Round 3 – Collingwood v Brisbane: A week like no other for the mighty Lions

They say a week is a long time in footy. Still, some weeks are surely longer than others.


It was only a week ago that club officials were hastily isolated at Kardinia Park. A quarter time exchange of pleasantries kept columnists busy for days. A clear as daylight free kick denied young gun Zac Bailey the opportunity to steal it at the death.


The following days we are put on the bus to go to the airport. Then taken off the bus and sent back to the hotel. Then put on the bus, then taken off again. Where are we sleeping tonight boys? Where are we playing on Thursday? Sanity prevails, the right decision was always to shift the game to Docklands. Our stay in Victoria is confirmed to be extended.


Three training venues throughout the week; a quick trip to the shops for some socks and jocks; reinforcements arrive. Time to focus on the task at hand. Easter Thursday against the Pies. A must win. 0-2 isn’t great. 0-3 would be difficult to overcome.


The Lions were poor in the first round , though that result seems less shocking by the round (gee, those Swans don’t look half bad, do they?). We improved against the Cats and in isolation were unlucky not to be 1-1. Though upon broader reflection were perhaps somewhat lucky to be so close so late.


After three seasons of enviable good health and fitness, perhaps the tied has finally turned. A key forward (the often (and in my opinion unfairly) maligned McStay); a key defender (the underrated Dizzy Gardiner); the ruckman (the Big O); the back up ruckman (Archie); the charismatic young midfield-forward primed for his break out year (Rayner); and the tough as they come mid (J. Berry) all finding themselves with various ailments prohibiting their participation.


And as such we are forced to look into the cupboard of youth and see who is available. No less than five enter the match with less than 10 games experience. Including the impressive, yet raw, duo of Tom Fullarton and Connor Ballenden who are given the unenviable task of nullifying the imposing Brodie Grundy.


I’m nervous. Something hasn’t felt right the last few weeks.


The match begins and sure enough, the ruck contest is a one way street (or should that be step ladder?). Collingwood gets the jump and shoots out to a four goal lead mid way through the second.


Despite not playing our best, we remain in the contest, bringing it back to under two goals at half time. The midfield has done well to even the contest once the ball hits the ground (much has, and will continue to be said of the value of ‘hit outs’). Though Collingwood still has the ascendency in the first half.


In the second half we even the numbers at stoppages and start to make some inroads. Our forward entries are poor though. Too often putting it on our forwards heads rather then encouraging them to lead up.


Sensing the need for a lift, the tough nut Robbo takes matters into his own hands. Picking the rest of the team up on to his shoulders he says ‘this is how it’s done boys’! Yes, his disposals left a bit to be desired but he is the ‘heart and soul’ type player that you just can’t replace.


Young Deven Robertson tackles himself silly early in a super impressive performance. Marcus Adams comes back and stands tall in an important second half display. Hugh McCluggage plays his best game of the year. Jarryd Lyons yet again makes his previous employers shift uncomfortably in their boots.


We get close, but we just can’t seem to find that last 5% to get in front. And then with 40 seconds left, Harris somehow passes to Starcevich who plays it through to an open midfield, the ball eventually finds its way into the old hands of Daniel Rich. ‘Have a ping Richy’ I yell. But he is a wiser head then mine and does something we haven’t managed all night. He hits a forward lead lace out. We all know what happens next.


Yes, a week is a long time in footy. We’ve had a blessed run the last few years, in more ways then one. But this club showed something else this week.



COLLINGWOOD        4.2       7.3       9.5       11.6 (72)
BRISBANE     2.1       6.1       8.3       11.7 (73)


Mihocek 2, Cox 2, Daicos 2, De Goey, Howe, Sidebottom, Sier, Thomas
Brisbane: Daniher 3, Cameron 2, Bailey, Berry, Hipwood, McCluggage, Rich


Grundy, Quaynor, Pendlebury, Howe, Sidebottom, Adams
Brisbane: McCluggage, Rich, Robinson, Lyons, Adams, Zorko


Brisbane: Nil


McCreery (unused)
Brisbane: Prior (unused)


Crowd: 28,057 at Marvel Stadium




  1. Collingwood losing by a point: something poetic there. This match, the 1966 VFL grand final may be the two times readily coming to mind. I’m old enough to remember Geelong beating Collingwood by a point in 1972.

    Collingwood travelled down Geelong road that day, secure in the final 5 whilst Geelong were down the bottom of the table. Collingwood led by 49 points at the main break, still 31 points at three quarter time. The home side rallied in the final term, levelling the scores. Geelong surged forward with Ken Newland marking close to goal. The siren sounded, Newland kicked for goal, but missed, managing only a point. It was enough to give Geelong victory.

    Post match Newland gave the impression he deliberately missed telling people the only thing better than beating Collingwood by a goal is beating them by a point!


  2. Daryl Schramm says

    That pretty much sums up what I saw on the telly. I giot sick of the commentators regurgitating the prospect of 0-3 and 0-4 predicting a loss 9 days before round 4. I picked my first 6 rounds in the FA tipping before the start of Rd 1. Saw no reason to change my selection of Brisbane (changed a couple of others which will cost me no doubt) and it seemed almost unsurprising to witness what happened. It is shaping up to be a very interesting year with most games really worth watching.

  3. Wonderful win by my “second” team!

  4. Shane Reid says

    What a finish it was Sam, thanks for your report. Another tough game this week.

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