Round 3 – Preview: Essendon v Melbourne – A boilover?


If you open the door of the fridge and the only thing you see is one team who has won all their games and another team who has lost all their games, don’t despair, you have all the necessary ingredients to create a boilover.


Round three is usually when the first signs of a premiership hangover appear. It’s like the covid. First you think you haven’t got it, but then somehow you’ve got it, and the test says you’ve got it, and then the grand final was last week and you weren’t in it. Life can change that quickly. Pickle juice doesn’t always work.


On paper and on youtube Melbourne are a very good side. On top of that they have three genuine champions. Plus they’ve got a coach who learnt his craft at Essendon. And of course, they won the flag last year. Their supporters are wondering why the rest of the teams are bothering to show up. Some of them are saying it out loud.


They themselves are showing up in droves every week now. The red and blue have cancelled their trips to the snow. It is something that hasn’t occurred in living memory and it needs to be added to the risk register. Having so many supporters going to the game every week for the whole year could stuff things up.


Melbourne supporters are foregone conclusionists. Remember that time they agreed to change their name to the Melbourne Hawks? They saw the writing on the wall. With so many supporters in close proximity for the entire year, there’s a danger that the foregone conclusion vibe could rub off on the players. On the TV during the game against Gold Coast Gerard Healey mentioned three-peat.


Whatever happens, one thing is certain: Petracca, Max, and Ollie are going to take the Demons a very long way. This week though, if Stringer, Sam, Durham, Pete, Hind, Archie and every other Essendon player do their best, we could see the first signs of a premiership hangover. Keep stirring the pot Bomber fans!



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  1. Colin Ritchie says

    Like your confidence Pards! Injuries and poor form are part of a start to the season Bombers’ fans were not expecting. Maybe it’s time to blood some of youngsters a la circa ‘93 and see what happens. But, let’s hope Friday night is a boilover!

  2. I’m with you Colin. The signs aren’t good. A boilover is the only option.

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