Round 3 – Brisbane v Port Adelaide: The View from the Royal Derby

You should feel sorry for the old Fitzroy supporters that decided to follow Brisbane. We are all homeless. Despite being promised six games in Melbourne every year, this immediately morphed into four games in Melbourne and one in Geelong. You may have noticed that Geelong has had a good few years recently so the long trip down the highway has seen one thrashing after another for the Fitzroy faithful. The improvement in the road has been the only upside for Brissie supporters in living memory.


What to do when the Lions play in Brisbane has become my problem. I used to head down to the Sentimental Bloke in Bulleen and have a great time. It was just down the road; beer was cold and the plates of hot chips keenly priced. When Brisbane moved its Melbourne base into Colonial Stadium I was left out on my own. The continual thrashing meant that everyone else dropped off and I was left watching the game at home by myself.


I did find some new friends on the Bigfooty web site while sitting at home watching the Lions play in Brisbane but I am such a slow typist I cannot really join this community with any fluency. I suppose it’s like have a terrible stutter.


However Brisbane no longer appears to be a football joke and I managed to convince some friends to come with me to the Royal Derby to watch Brisbane take on the undefeated Port.


Do you have friends that are always late for games? These folks are some of those but since I walk to the pub I was there early, relaxed and holding a table for them. As people crowded in everyone shared tables, and a very raucous atmosphere soon emerged.


There was a room of Port supporters, guarded by a security, but as we Brisbane supporters have forgotten what to do when we are winning no trouble emerged as the night went on. Long practice has made us immune to defeat.


The night opened with a round of drinks and chips, and the Lions opened with the first four goals of the day. We were killing them. We could do no wrong and it seemed to be a question of how far. Port responded as a Port side should, tightening up the game late in the first quarter, on the back of a couple of terrible unforced decisions by senior Brisbane players.


The next two quarters were Port’s to win the game, but they kicked inaccurately, missing chances. The last quarter was a ripper but the Port supporters were complaining about a free kick to Neale while  Brisbane supporters were complaining about two very clear throws by Port players that allowed Port goals. These umpire decisions dominated the post-match blogosphere.


The great Neville Cardus used to complain that people looked at the score board rather than the game unfolding before them. I think people look at the umpires too much and Port supporters have all missed the salient play of the day. Here is where they lost the game.


Port were ten points up when their captain picked up the ball on the Port fifty metre arc. All Boak had to do was deliver a simple two metre handball and the unmarked Port Player, streaming forward, inside the fifty with a simple shot on goal. Slot it and game over. Boak’s handball (he was under no direct pressure) explicably went behind the running Port player and Brisbane dodged a lethal bullet.


What a great five minutes for Brisbane to finish the game. The big ‘O’ takes a hanger. Charlie ices the game and Neale gets another three Brownlow votes. Port played well away. The Gabba will not be an easy place to win a game for the visiting teams so Port can take heart from their display.


With games like these it is a pity that there has to be a loser.


Best Players

  1.   Mitch Robinson for his reaction for Lincoln McCarthy’s specie
  2.   Sam Powell-Pepper for being bald and a good player
  3.   The Big O for becoming a cult hero



BRISBANE            5.2      8.4      11.6    16.11 (107)
PORT ADELAIDE  3.2      5.9      9.11    13.12 (90)


Brisbane: Hipwood 6, Rayner 2, McStay 2, McCluggage 2, McInerney, Cameron, Neale, McCarthy
Port Adelaide: Rozee 5, Ryder 3, Boak 2, R.Gray 2, Wines


Brisbane: Hipwood, Walker, Robinson, Neale, Rich, McCarthy
Port Adelaide: Rozee, Powell-Pepper, Boak, Ryder, Burton, Lycett


Brisbane: Nil
Port Adelaide: Rockliff (head)


Reports: Zac Butters (Port Adelaide) for engaging in rough conduct against Hugh McCluggage (Brisbane) in the second quarter; Scott Lycett (Port Adelaide( for engaging in rough conduct against Mitch Robinson (Brisbane) in the fourth quarter


Umpires: Chamberlain, Foot, Gianfagna


Official crowd: 19,958 at the Gabba



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  1. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    Hi Phil, Port now has two captains, Travis Boak isn’t one of them.

  2. Hi Phil, I really enjoyed this match. Both teams played some exciting footy with the Lions in front when the siren sounded. A couple of contentious umpiring decisions and some frees missed but over all not a bad umpiring display (in my opinion).

    Hope Brissy and Charlie Cousins (Eddie Betts’ pal) can keep up the good work (except against the Crows)..

  3. John Butler says

    Phil, I like that line about slow typing being the equivalent of a stutter.

    On that scale of reckoning, I’m Michael Palin in A Fish Called Wanda.

    Those Lions are certainly disrupting a lot of peoples’ tipping at present.


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