Round 5 – Essendon v Collingwood: ANZAC Day 2017

Being totally un-Australian I worked today to meet a client deadline.  I caught snippets of the game, quietly willing the Pies to pounce at every opportunity.  Not to be.  Essendon is the best on field today and deserve the win.  Media frenzy now turns to Nathan Buckley’s tenure.  History tells us that when a leader fails he is removed – most times in a gruesome manner.  Today, we are more civilized in the removal process.  Back-stabbing, undermining, public shaming … hmmm perhaps I am thinking about politics!  Our football code is comprised of clubs formed by players, coaches, administrators, leaders, supporters = people.

When a company loses it way in the corporate world, the leader (CEO, chairman, general manager) is removed and a new leader instated who gushes promises of financial successes yet undreamed by the shareholders and the stock market.  Yet, the glaring issue ninety-nine percent of the time is “what about me”, from the people left behind.

I work with my clients helping them to swim with the tsunami of “transformation change” waves.  These waves bring opportunity, kinder mateship aka team synergy, unearth innovation but they also bring fear, anger and uncertainty.

Removing the coach is akin to throwing a virgin into the volcanic froth appeasing the people and their raft of Gods and Goddesses.  The people clap, cheer and return to their every day lives and in time question – “could I too be thrown into the molten lava to appease the Gods”?

We are hard wired to follow a leader so if the leader fails does this not mean we too have failed?  Surprisingly the majority of people respond saying “no – the leader is paid to lead and provide leadership…”  Surely we have learnt from history that following one person is NOT the answer.  Democratic collaboration is key.

I would not want to be in the Collingwood closed session tonight after their 18 point loss.  Obviously we cannot remove the players as we would not have a team.  What is the answer?

Everyone within the Collingwood club is responsible for today’s loss.  Working together produces results – that is a given.  But who is “openly” working together on the emotional intelligence of another defeat?  Rather than sacrifice Buckley, what would happen if a “footy hackerthon” was run to identify solutions to tactics, strategy, leadership in an agile environment?

Well done Alex Fasolo (Pies) for your “soccer” style moves setting the Pies on fire and Joe Daniher (Bombers) in your attacking style and field coverage – you deserved the ANZAC Day Medal.

Essendon:            4.3     6.6    11.9     15.10    (100)
Collingwood:      1.2     5.9     9.12    11.16     (82)

Essendon:   Fantasia 4, Green 3, Daniher 3, Hooker 3, Francis, Heppell
Collingwood: Elliott 3, Moore 2, Wells 2, Sidebottom, Fasolo, Treloar, Crisp

Essendon:   Daniher, Merrett, Parish, Watson, Fantasia, McDonald-Tipungwuti, Kelly
Collingwood:   Howe, Wells, Treloar, Sidebottom, Elliott


  1. Yvette Wroby says

    Brilliant stuff Lyn. Lovely angle and so true. Each club fears the storm of losing…the talk started today about Saints coach Alan Richardson. Like your way of thinking through the problems rather than feeding people to the volcano.

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