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Round 4 Preview – Adelaide v Sydney: Hot Tip

The alluring Adelaide Oval plays host to a true Saturday night blockbuster this weekend when the Crows host the top-of-the-table Swans. The Crows are not far below them, currently sitting in sixth position and playing some Gillon McLachlan-endorsed ‘sexy-style’ footy of their own. Expect these two sides to be there when the whips are cracking later in the year. Yeeee-haw.


An emotion-charged August afternoon at the SCG, saw a Swans side take the field without Adam Goodes. Not because of injury, but because of racism. Plain and simple. The response from the Swannies faithful was immense. The day was all about making a stand. It was a stand that transcended football, which saw beauty in the sentiment, compassion and genuine care. Pre-game feelings of restlessness and emptiness dissipated as cameras scanned the SCG stands. A splendid vision of support for our champ and emotions were running high. The opposition were dealing with an unfathomable tragedy of their own, and struggled to contain the rampant red and white brigade on their home turf. A 52-point Bloods win, as we all ‘stood with Adam’.


Tex v Reg:

Walker v Grundy. The Crow captain is a throwback. A most welcome throwback to bygone eras. The boy from Broken Hill has an innate ability to release the inner-bogan in all of us. He’s grown the greatest mullet since 1987, been caught sipping on schooners in the stands and uses words like ‘galoot’ in social media battles. There should be more like him. Reg Grundy is in career-best form, without a doubt. The one-time disposal heart-attack merchant has continued stellar form of last year, into an outstanding beginning to the new. A recent addition to the Bloods leadership group, the added responsibility in the defensive unit is most certainly agreeing with our thick-trunked tyro. This duel will be crucial.

Tippo v The 4-year Grudge:

In 2012, Kurt Tippett left Adelaide for Sydney. I would too! (just kidding, South Australia). Many croweaters were not happy about this. Many still aren’t. Many hold a 4-year grudge that has been building like a surge of lava within the volcano of their parochial minds. This Saturday, these volcanoes will erupt, and the Swannies’ red-hot ruckman will react. Tippo is tearing the ruck apart while using superior forward-craft to also hit the scoreboard.

The circumstances surrounding Tippett’s departure were well publicised at the time. When all is said and done, perhaps it’s not the ex-Crow the locals should be angry with, it was in fact their own club who were handed fines, draft penalties and suspensions due to salary-cap rorting in an effort to keep the big man. This week has also seen speculation surrounding his supposed avoidance of a return to his former home, to face his former team. Let’s take a closer look at that:

2013 – suspended

2014 – missed fist seven-weeks of the season due to injury

2015 – the match was played at the SCG.


A Crow v A Swan (A Hindu story):

Once there lived a crow that was the favourite of three boys. The admiration of the children filled the crow with pride and he believed himself to be the most handsome bird in the land. Just then, he spotted a flock of swans, and the sight irritated him! The big-mouthed crow shouted, saying that the swans were ugly, and that he would not tolerate any ugly birds in his territory. The leader of the swans heard this as he was gliding by. He replied to the crow, saying that nobody would say a swan was ugly and told the crow that nobody can equal a swan in beauty and flying.

The crow got angry and replied, saying that swans are not good fliers and that he knew many tricks in flying and showed his tricks to the swans. He turned several times in the air like an acrobat. He made zig-zag patterns and he even flew upside down in the air for a little while.

The leader of the swans told the crow that he was much better than the crow at flying and challenged him to fly over the sea. The crow took the challenge, and the competition began at once.

The swan gradually gained height and speed. Soon, the swan was flying effortlessly across the ocean. But the crow was so exhausted, he could barely keep himself above the water.

The crow was about to drown and he shouted for help. The swan returned, and taking pity on him, the swan then took him on his back and flew towards the shore. He placed the crow gently on the sand.

The crow told the swan, “Brother swan! You are my superior. I was intoxicated by false pride and thought my position to be very high. And so, I offended you all. I have understood my position. I am only a crow. Please forgive me.”

Moral of the story: We see from the story, how the crow was blindly intoxicated by pride, and offended the swans. Basically, do not offend the Swans!


The Sydney Swans this week became the first football club (of any code) in New South Wales, to achieve the impressive milestone of 50,000 members. It’s a remarkable achievement for a club that has worked incredibly hard over a 34-year period to establish a foothold in the most competitive sporting market in the world. Congratulations need to go to all who have contributed to the strength and power that the club now enjoys on and off the field. We’ve come a long way since the Swanettes & their sequinned leotards were our main draw cards. 

Don Pyke has been equally impressive in his new job. After the tragic events of last season, the likeable lads of the Crows were searching for a new leader. They have found one in Pyke. After a decorated playing career, he has served his apprenticeship in the coaching ranks. The result of this is that he appears to be measured, calculated and highly intelligent when regarding all matters football. The loss of their star midfielder during the off-season has been dwelled upon, and they look a better side without him. Is Don. Is Good.


Hot tip – K. Tippett – 3 votes. The Swannies will fight off a resurgent home team, along with their nineteenth-man (AFL equalisation measure?) to record a 33-point victory. Buddy & Parksy will continue their delightful double act, and the young cygnets will pass the test of performing in a hostile environment away from the nest, to keep the club’s undefeated Adelaide Oval record alive – While her loyal sons are marching, Onwards to victory.

About Joe Moore

Learned the art of the drop-punt from Derek Kickett as Jamie Lawson watched on. And thus, a Swan for life. @joedmoore1979


  1. Keiran Croker says

    Good one Joe. I hope to install my AFL live app before the game so I can watch from over here in the US!

  2. Joe Moore says

    Cheers, Keiran. Should be a cracking match. I’ll be in Noosa for some R&R, so hoping for some access to Fox Footy, otherwise I’ll be on my AFL live app too. Hope you’re enjoying the trip mate, sounds like you’re having a ball!

  3. jan courtin says

    Swannies replying to Swannies: Good one Joe. Thanks

    I’ll be cheering our boys on from behind the goals, with the red and white faithful!

  4. Joe Moore says

    Thanks Jan. Enjoy the game! I hope the faithful are celebrating at full-time.

  5. Dave Brown says

    Yeah, really a bit over Swans fans telling Crows fans what they should think and feel this week in regards to Mr Tippett.

    There’s no shortage of blame to go around with what happened (and beyond the theatre of football that will see him roundly booed on Saturday if he gets near the ball, I don’t think anyone actually believes he has been avoiding playing the Crows in Adelaide) and some of it rests with him and his management. The club copped its fair whacks (as did Kurt) and those involved at the club have been sent on their way without much love. Now it’s Kurt’s turn to be ‘farewelled’.

    Tie that in with the way he left the club (said he wanted to go home and then didn’t, didn’t face his teammates rather sending text message) and the fact that he wasn’t particularly liked at the club in the first place (his coach destroying inaccuracy in front of goal, his frequent insipid performances, his ability to concuss himself in the most ludicrous ways) he is, quite reasonably, Crows fans’ least favourite footballer in the league. As a result he is, naturally, the villain of the piece.

    Beyond the theatre of footy (noting Crows fans stood with Swans fans and Adam at the SCG last year so can tell the difference between what is theatre and what is more serious) both clubs in the end can be happy with the deal. You Swans types seem happy with Tippett. The Crows have a more than adequate replacement in Jenkins and the salary cap freed up by not meeting Tippett’s exorbitant demands paid for Eddie Betts plus change. A win-win at this stage of proceedings.

    Fingers crossed for a great quality game and go Crows!

  6. Well played, Dave. There’s no doubt Crows fans have been eagerly awaiting Tippett’s return, and fair enough I guess. There has though, been ample suggestion of his reluctance to play your team at home, which I did find ridiculous.

    I agree with the win/win situation. Your Crows are looking the goods with a very dangerous forward line Should be a belter!

  7. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    I’ll be behind the northern goals Jan. Hope you aren’t staying at that noisy hotel again.

  8. jan courtin says

    I’m very surprised you remember Mark! No, one in the City this time.

    Interesting to see whose article will be full of joy this weekend – will certainly be a close one.

    Apologies for intruding into your comments space Joe!

  9. No apology necessary Jan. This game has got many people talking. I hope it’s your end of the ground enjoying it the most! Sorry Swish.

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