Round 4 – Brisbane v West Coast: They’ve got nothing.

by Chris Jury


Jeff texted me about the game on Sunday. I was keen to go. Games at the Gabba are always good fun, especially in the Gabba Trust area. Unlike the G, you can have a beer and watch the game from the members area, and you usually catch up with people you know.

Jeff is always good company – a great conversationalist. He has an encyclopaedic knowledge of sport (how does he do it?) but can talk about art, religion, politics or whatever you are interested in. Quite a feat for a CFO.

We were meant to meet at the Pineapple Hotel for  a beer before the game at 12. I showed up a bit early and Jeff found me in the lounge, reading the very high quality journalism in the Sunday Mail and having a beer while Fox Sports was playing in the background. “You look like the happiest man in Australia!” he said.

He wasn’t far wrong. It has been a tough year for the family with aged  care and other issues so it was great to have a break.

After a couple of excellent James Squire beers we wandered up to the Gabba. I had an Eagles scarf on – while I am from WA it was a bit of a joke as I have been in Queensland for fifteen years but in our scarf drawer it was all we could find. I do think that as I have chosen to live in God’s country I should barrack for their teams. Forgive me.

Jeff and I had a great afternoon. We had another beer, Jeff had one of those gourmet pies they have in the Gabba members area and I had a hot dog with a German sausage. We talked about work, the economy, kids, friends and the footy trip we have planned to Melbourne in June. The weather was fantastic. We resolved to catch up more often – maybe the next poker night? I dropped Jeff home after the game.

And as for the footy?


I saw nothing from the Lions, nothing at all.

With a few minutes to go in the first half they had two goals. Woo hoo.

There were no plays that I saw that made me look at the Record to see who had carried out that wonderful feat. Older players did the bare minimum. Passion? Didn’t see it.

Occasionally the crowd would spark up about what we perceived was an unfair decision from the white maggots. But it is hard to care when the players don’t seem to.

I didn’t see any part of their game that they could build on, or any young player that really excited the crowd.

The Eagles did what they had to do, but the Lions had so may turnovers with basic skill errors that they didn’t have to do much. Workmanlike ? (Thanks Dennis)

It’s going to be a long season.








  1. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    Do they have entire drawers devoted to scarves in Brisbane Chris?

    Seems like a waste of good storage space.

  2. Well said Chris. I have commented elsewhere on how bad the skills of both teams were. I kept thinking “we are playing poorly – this can’t continue – Brissy aren’t that bad – they’ll get run on soon and it will at least be close.” Nah, not a whimper.
    Do a coach swap with the Suns to save relocation costs. Rocket can give Bundy, Mitch, Dayne etc a serve and a scare. Leppa can tuck in the Suns and read them a bed time story about how Prince Charming will get over his shoulder problems and save them.

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