Round 5 – St Kilda v GWS Giants: Saints nearly go marching in with upset

St Kilda v GWS Giants

1:45PM, Saturday 21 April 2018

Docklands Stadium, Melbourne



I had hoped my hardworking on field would influence St Kilda boys’ performances at Docklands whilst we both were playing footy.


Sadly as in my story of the IMPACT Anzac Day Cup Tournament, my performances were under achieved. However it didn’t affect Sainters negatively. My friend and teammate Alby updated the score at the venue and I was happy to hear we (the Saints) had draw.


Here are match highlights and notes for my future plays.


Gilbert, the most experienced player, tried hard to save the club. He had a good hit at the beginning of the match. But he needed to do a job towards Cameron who scored a goal from 35 metres out directly in front.


But Gresham had scored the first goal for the game before Cameron answered. The young Saint took a contested mark and got an opportunity. I would get used to read ball movements and to take a mark, like how Gresham did.


Then he was trusted by his teammate McCartin. His handpass to Jade inside 50 was a question mark.


Weller who is wearing my number currently at St Kilda came back to the game this week. His tackle was great. On the other hand, I contested good at the last second game in Osaka (I forgot to mention in the match report).


Carlisle took a high mark and good kicks were done to Ross and then to Hickey. But McCartin didn’t contest. He seemed to be scared like how I don’t get used to my own footy.


Sadly one of my least enjoyed players in the competition, Griffin kicked a goal. I confess my note has f-words.


But the first year player, Clark played well. My number mate Weller was unable to control the traffic, but Hunter picked the footy and found space close to posts. He has done his job. Good boy!


My player note – see the ball movements and take an action.


Saints were trailled by three points at the first break.


In the beginning of the second quarter, my second favourite Saint Billings got an opportunity but missed.


Then an error in kicking allowed Giants to attack and Cameron took a diving mark 40 metres out. But he only scored a point.


McCartin and Gilbert would make me nervous if I watched the game live. The former couldn’t catch footy like how I performed in Osaka and the latter worked hard but slipped down.


Then the number one draftee in 2014 took a mark 40 metres out with 45 degrees. But he missed. His kicking accuracy is only 38 per cent. No good.


However he seemed to want to show me more experienced footy. His other chance was not wasted with a banana kick that narrowed the behind margin to just one.


Paddy accelerated and found open space. He scored a big goal and put his Saints in front for the first time in the day.


When Weller found a fumbled ball 55 metres out and attempted to score a goal, I cheered the proud number 44, but he missed. However Dunstan took a good mark and scored a goal inside 50. Sandy Roberts, the veteran commentator said: “sensational goal.”


Cameron kicked a goal and Carlisle scored a behind. The mighty Saints led by five points in the main break.


GWS bounced back in the third quarter with our mistakes including illegal push. Our coach Alan Richardson expressed “oh no” on his face at his office upstairs.


Deledio was awarded a free kick from Long’s attempt to tackle. His goal put Giants back in front.


Greene and Shiel followed. The latter’s goal was amazing, commented by Fox Footy team.


But Jack Steven picked and ran to find the right space in order to score a goal. His reading skills in ball movements have to be adopted in my footy. His kick was beautiful.


Membrey and Acres missed opportunities and brought only a point each.


Unusual stuff happened at the last minute in the third quarter. Acres’ boot was off from his foot. It was thrown by an opponent player and brought back by our captain.


Saints were behind by nine points at the last break.


Gilbert worked hard, but it didn’t stop Giants from taking a mark in the beginning of the last quarter.


However he was in the centre of good ball handling. Eventually Ross’ kick was received by Billings and he scored a goal. Good on Jack!


And the veteran number 19 ran and collected footy; however he fumbled.


Then Giants attacked well with Cameron’s selfless kick to Deledio. He ended up scoring his second goal for the day.


Carlisle’s good footy was shown again by taking an intercept mark.


Finally the number 44 (Weller) got a shot. He scored a goal 46 metres out directly in front. He played good footy for me.


Then Ben Long followed.


Gilbert was working hard again. His marking made McCartin contagious. The latter was a contested one. The number 32 scored a goal. Good boy!!


Another good boy Carlisle was taking a contested mark and hit by the opponent, but no free kick was given. Effing umpires! They cost the Saints even we have got two points. Disappointing decision. Please explain umpires.


Was it happened in return of me not being penalised from taking a mark just straight from throw in at Osaka??


Saints showed good efforts. The game added my play audiobook a lot. Thanks my boys for us (many Tokyo Goanna boys are St Kilda supporters). I want to return by touching footy in my next match. I can’t wait having another playing experience.


ST KILDA 2.2 5.8 6.12 10.13 (73)
GREATER WESTERN SYDNEY 2.5 4.9 7.15 9.19 (73)

St Kilda: McCartin 3, Steven, Gresham, Dunstan, Clark, Billings, Long, Weller
Greater Western Sydney: Deledio 2, Cameron 2, Griffen 2, Greene, Shiel, Patton

St Kilda: Ross, Sinclair, Steven, Acres, Long, Hickey
Greater Western Sydney: Deledio, Coniglio, Ward, Shiel, Davis, Whitfield

3. Steven (STK); 2. Deledio (GWS); 1. Acres (STK)

Crowd: 14,956



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