Round 5 – St Kilda v Geelong: Encouragement of Loving


Sunday, 23 April 2017
3:20 pm (5:20 am York, UK; 2:20 pm Kyoto)
Docklands Stadium, Melbourne

This match’s opponent is called Cats. My British girlfriend Katie loves cats and owns four cats at her house in the lovely York.

(PS Katie supports St Kilda because her boyfriend is a passionate Sainter.)

In my opinion, we need more loves these days in general as people have fewer chances to communicate with others in person.

Then this match is themed to encourage people in general to love others more.

Indeed our relationship is filled with loads of loves.

In the morning of the game day, I found a good article in The Press from York. A Labour Member of Parliament launched a general election campaign. Rachel Maskell says the general election on 6 June is people versus establishment.

Ms Maskell is right and I hope people will be respected well in the society in the country where I would love to live and we will establish better life together. Also I hope I will be approved with a long term visa to be together with Katie, and live and work in the UK.

And AFL should be for fans more. Expensive admissions, foods and drinks should not happen. Twilight Grand Final should never be held. Supporters from clubs who play GF should have more accesses to the premiership decider.

People are important and establishment cannot be ran without people. Then people in general love others more, I think.

The day before, much loved and respected AFL captain Bob Murphy left a good footprint of playing 300 games. He missed the milestone last year because of his knee injury, so it must be so pleasant for Murph.

Geelong were too strong for Hawthorn in the previous week, but I had a strong believe with my love that the mighty Saints would win the game thanks to good records against Cats for the previous two matches (the draw in 2015 and the three-point win in 2016).

Once again I was working while the game was played, so sadly couldn’t be with St Kilda live. But boys answered our love to the club well. Checking the club App just after the half time. We were at two points lead. I hoped the margin extended and we won.

Having lunch at the shrine car park, I went down back to the nearby Starbucks where I can get free wifi to be with St Kilda for a while.

Steven and Dunstan kicked a goal each as well as Gresham scored a behind at the beginning of the third quarter to extend the margin to 15 points before Geelong answered with three goals in a row.

Minchington, Steven, Bruce and Ross were often heard from ABC Grandstand live coverage. But was Selwood also heard into my ears.

Minchington has done brilliant works including scoring a goal and Bruce has covered the ruck as does he often.

The power of the love seemed to gather on the field to perform well. But sadly I had to disconnect with the radio at the end of the third quarter because I had to go back to work.

Our love to the footy club didn’t deliver well or the atmosphere at Docklands was unpredictable?

After the long day at work with more than 10-hour working, I checked the score and was shocked to see it on the club App. We lost by thirty eight points. What??

Saints got tired or Cats snarled at the last quarter? No matter what, I am disappointed with the loss because we love Saints. As Cats kicked 11 goals at the last quarter on Easter Monday against their huge rival Hawthorn, I should been with St Kilda…

Normally I am not a person who complains about umpires’ decisions, but this time I really need umpires association to explain two incidents.

4:20 reminding at the second quarter, Montagna was close to a Cat when the ball was kicked to the opponent and he kicked to his teammate and Joey chased another Cat behind.

I simply do not understand why a 50-metre penalty was awarded to Geelong. What’s wrong with Montagna? He complained but the umpire just apologised to him.

At the separate occasion, I am not sure when happened as a Facebook post is the only source and it has no mention of the time, Joel Selwood was awarded a free kick when he got bumped by his teammate but Jack Steven (I am not sure who he was because the picture on Facebook is unclear) was behind Selwood and could push him.

Many St Kilda supporters including me were so disgusted by the decision. Even I left a comment suggesting Selwood was an umpires’ favourite son.

I am expressing the dissatisfaction to stand against these wrong decisions and to show much love to the Saints.

This loss makes me doubting the mighty Saints to play final series in 2017, but want us to do indeed. Then supporting the Saints from York with Katie is needed for all of us (Katie, me and the club) as a nature of love and to gain more power to our boys.

Let’s move on and focus on the next match against Hawthorn. We must win against the struggling footy club.

ST KILDA 4.1 8.5 12.7 13.10 (88)
GEELONG 6.1 8.3 11.8 19.12 (126)

St Kilda: Minchington 3, Membrey 2, Steven, Riewoldt, Bruce, Acres, Ross, Weller, Dunstan, Newnes
Geelong: Menzel 2, Lang 2, Hawkins 2, Dangerfield 2, Cockatoo 2, Black 2, Horlin-Smith, Mackie, C.Guthrie, Taylor, Duncan, J.Selwood, Murdoch

St Kilda: Steven, Ross, Roberton, Minchington, Brown, Steele
Geelong: J.Selwood, Dangerfield, Lang, Horlin-Smith, Tuohy, Blicavs

Dangerfield (GEE 3), Michington (STK 2), Ross (STK 1)
* No vote to Joel Selwood in return of the free kick!!

Umpires: Dalgleish, Ryan, Jeffery

Official crowd: 33,884

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