Round 4 – Essendon v Adelaide: Shades of the past give hope



Matthew Lloyd played his first game in the Essendon seniors against Adelaide. When I first saw him in the Reserves, he was the neatest boy in the team. A matinee idol who moved with the practised precision of an ambitious professional.


His first kick in the Adelaide game was a goal. This is always a good sign. We won by 20 goals.





Tex Wanganeen played his first game for Essendon last week. His first kick was a point but his next was a very stylish left foot goal. It made me wonder whether he might one day appear in one of those lists of the top fifty players. Not up the top with Lloyd, but on the same list.


The thing that elevated Lloyd into the elite category was his accuracy. Given three set shots at goal, average players will often kick: 1 2 8. Matthew mostly kicked: 3 0 18. When Lloyd’s teammates realised this, the whole game became simpler. You just had to get the ball to Lloyd then sat back and watched him throw the grass in the air.


The opposition supporters were often vocal about the extra time Matthew took to take his set shots. It was torture for them, more so for the certainty of the outcome. It was akin to putting their electric chair on medium instead of high.


Peter Wright kicked 4 1 25 against Melbourne, so our game might be getting simple again. Which means the opposite for our upcoming opponents. Things are about to get complicated when Tipper and Snelling come back and run amok around two metre Pete.


Last week’s game was the best we’ve played in 2022. There was a 15 minute patch where an overseas visitor might mistake the reigning premiers for the guys in the red and black. We were still in the hunt until 4min 37sec to go, which was when Ed Langdon kicked that sideways floating miracle goal.


Prediction: We are back to our right class here. I don’t think we’ll win by 20 goals but we will win by something.


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  1. Colin Ritchie says

    I’m right with you Pards. This is one match we can win and should win; fingers crossed of course!

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