.8 8.9 (57)

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