Round 5 – Collingwood v Essendon: A shocker in the rain (Floreat Pica Society)


Friday 3 July 2020




Televisions being watched – Plenty


by Richard Moody


If someone told me during the week what the outcome of last night’s game was, I would certainly not have believed them. The Bombers had come off an enforced COVID break, and a close loss to a resurgent Carlton in the previous week. They had certainly not shown signs of playing a decent brand of football since the resumption. In fact, the first ten minutes of the game is what I was kind of expecting from the maligned Bombers.


The Pies were showing class with clean handballs and disposal to space in their multiple penetrations into the forward 50. Stephenson was looking very much like the footballer of 2 years ago, with speed and agility in attack, netting two cracking goals. This was in partnership with the son of the Macedonian Marvel netting the third goal in the first 10 minutes. Down back two players stood out, with Roughead attacking the contests and backing himself, and Maynard appearing to take on Howe’s role as the general down back.


And then the Rain came ….


Listening to the commentary, I was seriously thinking that if anyone had ‘Fast start to the Pies’ or ‘They’re off to a flier’ in the McAvaney commentary Bingo they were going to have a good night.


And the Rain continued to fall …


Two quick ones to the Bombers appeared to have come from nowhere. I had started to notice that Phillips was having a good crack at annoying Grundy in the ruck contests, with constant niggling. Once the ball was in the air he’d ensure he’d get first body contact and throw him off his usual style of game. The Pies stopped getting the centre clearances and ended up 6 – 12 in that stat at quarter time. The manner in which the pies continued to play for the remainder of the quarter could not have been more different – I was really hoping that it was just a combination of luck and poor decision making that led to the scores being level at quarter time. The quarter time reflection over a whisky had me thinking that as our captain DePendlebury dropped out of the game the pendulum swung against us, with Treloar getting more of the ball and living up to his nickname ‘The Butcher of Bagdad’.


By the end of the 2nd quarter our forwards were playing a different game, and the dominance of the first 10 mins was a distant memory. It was looking like there were three Pies players out on the field and the remaining 19 were having some sort of holiday. The structure had disappeared. Sometime in the second there was a passage leading to an Essendon goal where there were no Pies players within cooee of the defensive 50 (fundamentals right there).


And then Jane Bunn said the Rain was coming again….


The second half started as badly as the end of the first, but with one significant backwards step – the faffing about with handballing was back in fashion, and it was generating flashbacks of the bad old days 4-5 years ago. The only discernible difference was the fast starts.


And it poured…..


And the Pies were being cleaned up like a school after a positive COVID case.

There was no flow the play, there was once again no plan B; Elliot hadn’t earned a paycheck this year (though had noticeably more tatts). Cox was having a shocker, and goal umpires were getting in the way of a small win in what was a horrible game to watch. Not to mention that Stringer proved once again that he can play football.


The small comeback in the last came out of nowhere and gave the Pies fans something to cheer about, with a Stephenson goal and a vintage Varcoe goal giving some hope, only for it to be taken away. Treloar’s throw exemplified the Pies’ night.


The Sheedy – Malthouse Medal


I really struggled here to find anyone to warrant one vote, as I really only had two players in mind for most of the match


1 Vote – Josh Daicos/ Son of the Macedonian Marvel

Although he was inconsistent, he showed determination, which really can’t be said for the other 19 players who missed out on votes


2 Votes – Brodie Grundy

After being flogged in the ruck for most of the night, his consistency with second and third efforts was outstanding (we are lucky to have him)


3 Votes – Brayden Maynard (Collingwoods’ British Bulldog)

Still showing how the game should be played. Stood up to the task and led by example for the entire night in the back line. (I take back what I said about him four years ago).



COLLINGWOOD                3.0       3.1       3.5    7.6 (48)
ESSENDON                        3.0       5.0      8.2    10.3 (63)


Collingwood: Stephenson 3, Brown, Daicos, Mihocek, Varcoe
Essendon: Stringer 3, McDonald-Tipungwuti 2, McKernan, Parish, Shiel, Townsend, Zaharakis


Collingwood: Maynard, Grundy, Daicos, Stephenson, Pendlebury
Essendon: Shiel, Hurley, McGrath, Stringer, Ridley, Hooker



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  1. Don’t worry about Coll’wood v Essendon, Richard.

    A far more important clash is coming up next Thursday at Optus Stadium — Catters vs. FlagPies.

    Your across-the-road neighbours in Ascot Vale will be urging on the Hoops. We’ve got to put to rights that terrible loss — Week 1 in last September’s finals.

    And prevent Darcy Moore from marking everything across the FB line, including right beside the goal square. He pulled in 3 or 4 last quarter beauties, a trend which TomaHawk and Ratugolea will have to prevent.

  2. Frank Taylor says

    Nice one Moods
    Bummer about the result….

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