Round 6 – Carlton v Sydney: Are the Swans the new Turtles?

After my long and ultimately unsatisfying trip to Canberra, I arrived home to watch the Swans take on the Blues. Despite a really good breakfast and a diet of Panadol, I was still feeling lousy (I hardly drank a thing the previous night, but I think the tension of the Dog’s just got to me.) I therefore could do nothing else but just crash in front of the TV and let the game roll over me.

The Swans started off well enough with goals to your Will Haywood, Hanneberry (back to form?) and Josh Kennedy. Sam Petrevski-Seton had scored for the Blues but the Swans had an 11 point buffer at quarter time.

Wright’s goal put the Blues in front but Franklin kicked an impossible goal from the sidelines like only he can. Papley and Heeney scored for the Swans whilst Simpson and Casboult (2) scored for the Blues.

In the third quarter quick goals to Ed Curnow and Matthew Wright and the Blues were back in front. Wright scored another and while Rohan was lying unconscious after an awkward tumble in the centre of the ground, Wright scored another. Jones and Sinclair fought back for the Swans. The last ten minutes of the quarter had seen the intensity of the game go up but it was definitely the Blues quarter – an old-fashioned Blues Blitz. An upset was on the cards.

Things looked really ominous in the last quarter when Brandon jack was caught in the square by Alex Silvagni, saving an almost certain goal. Cripps goaled for the Blues and they were out by 15. Weitering could hardly move but his mis-kick was marked by Kreuzer. He duly converted. Twenty-one points in front, Charlie Curnow goaled. The Swans replied through Haywood but Smedts came back with one for the Blues. Parker kicked a miracle goal but despite another to Papley it was all over.

The Blues had confounded the critics. Docherty, Simpson and Alex Silvagni had been brilliant in defence. The Swans tried hard and weren’t disgraced by any means, but now down 0-6, their worst start to a season in more than 30 years, finals look impossibility now.

Today I was told that turtles have gills in their behinds and basically can breathe through their bum. This way they are able to hibernate under water for the whole of winter. I think that the Swans could turn into turtles this winter. Some people talk through their bums. It will be enough if the Swans can just breathe.

Carlton                 1.3          5.4          10.7        15.7 97

Sydney Swans   3.2          6.6          8.10        11.12. 78


Carlton: Wright 4, Casboult 2, Kreuzer 2, Smedts, C. Curnow, E. Curnow, Weitering, Simpson, Cripps, Petrevski-Seton.

Sydney: Papley 2, Hawward2, Sinclair, Hanneberry, Heeney, Kennedy, Parker, Franklin, Jones



Carlton: A. Silvagni, Murphy, Wright, Gibbs, Dockery, Rowe, Simpson

Sydney: Lloyd, Heeney, Kennedy, Parker

Our votes: Silvagni, Lloyd, Docherty

Umpires: Findlay, McInerney, Harris

Attendance at MCG: 32,678

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