Round 3 – Sometimes there are no words

Yvette post Round 3’s result.



Immediately after the game on Saturday night I’m having thoughts;  Grumpiness, irritation… this photo says it all.



How did my fellow losers feel after their games this weekend? Richmond, GWS, West Coast, Fremantle, Geelong, North Melbourne and Adelaide fans know the exact feeling.  Do you have images or words to say just what this weekend of footy felt like?  Let’s have them all here! Maybe treat it like an essay?


Let’s discuss!




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Yvette Wroby writes, cartoons, paints through life and gets most pleasure when it's about football, and more specifically the Saints. Believes in following dreams and having a go.


  1. Jarrod_L says

    Must admit it wasn’t an awful week for me aside from the lacklustre effort Richmond put in…which was a game clearly over before three quarter time. I trust things can turn around for most of the unlucky sides this week (and for tipping comps too!)

    Has a couple of days reflection helped with your Saints, Yvette?

  2. Yvette Wroby says

    It’s funny Jarrod, the thing that cheered me up was Carlton winning. There was something about an underdog taking on Geelong at Geelong that lifted the fog. (Sorry JTH).

  3. John Butler says

    Funnily, Yvette, Carlton’s effort cheered me up as well!

    And I’m not sorry. To anyone. :)

  4. Happy. If we stink up the season Scott might leave Geelong. Sometimes you have to play the long game Yvette.

  5. When I finally came to bed, Mrs Fisho actually believed the Crows must have won. Why was that? Well she couldn’t hear me yelling out things like “Piss weak” or “You bloody idiot” etc. In fact I was absolutely quiet throughout the match. You see, after seeing their first matches, I was fully prepared for the carnage. Naturally I was extremely disappointed but was well prepared for what transpired. I expect the road back will be long and hard as they moved on most of their better players last year and kept the wrong types – namely Gibbs, Hartigan, McKay and the very over-rated Crouch brothers. Mrs Fisho was dumbfounded when I revealed the Crows had lost again.

  6. Here’s another who was barracking for the Blues! Apologies to Geelong fans! I was also quite pleased GWS lost! And of course, North!

  7. Yes, Yvette.
    Most disappointed in the Kangaroos. Too many players leaving it all to too few.

  8. Very disappointing and losing energy to watch the rest of Round 3 games describe me after our Saints loss.

    In addition I forgot to donate masks that has been given by the Government and are too small to the donation post in Amagasaki so I have to make an extra trip to come back here today. I was too emotional with the huge loss.

  9. Looking forward to this week’s matches (except for the Crows / Lions fiasco of course). Only slightly disappointed in last night’s offering but thought Dogs’ were impressive while Swans refused to throw in the towel. Perhaps I can talk Mrs Fisho into buying one of those delicious apple turnovers from our local Vietnamese bakery for me to enjoy in front of the TV.

    Hopefully someone else won’t test positive to the dreaded virus this time around and all games go ahead. And Yoshi, I wish your Sainters all the best. At least they won’t be coming up against Eddie’s Magpies.

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