Round 4 – Geelong v St Kilda: Cats still a work in progress


Geelong v St Kilda

4:40PM, Sunday 15 April

Kardinia Park


Cats still a work in progress



Geelong scored their second win of the season against a second rate St Kilda at Kardinia Park this afternoon. Despite some impressive performances from some of the newer players it was not a win to rave about.



Any thoughts that the Cats we be a major player in September can be dismissed as they struggled to take complete control of the game. The scoreboard looks fine but it was their lack of typical free flowing game that would have caused concern to the supporters.



It was not until late in the game that St Kilda offered any significant opposition to the home side. Geelong, mainly through Menzel in the second stanza, took a five goal lead; it never shrank for the remainder of the match.



The St Kilda forward line was non-existent for the entire game and it is hard to imagine that this attack was to be one of the driving forces for year 2018. It has been said before, but I will say it again: it just shows what such a magnificent player Nick Riewoldt was.



Rowan Marshall in the ruck was one Sainter who showed that there is a player on the list with a future but unfortunately he was concussed and did not see out the game. Put a bit of beef on him and he will be a star in the future.



The absence of G. Ablett was not a major concern as the returning youthful Mitch Duncan attested to that. Players were not drawn to Ablett but created their own opportunities. Duncan saw out the game which was a real plus.



The other real pluses however were the newer players in the team. Brandon Parfitt was brilliant and the Territorian was all class with his foot and hand disposal. For such a youngster there is a calmness about his game that belies his years. He is not easily put of position and Chris Scott’s perseverance with him is now showing out.



Likewise Sandgroper Tim Kelly is the feel-good story of the year. The mature age recruit plays like he has played 100 games, not just 4. His ability to get the ball out at ground level compliments the likes of Dangerfield and Selwood and is more than handy with the loss of Ablett.



Tom Stewart in the back half in what is his second season is now the lynch-pin for the cat defence. He has taken the mantle from both Lonergan and Mackie with ease; always seems to be in position. The underrated Jed Bews is also now a permanent fixture in the team.



Geelong’s Achilles Heel this year has been in the ruck. Rhys Stanley did not inspire success and youngster Esava Ratugolea continued to improve. Up forward the much maligned Daniel Menzel continues to stick-it-up the powers that be at The Cattery; his five goals were sheer class and should have been 7 or 8. Lying fourth on the league goal kicking ladder, Menzel must surely have silenced his detractors at the club but somehow I don’t think so.



Early predictions: I believe that Geelong will finish low on the bottom half of the top eight and St.Kilda will struggle to win games. Sure the Saints are young but so are Geelong, give or take a couple of players.



Any win is a win; Geelong are always hard to beat at home and it will be interesting this week when they travel to Adelaide to front up against an angry Port Adelaide, The Cats will need to win this one if they are to make any impression this year.


GEELONG    4.3   8.6   13.8   15.13 (103)
ST KILDA    1.4   3.7     5.8     7.14 (56)


Geelong: Menzel 5, Parfitt 3, Cunico 2, Kelly 2, Menegola 2, Stanley
St Kilda: Dunstan 2, Roberton, Long, McCartin, Marshall, Acres


Geelong: Parfitt, Stewart, Menzel, J.Selwood, Dangerfield, Menegola
St Kilda:  Carlisle, Dunstan, Brown, Steele, Steven


Crowd: 27,338



About Bob Utber

At 80 years of age Citrus Bob is doing what he wanted to do as a 14 year-old living on the farm at Lang Lang. Talking, writing, watching sport. Now into his third book on sports history he lives in Mildura with his very considerate wife (Jenny ) and a groodle named "Chloe On Flinders". How good is that.


  1. Citrus – I reckon Stewart is probably Geelong’s best player in the first month of the season. Put Henderson and Harry around him and the defence looks pretty solid.

    Ruck is a huge problem. Stanley should play on the wing, if at all. He doesn’t think like a ruckman (some might say like a footballer). Imagine: Stanley, Dangerfield, Blicavs across the centre line. Would that be the tallest one in history?

  2. Citrus,

    I had the pleasure of Dips’ commentary as he was next to me throughout the game. I should have had a tape recorder. Some good signs. Agree with Dips on Stewart. Menzel papered over a few cracks – but he is the paper we have. And the leaders were unobtrusively strong yesterday. Parfitt excellent. Esava R also learning the caper. Menengola played anothe rsolid game – excellent kicking skills and a few strong marks. And we are loving watching T. Kelly.

  3. Not sure Menzel (who is an absolute star) has many detractors anywhere, let alone at the club that looked after him so well during his long healing process.

  4. Citrus Bob says

    Froggy – it just seems to me that wherever I go people are anti-Menzel a bit like they are anti-Hawkins.
    I think they expect these boys to kick 5 goals each and every week.
    JTH – might pay to record “The Dipster” each week in future.
    Apologies to Menengola. If 14 and 35 could deliver like him and Kelly the forwards would have a party.

  5. IN negotiations with The Dipster’s people.

  6. I’m with you on Hawk and Menz, Citrus.
    In fact, Dan has been the recipient of all the attention Hawkins gets from defenders the past couple weeks.

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