Round 6 – Adelaide v Richmond: Crows Sunday Twilight Delight


Adelaide 21-14-140 def Richmond 10-4-64

Adelaide: Walker 5, Lynch, Sloane 3, Cameron 2, M Crouch, Jacobs, Betts, Smith, Jenkins, Milera, Otten, Douglas
Richmond: Riewoldt, Rioli, Markov 2, Lambert, Martin, Short, Butler
Adelaide: Sloane, Walker, M Crouch, Jacobs, Lynch, Laird, Lever, Kelly, Talia, Atkins
Richmond: Cotchin, Lambert, Martin, Rioli, Grimes


Malarkey Medal Votes: Sloane (Ad) 3, Walker (Ad) 2, M Crouch (Ad) 1.
Crowd: 51,069 at Adelaide Oval


Sunday arvo, out and about selling raffle tickets for Down Syndrome. It’s busy at the
Queens Head before the game, it has the feel and atmosphere of a big game. I admit I was reasonably confident and think our batting depth through to player 22 is far greater than the Tigers. Thanks James Peter for the ticket, and all the best mate. I meet up with Adelaide University Premiership magnet Stump Uppington, and life member of the Alma and Wellington hotels Ashley Place.


1. The game began at a frantic pace, with Trent Cotchin playing easily the best quarter of footy I have seen him play. He hurt Adelaide on the inside and was good linking and got the ball in attacking spots. After quarter time he fell away dramatically, reverting to the bad Cotch and was worried about stats, getting the ball in junk spots and with poor disposal efficiency.


2. I was stunned when Steve Morris was selected, geez he was that bad, surely he is the the ghost of Troy Chaplin. AFL, the elite level, does not have a place for an honest battler.


3. Alex Rance, the so called best defender in the game, surely stands the opposition key forward Tex Walker. Yes, Tex towelled him up last year, and then the Tigers bizarrely had him stand Eddie Betts at Etihad, who was too quick and clever for Rance. Yesterday he stands the success story of 2017, Andy Otten, early who was ok and then he was on Walker for a while and then the plus 1 in defence. While he still got the ball he made some horrendous errors. He must have nightmares about playing the Crows. Daniel Talia is a far better negating defender.


4. Dusty Martin did some good things, but the Crows had prepared for the fend-offs and were intent, getting in close and aggressive with their tackles and stopped him in his tracks, something all clubs should prepare for and endeavor to accomplish.


5. Kaine Lambert, Daniel Rioli and Bachar Houli were prominent in the 1st quarter, but like every one else disappeared. The Tiger player who enriched his reputation from the game was
Dylan Grimes, restricting the best small forward in the game, Eddie Betts, to 1 goal.


6. Richmond, for goodness sake, how are Reece Conca, Brandon Ellis getting games? Play Corey Ellis and Ben Lennon, kids with some promise. Neil Balme is not delusional and would realistically know where the Tigers are at re the Premiership window. I would expect the also rans to drop away at the selection table shortly.


7. For the Crows, Sam Jacobs took Toby Nankervis apart in the ruck with his link work through the middle, having 26 touches, very important on the result with his one bad error a shocking back tap in defence in the 1st quarter (I admit that is one of my pet hates in footy).
Getting Jacobs through to the business end of the season reasonably fresh and not cooked like the previous 2 years is vital for the Crows fortunes when it really counts.


8. Tom Lynch is viewed by Geelong as our most important player. In this era of video analysis and 8 million assistant coaches you would think every club would try to emulate the Cats from 2016. Lynch has claims to being the most under rated player in the game.
‘The Connector’ put on yet another clinic yesterday. I loved the Stump yelling out “tickets please, tickets please, step right up for another show from the connector!”.


9. Rory Sloane has had an incredible start to the season, his game just appears to be totally rounded, his hands and hardness at the contest unrivaled, he is surely challenging
Patrick Dangerfield among others for the title of number 1 player in the game at present.


10. Taylor Walker is moving the best he has since his knee reconstruction, his field kicking is elite and his long kicking at goal a joy to watch playing mainly as a roaming centre half forward he also has claims to the title of best key forward in the game.


11. Jake Kelly has taken enormous strides forward in season 2016, overtaking the injured
Kyle Cheney and is cementing a spot in our best 22.


12. Jake Lever, now 3 games back from his hammy, is close to being back to his imperious best. He is an incredible intercept mark. Provided we can keep Lever fit, giving us Talia,Lever and Rory Laird gives us a strong underpinning defence for the next 5 years at least.


13. Matty Crouch responded strongly after quarter time, his distribution by hand, his strength, he has become a vital player and his respect with in the footy industry continues to grow by the week.


Overall the Crows continue on their merry way with their destination in their own hands. A top 4 position and hopefully top 2 is on the cards, while the Tigers realistically are competing for a spot in the bottom end of the eight or as Placey remarked Richmond still need 6 wins for 9th spot!


What a massive crowd for Sunday twilight, the Crows have the most loyal following in the competition. Go Crows!


  1. Charlie Brown says

    Another good read Malcolm. Interesting observation re Kelly. From the outside he appears to have really improved his (limited) skills. Never any doubt about his courage. A lot to admire. Not sure how the Crows keep Jacobs fresh. Very limited options I would have thought. Big gap in experience and effectiveness to O’Brien. Jenkins isn’t a natural ruckman. Otten has proved more than capable of pinch hitting but anything more would be a stretch. Hunter doesn’t appear to be ready just yet.

  2. Mark Mc says

    Richmond will lose their next 8 Ganes and Hardwick will be the first coach sacked in 2017

  3. Great report Malcolm and good insights regarding Kelly and Crouch. While Martin had 25 disposals these didn’t really hurt us, and we held him pretty well.

    As someone who knew Ashley Place a while back I can’t believe that he’s a life member of only two metropolitan hotels.

  4. Ben Larsen-Smith says

    Thanks Book, great summary and a pleasure to read, would have liked a closer game for the sake of the spectacle but it’s good to see the crows as such a strong team.

  5. Cameron Glenn says

    A great afternoon/evening out at Adelaide Oval, a venue proving to be the toughest away trip in the AFL now that GWS, Fremantle, Essendon, Carlton and Richmond have all lost here by 50 points or more. After qtr time the Crows were ruthless with excellent attack and stingy defense. Richmond technically left at 1/4 time. Having two undefeated teams in excellent form going head to head helped get that impressive crowd. The Showdown was another example of two teams in great form getting a huge crowd. Hope to see many more impressive performances at AO with 50k+ crowds.

  6. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    I thought I owned the trademark on “imperious” R Book.

    M Crouch has really stepped up. Lever’s a beauty.

    Do you reckon our slowish first quarters are part of the plan? See what they’ve got in store for us, work out how to negate it and away we go?

  7. Halfwoman says

    One wouldn’t expect Sauce to travel to Brisbane.

    Spot on as ever Book, but then again, we’ve been on the same page for a while. The Connector is a superb footballer.

    Lever could be anything. The backline outrageously good.

    Any interest from Vic in picking up JJ?

  8. Paddles says

    Well done Book
    Like ya summary although I did choke on my weeties at pt10
    Agree that the connector is the most underrated along with Laird
    We are a much betterside without Dangerfield, everyone both In and out of the side have taken a step up
    Love the flexibility that Often brings – forward, back, on ball or even in the ruck.
    And I love that Richmond may not get 6 wins
    Go Crows

  9. I agree with Mark that M Crouch, Lever and Hampton have really stepped up, providing the depth to bolster they’re already scoring prowess.

    After the (comprehensive) Richmond win, Adelaide should be wary that they are the ‘hunted’ team in the competition.

  10. Seems we are on the same page mostly Malcolm :)

    It’s easy to look at the midfield brilliance of Sloane (Brownlow odds anyone?) and Jacobs, and the dominance of the Walker/Lynch combo up front, as the keys behind the 2nd and 3rd quarter demolition of the league’s only other undefeated team after 5 rounds. However, what delighted me more than this was the rebound football of our defence.

    It was hard to think of a moment in either of those 2 quarters when the Tigers’ forays forward went any further than the Crows half back line. More than Rory Laird’s superior reading of the ball, or Kyle Hartigan’s continued spoiling of Jack Riewoldt, it was the impressive aerial interceptions followed by decisive ball use to a running teammate that made me smile the most.

    Daniel Tahlia was a welcome return in this regard, although I still cringe when he is forced to kick, and Jake Kelly was heroic in what I suspect might be a breakthrough game (recovering from a side splitting bump at full tilt in the third term to run out the game with continued heart and dominance).

    But my favourite sight by far were the relentless efforts of Jake Lever, backing himself in the air time and time again, in combination with his teammates to make for an impassable defence for the period when the game was there to be won. The Tigers had no answer, and I think the sight of Lever, Tahlia, Kelly and Hartigan grabbing almost every long bomb forward sank theirs and their supporters hearts more than the Crows scoring extravaganza. That could also point to another telling indicator that may have gone unnoticed – the Crows’ forward and midfield pressure that forced the Tigers to resort to kicking long to a contest. What is it that people say about those that keep trying the same thing over and over and expecting a different result?

    I guess the other thing that stood out form me was the speed and precision of ball movement out of defence. Breathtaking. As everyone else is thinking, however, it’s going to be a long season ahead to keep up the 100-points-a-game benchmark set in the first 6 undefeated rounds.

    A bit of luck to keep the injury curse of every finals contender at bay, in particular hamstring strains and tears, would be nice. These may turn out to be the cost you have to pay for setting the pace for the first quarter of the season, and the test that lies ahead for the Crows. How well they cover the inevitable losses to injury, from an SANFL team which, without Ellis-Yeoman, is not the powerhouse of 2016, and how quickly the first choice players can return to the same level through the 2s, will no doubt determine if the 20 year wait is finally over by Spring 2017.

  11. As an outsider , when I saw the selection of Morris I was worried for Richmond. He is not up to standard and I’m not sure why he was selected to play. Brandon Ellis reminds me of Woewodin. Looked good early on and has been poor ever since.

  12. Richmond brought the heat early in a big way, and for the Crows to respond with a full 4 quarters was a massive statement. When I read point 8, had to duck out to the thunder box & knock one out! #mancrush

    For players 13-22 in the team to ALL improve in the same season is amazing. When Lyons, Henderson left, Gibbs missed, CEO cooked, Thompson in a nursing home, was tough to envisage this response. Am pleasantly shocked.

    Now we just need you to jump aboard the B Crouch bus mate!

  13. Mathilde de Hauteclocque says

    Oh! … close and aggressive tackles, long and joyful kicking, a strong underpinning defence, a merry way … things a Swans supporter dreams of seeing once more. Enjoy!

    We played very slowish first quarters in 2005 Swish, as did the Cats in their dominant years. I think you’re onto something.

  14. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Charlie yes it must be ROB at least he will be competitive totally agree re Jenkins and Otten has been a major pinch hitting surprise.Mark we will wait and see but agreed there are major weaknesses and limitations with the tigers list.Mickey Kelly has been another pleasant surprise and fair point that I may have sold,Placey short ! Thanks Ben.Paddles I knew you wouldn’t like point 10 fact tho his influence on each game has been immense and the Crows share the responsibility around better with out,Danger but we would be better with the reigning best player in the competition in the side imo.Thanks Cameron to say the members was packed is a understatement huge crowds even more so in that time slot are a major tick to the SA sporting public.Swish be a worry if I didn’t learn something off like your good self the far more natural writers on the site.M Crouch stepping up has been vital and Lever could be any thing,I think it’s more of a credit to there maturity assessing rationally what they have done wrong and making the necessary adjustments as soon as they did,Richmond were a rabble.Half Woman yes the crows have to take some risks during the year re not playing,Sauce it is a non negotiable the Connector is elite and should be regarded by every one in that sense it is gradually coming.the panic move contracting,JJ re length and terms was poor list management and could still end up hurting us big time being a part of losing a McGovern or Lever.Paul thank you all the best with your impending move and I think there aware of that now and seem to be relishing it.Model totally agree re the running defence I think Talia is a marginal better kick than your giving him credit for rapt for son of Ned,love Lever gun and yep the midfield and forward line lifting there intensity putting the balk carrier under more pressure really was the crucial factor in ending the game as a contest.speed of ball movement was amazing and that showed the gap between the two sides were they’re at as much as any thing entirely agree with your last point also.Chrix yes Morris was a mind boggling selection I respect him enormously re always having a crack but he is not good enough,and yep the analogy re Woewodin and Brandon Ellis is spot on.Jamey I admit I thought of you and Half Woman re point 8 and yes the rate of improvement and yes organic growth has shocked us all,B Crouch been better than ok but a fair way to go yet thanks folks

  15. John Butler says

    Rulebook, Crows on a roll!

    I can’t say I’m looking forward to round 15 with any great anticipation. At least it’s at the ‘G.


  16. Martin Rumsby says

    Good analysis, Malcolm. The Crows are playing great footy at present, rising to every challenge put to them. It will be interesting to see who will make way for McGovern when he recovers from his hamstring injury. Andy Otten has pinch-hit in many roles without cementing a claim to any of them. It would be a cruel twist of fate if he were to be the one to go.

  17. I was thinking the other day if you look at all the teams at the moment and where they are and compare them to the talent they have on the park the ladder pretty much stacks up to where it currently is?
    Or am I being too bias?
    Eg WC heaps of injuries should be close to top 4 slightly out
    GWS (the AFL’s team with its free run) should be top 2
    Crows with the emerging youngsters in the mid should be top 2-4
    Etc etc
    Adelaide 14+ B+ players
    GWS 16+ B+ players
    Cats 12+ B+ players
    Bris 5+ B+ player
    See my point?

  18. Martin – on your last point I think that Otten’s value is in his flexibility and we possibly have not had someone like him in the Crows line up since our inception. Closest I can think of is Rehn at times, or Caven when he went forward. Otten seems very similar to Jeremy McGovern for the Eagles – perhaps junior could be just as versatile? I definitely think Otten has to stay for what he adds – his lead up AND intercept marking is a revelation. Dare I say it but this is the kind of dilemma that saw us lose Henderson, although this would be even worse.

  19. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Hi Mathilda yes waters which none of us were expecting from the swans do you see it re lack of depth with 2 much of the salary cap re 2 players ? JB I keep reminding every 1 it is only round 6 if will be interesting how long the Crows can keep this amazing momentum going.Martin yes selection if and it is a huge if every one is fit would be a pleasant nightmare in some ways.( agree it would be a cruel twist of fate ) Coke while I agree re top end I reckon the bottom 6 are just as vital to me that is the real gap re a side like the tigers thank you

  20. Loved the first 30 minutes of that game but after that it was painful. Tigers couldnt get the ball and when they did they reverted back to their bad old ways. Crows are too fast, slick and have options all over the place. Riewoldt didnt have a hope with them banging it in long range all the time, hoping he’d grab it. I would have moved him up the ground just after half time. Crows have depth and it showed in the second half when our skill level was manifestly exposed. I think that the Tigers are improving but they are nowhere near the elite teams, but it’s realistic to think we will 12 games this year, which would be a 50% improvement on 2016. Agree re Morris, he is not up to it even though he gives everything. But to use a Justin Reid’s analogy…..there is no organic growth there. Time to pick guys like Lennon and look at the future. Anyway the SANFL Tigers are doing me proud, another great final quarter effort on Saturday to overhaul the Doggies!!!

  21. Dave Brown says

    That third quarter was close to the best quarter of football I have ever seen an Adelaide team play in the flesh. The lid is still firmly on but, given a good run with injury, we are heading into unchartered territory for how good this team could be. Have been saying it for years, Sloane is the most complete midfielder in the AFL. Others may shade him for pure ball winning ability but none who do are anywhere near the defensive player he is. Add to that his overhead marking and increased output going forward. Perfect case in point, that play in the third quarter where Sauce tapped it down, Sloane kicked it off the ground to Douglas who gave it back to him to then kick the goal – Dusty jogged behind Sloane throughout that play. Switch positions and Sloane would never have let Dusty get a second touch.

  22. A great game to watch in terms of the speed of ball movement and a team playing resolutely on a team first basis. This was never more evident when Eddie was more than happy to give off to other players in a better position to have shots at goal rather than him trying to claim the glory. Despite only needing 1 more goal for 500 in his career he was always thinking team first. That strong philosophy that appears to be infused throughout the team is what could well carry us to a GF appearance.

    Nothing pleases me more than to see the “organic growth” that is evident this season despite the ridicule to such predictions from the likes of Rucci before the season started. Talk about needing to eat his words! Good write-up as always Rulebook.

  23. Campbell says

    Great article. Good to see the Tigers finally take a hit with a reality check. Great win from the Crows, looked close up until quarter time, then flew past them after that.

  24. Have to agree with your analysis Rulebook. Particularly noted the work of Kelly & Lever in defense. Hope we can hang on to these 2 going into the future!

  25. Barb Jamieson says

    It’s not too many years ago that we could not hold a tackle, or come out of the scrum with the ball. What a turnaround, the aggression and the intensity , not to mention body strength and intent have gone through the roof . It’s great sitting a few rows back from the fence, just watching how this team has developed , and how well they use their bodies in a way that has turned their whole game style into something we seemed to have been promised for so long, and never had that promise met . Its no secret that I have a lot of time for Andy Ottens , and I think it would be a a real tough call to drop him for McGovern, as good as he has been . Granted , hes not the best ruckman in the comp., but he is versatile, and can be a reasonable second ruck, with a bit of in form Jenkins thrown in for good measure , which would be enough to give Sauce a bit of a reprieve .
    What more could I say that you haven’t said about Tommy Lynch , just love his work , and Jake Lever, you rock!!! I’d like to see him bulk up a bit , and no doubt he will , given his youth, that man is on his way to being a big name and I only hope he can stay injury free, and that he signs on with the Crows for his entire career .
    Watching Team Rory in action again is watching an excitement machine, and I’m sure that Sloane has a bit of fox terrier in him , just keeps on chasing , attacking and presenting .
    I know that Milera has a way to go , but it was good to see him work his way into the game a little more this week, and that will only be good for him to develop into what I think will be an integral part of the team in time. I’m not saying I’m an expert on talent spotting Malcolm , but this is a good time to remind you that I predicted that Tex would be captain 18 months before it even got a mention from anyone, and yes, I was laughed at, and even bullied a bit on Facebook , but dare I say it, I’ve had the last laugh .
    I’m pretty happy with how the team is traveling , we have answered all our critics on our midfield, and we have a forward and back line that is the envy of the competition, no passengers in our side , and a great mix of youth and maturity , the future is looking pretty bright right now and I think we are entering an era where the Adelaide Crows can hold their head high .

  26. E.regnans says

    Good one OBP.
    This has now become an exercise in maintaining form – rather than finding it.
    History shows this to be a tricky thing to do.

    Enjoy the moment.

  27. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Model agree re Ottens versatility is important and provides another demention.Jags yes as soon as the blow torch was applied the tigers bad habits reappeared a spot just in the 8 is a realistic goal.
    The tigers must play the youth the selection of Morris was bizarre.Glenelg have been the surprise pack of the SANFL.Dave agree re Sloane being the best midfielder re defensively ( must admit struggling re any 1 who is even remotely close)also his over head marking has become a important forward demention.Big Jim agree the team first is a delight to watch even tho,Eddie can be to unselfish at times.The organic growth has been fantastic and remarkably just about every player seems to have improved in a number of aspects.Campbell yes a huge reality check thanks,Tim Lever must be the Crows number 1 priority.
    Barb as always your passion for all things Crow is unsurpassed the intensity at the balk and contest is sensational.OBP couldn’t agree more it’s only round six a long long way to go as the messiah said it’s a marathon not a sprint thanks folks

  28. William Cheffirs says

    Hopefully an opposition coach cracks the enigma code on how to stop the Crows before they march into September unopposed.

  29. I remember one of the years that Craigy was coaching, experts were saying pretty much the same thing at this stage of the season. I remember one commentator saying we were playing like we were from another planet. But that season ended in tears. We have to do better this year.

  30. I must admit I was disappointed with only the ONE Chaplin reference Rulebook but other than that a good read.
    Lever is super important to the Crows back 6, his selling of candy is footy gold and he reads the play like a 200 game veteran.
    Jacobs played his best game of the season and I agree I love watching Tex play.
    Who’s next!

  31. Good write up Rulebook. I missed the game but was happy to see Richmond leaving the airport and getting heckled by a couple of young kids. Not so happy about the redlegs score though.

  32. Jeff Milton says

    Once again a complete team performance by the Crows. Hard to beat a side when every player contributes. Great to see Lever playing so well after a delayed start to the season.
    Just a pity the grand final is not next weekend but hopefully unlike last year they should have enough wins on the board By late in the season to avoid one bad game costing them a top 4 finish.

  33. charlie brown says

    William Cheffirs – love the WW2 references. Very drole!

  34. Willow Wilson says

    Another good read Book,
    I think a lot of credit should go to Pyke and coaching staff, the Crows have been beaten in a couple of first quarters (Hawks game also springs to mind) and have found a way to adjust then control the game on their terms.
    Tackling intensity and pressure acts were outstanding after quarter time.
    Really enjoyed Lever’s game, reading of the play, getting to contests as 3rd man up, knowing when to spoil and when to mark. In fact the back 6 are all playing well and linking beautifully.
    Like others have pointed out, managing Jacobs will be pivotal, I think O’Brien should be brought in and given a run of games even if it means giving Jenkins a rest (once he is back in form – looked very rusty on Sunday).

  35. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Well played,Will as Charlie pointed out ( to good for me )SS it’s only round,6.Chris yes got to keep the audience wanting more,Lever is going to be a superstar.Jacobs excellent he was also against the hawks.
    Grundy,Ryder and Jacobs have been the best 3 ruckman in the comp.Raf yes it was a v v disappointing walk back to the car,Friday night and surely a reality check for the tigers.Milts agree wouldn’t mind the gf now ! Yes hopefully we have enough wins to manage players later in the year thanks folks

  36. Grant Kirby says

    Hi Malcolm
    I played for the Blacks from 1980 till 1985 but I don’t follow the football much these days. However, I enjoy reading your coverage of the game for the pure enjoyment of your great writing. If there was a Nobel Prize for footy literature I would nominate you. Keep up the great work!

  37. Hardman says

    Ahh Rulebook, you cannot let go of your Richmond bashing can you…I disagree with points 1, 3 wholeheartedly. Cotchin has been very good this season – cannot crucify him for succumbing to the pressure of Crows on-ballers when so many others went missing entirely and he lacked adequate support. Why Miles didn’t play ahead of Morris is baffling. Tigers are playing Astbury on the best forward this season – if he is good enough he will step up (was beaten on Sunday by Tex). I believe this is how you develop players, by playing them on the best opponents. This frees up Rance to play on the second tall forward, read the play, and intercept as required – he is the best intercept player in the competition. Whilst Talia is good, he lacks Rance’s daring, flexibility and cat-like ability to cover ground to make a contest.

    Conca injured his ankle in the first quarter – impact limited thereafter. Why Ellis was playing off half-back, and on Lynch was mystifying. Tactical error!! Ellis is purely an outside player / winger, so if Tigers not winning the clearances (which they weren’t after 1/4 time), then Ellis cannot impose himself on the game – he need to find a way though! Nankervis well beaten for the first time this season – will be interesting how Tigers cover his absence this week.

    I was impressed with Kelly, the Crouch boys, Hartigan and Lever. The ability of the defenders to repeatedly outmark the Tigers and then deliver with precision was outstanding. Dangerous forward line, good on-ball brigade and a solid rebounding defence sounds like a premiership formula…

  38. Another great read, we took a quarter to find our balance, i said to the girl that sits next to me, Richmond wont be able to keep that pace up, big men cant run 4 quarters, and once we lifted a gear in the 2nd quarter thats pretty much what happened. Lets talk handballing, so much of it happening and i personally get frustrated by it, too many overturns through handballs, but then listening to the mmm call, i think it was Dale Lewis called it a connector and how quick we were at it, i hope i will warm up to handballing, looks like our boys are sticking with it. A quick mention about Betts missing out on his 500th goal, little disappointed we didnt get to see that, but Richmond held him down well. My standout players, Lever, Kelly, Cameron ( I’m a massive fan of Charlie) Sauce, Tex, Otten, one could pretty much name the whole team, I love whats unfolding with this club, and I really love the way Tex is leading as a captain. The crowd was exceptional, the atmosphere electric, cant wait for the next home game.

  39. Malcolm, Richmond will finish 9th and crows will suffer their first loss in round 15.


  40. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Willow totally agree re coaching staff deserving enormous credit intensity after q time brilliant and as I have said managing,Jacobs work load vital.Grant howdy thank you and greatly appreciated is putting it mildly.Hardman no fact yes,Cotchin has been good and what did I say his 1st q was the best q of footy I have seen him play but after that he was very disappointing even selfish worried about stats and yet again huge queries re leadership.Rance best attacking defender but well behind,Talia defensively imo and fact he continued his shocking record against the Crows a gun player and leader would have been demanding to stand the opposition key forward.Disagree re Miles play Lennon and Corey Ellis.Thanks KRE again love your enthusiasm and well played,Woodsy very subtle thank you

  41. Riverboy says

    Good article mal, the crows are clearly the best team going around, this hasn’t happened overnight Walshy would be proud, his legacy would be providing plenty of motivation for the lads.

  42. The record for most centuries is in danger of being broken this year
    The blues hold that record in 1979 they kicked 22 centuries from 24 games
    The crows might break it

  43. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Riverboy I have no doubt the legacy re Phil Walsh particularly re elite standards lives on.Ross P the Crows forward fire power is there huge strength that is a Interesting stat to follow well and truly thank you

  44. David Smith says

    Good read Malcolm and i agree with you 100%…except maybe choice of best players…my gosh if Jacobs cant get a best on ground for that performance then he wont get one this yr…that was just about a perfect game by the big fella and your so right we must take care of the heart of the engine room and give him some rest at times.

  45. Each side wanted to benchmark where they were by playing each as per their ladder positions.
    While still early in the season the Crows have really set the standard for playing team football/standards as well using individual strengths, while the Tigers can still lament a game plan ( or lack of it ) and the fact they seem to be relying on individuals that can be stopped by virtue of team discipline and a solid adherence to a game plan by their opposition.
    Great article Mal.

  46. Richmond very disappointing will be lucky to make the 8. Crows the real deal with good depth

  47. Malcolm Ashwood says

    David as has been the case re the Crows this year almost a toss of the coin re our best players and certainly a case for Sauce I felt the other,3 shaded him at the moment out of Sauce and Grundy re all aust ruck honours big test for Jacobs v Goldstein this week.Thanks Shane set the team footy has been superb agree with you and Raj realistically the tigers a chance to make the bottom end of the 8 thanks folks

  48. Been in Beijing so I missed the game, but the comedy gold from Stump and the obligatory Troy Chaplin reference made up for it.

  49. DBalassone says

    Rulebook, since you mentioned All-Aust. Here is a possible side after 6 rounds, highlighted by 3 Rorys. Sorry, could only include 5 Crows. Went for Grundy slightly ahead of Jacobs & Mummy. What do ya reckon? Have I missed anyone?

    B: Laird, Talia, McGovern
    HB: Howe, Rance, Atkins
    C: Martin, Sloane, Ward
    HF: Greene, Walker, Gray
    F: Betts, Kennedy, Cameron
    R: Grundy, Dangerfield, Selwood
    IC: Ablett, Gaff, T. Mitchell, Bont

  50. Peter Warrington says

    Tigers being pilloried for not beating any teams from last year’s 8. you can’t beat them if you don’t play them. except we did beat West Coast. and we beat Collingwood, who beat the Cats. we trounced the Blues, who beat the Swans. etc etc etc.

    our wins are ensuring other teams don’t make the 8 THIS YEAR, which is the only one that matters.

    now, some real good honesty in this report. Morris should never have played again. B Ellis is soft and his body language responsible for at least of my hypertension. and his skills are rubbish. as are McIntosh and Houli’s.

    Conca has been good this year and he was sold into hospital a few times by serial offenders like Houli, his injury comes at a bad time, as usual.

    agree re Grimes, he is the quiet achiever at Tigerland. real good player.

    \we went in too small and inexperienced. really missing Griffiths. need C Ellis to do the F50 entries – if we get any ball this week, that is.

    agree re Rance, so many brain explosions this year. he should stop giving jack ironic praise and focus on his own game.

    anyway, I had us 10-2 but 8-4 might be mor elik it, then we have a lovely series of winnable games to put ourselves back in the top 4. if we are good enough…

  51. Malcolm Ashwood says

    TC glad I was able to help and Stump was in fine form.D Balassone agree I would have Grundy just in front of Sauce the 1 Crows player I would have in is the connector,Tom Lynch just in front of Toby Greene
    ( who hasn’t helped himself either now) Atkins be around the mark don’t no if I would have him in it
    Very good job tho and interestingly enough the all aust selectors meet over the next week or so to pick there prelim squad of 40 which isn’t released publicly.Peter agree you can only beat who you are programmed against I felt tho the pies,eagles and dees managed to lose those games the tigers 5 zip start flattered them I still reckon they will either just make it or just miss out we wait and see,great to hear a tiger supporter just not worshipping,Rance he has a up and down year so far thank you

  52. Luke Reynolds says

    Sense your enjoyment at writing about the Crows is growing by the week.
    Good work Malcolm, nice to see a Chaplin reference back in your articles!

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