Round 22 – Richmond v St Kilda: Take it easy

Saturday, 20 August 2016
2:10 pm (1:10 pm Kyoto)
Melbourne Cricket Ground


Earlier this week, I met up with a Sainter friend who had known through a St Kilda news media’s Facebook page and her friend. It was a great time talking about footy and seeing around Kyoto together.

Heat and long working hours had brought me a lot of tiredness. Recently I have cancelled morning cycling sessions due to fatigues.

On the previous night, I was unable to enter the usual Friday night footy zone again. Instead I had to deal with a late check in that was noticed just 20 minutes prior to the footy time (9:00 pm local time).

I missed watching the last part of the great game played between West Coast and Hawthorn. As Eagles had last seconds win last weekend, I had wanted to watch.

Having left the inn over 12:30 am, I saw a lady falling down onto the footpath. I asked her if she was okay or not. She said she was okay but was unable to walk straight thanks to drinks she had had. I helped her going home.

I had to start working at 8 am on the game day after the short sleep. Indeed I was tired that would not meet requirements if I played footy. I was slow at work thanks to the very late check in that I wish wouldn’t have happened.

Morning shift ended at 11 am and I lied on the bench at the park for about an hour for recovery. But it was hard to sleep because of the heat.

I had thought that the cleaning would be done by 12:30 pm at the another workplace where I end up sleeping at the back office. But it was still going. I lost my place to watch footy, but realised wifi was available at a bus stop. Then I walked to the nearest bus stop to access Kyoto wifi.

Tuning in Watch AFL app, it was time for me to be together with the mighty Saints.

Jason Holmes was the key ruckman for the day because Tom Hickey got injured at the previous match. We handled with the ball well as usual, but were unable to break Richmond’s defense line.

It was a slow start, like my work on the same day… It took about six minutes to see the first goal kicked by Richmond’s Elton. I tried to calm down. ‘It’s only the beginning. We will bounce back!’

After the second bounce, we dominated the ball and Steven was awarded a free kick at the right close to the posts. But he only managed the behind.

We were awarded another free kick and the ball was travelling forth and back. Eventually McCartin took a mark beautifully, and kicked a goal as the first one for us. It took about ten minutes. So long. But it was good!

Paddy was brave to catch a ball later in the first quarter, but ouch! He collided a Tiger, Nick Vlastuin and seemed not good. McCartin managed to kick a goal that was brave; however he was carried to the medical room straight and went back to the bench wearing a jumper with the right arm underneath.

Consequently he broke collarbone and will be sidelined for the rest of the season. It makes me sad…

We have only 30 minutes each time for accesses to Kyoto wifi. The session was over and I signed in again. St Kilda players embraced each other. I learned Membrey had kicked a goal that I missed to see.

Watching the replay on Monday, in a congestion at our goal square, we handballed and kicked well. A Richmond player fumbled and Membrey picked the ball to score a goal.

We seemed to get an engine running so fast, but only three goals were scored at the first quarter. St Kilda led by 10 points at the first break.

I left the bus stop as thought that the cleaning at the inn was over. As it takes only a minute to walk, I was on time to watch the second quarter at my ‘bed room’.

Second quarter started slowly again. Probably I spread my low energy to far away MCG?? The ball was travelling to Tigers’ goal square and Rioli scored a behind.

We delivered the ball to the goal square, but at around 4:30, Acres kicked the ball quite shortly to a Tiger, not towards the goal posts. Richardson was disappointed up in the box.

Turn over went back to our back line and then started coast to coast kicks. Bruce took a beautiful mark and kicked towards the closer goal square. Membrey took a mark and scored his second and Saints’ fourth goal.

The opponent struggled to dominate. Hardwick showed frustration up in the box.

Montagna, Geary and Roberton started kicking in the coast to coast. Membery took a wing job for a while and Rooey took a mark inside 50. But he scored only a behind. I was disappointed.

Membrey also missed a goal. But Tigers defense mishandled with the ball and we caught the ball. Membrey’s kicked ball was taken a mark by Gresham who kicked a goal.

We were awarded a 50-metre penalty and Riewoldt was awarded a free kick, but the kick was not high or long enough. I was sad to see him missing a goal.

Then the last six minutes were slow again. Only a behind was scored.

Sadly my stomach went down during the main break, so I missed a minute or two at the third quarter. Richmond had a scoreless second quarter, and then it spread into us at the third quarter.

At the last quarter, Fox Footy cameras caught Richo on the boundary line. He came down to the bench to talk to players individually. Good on him. It was good to see Richo on the bench to encourage boys. The scoreless third quarter might have let him come down to the boundary line, I reckon.

Meanwhile on the field, Gilbert could run more, but kicked at the centre. Ross to Membrey. The young gun kicked a goal by himself but instead towards our skipper. He took a mark and kicked the ball. Oh I thought that he missed, but the umpire review was that Rooey kicked a goal. It was not what I usually saw, but good to see the Nick show.

But Roberton’s kick at the opponent’s inside 50 was an error and let young Rioli to score a goal. Richo would be disappointed. I was.

After we were awarded a free kick because a Tiger crossed the protect zone, it was hard to break the thick Tigers’ defense line. Finally Weller and Billings tried to catch the ball. Number 15 did and scored a goal with a soccer kick.

Ross’ not challenging a banana kick forced the ball to travel back and forth. Wright missed a goal.

We slowed down once again.

Sadly at the half way of the last quarter, I had to say good bye to the Watch AFL app as heading to work for the sister inn. I was sad not to be able to see full of my footy. But I tuned in 1116 SEN through AFL app.

While I was on the bike and walking around a supermarket, Richmond kicked two goals to narrow the margin into nine. The last one was kicked just before the siren, so I would know we would win. But the score was low and margin was small.

The win was win and “Oh when the Saints go marching in…” was played at MCG, but I didn’t feel so good or excited to the win. It might be because I was so tired and stressed.

At night after the bitter win, a staff at the another inn called me asking me to fill in her for the late check in. Indeed I was not happy to do, but had no choice; however she called me again while I was organising to switch the inn, telling me that guests had finally arrived. No more free kick against me for the day.

I need a footy holiday for 2017 and want to see our attacking footy!

RICHMOND 2.1 2.5 3.9 6.10 (46)
ST KILDA 3.5 5.8 5.10 7.13 (55)

Richmond: Rioli 2, Elton, Riewoldt, Moore, Lambert
St Kilda: McCartin 2, Membrey 2, Gresham, Riewoldt, Billings

Richmond: Martin, Rance, Rioli, Vlastuin, Lambert
St Kilda: Ross, Montagna, Acres, Newnes, Steven, Riewoldt

Our Votes:
Ross (STK 3), Riewoldt (STK 2), Acres (STK 1)

Umpires: Matt Stevic, Curtis Deboy, Shaun Ryan

Official crowd: 35,255

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Love, passion and pride are seen on the footy that is the biggest part of my life. 1. St Kilda Club member: I am a passionate and crazy Sainter. Just hope we will win the second flag soon, especially after Dogs and Tigers having ended long premiership draughts. 2. The Osaka Dingoes Player and Public Relations Officer: Player number 44 that I chose to honour Stephen Milne with my wish being like a small forward like him. Lenny Hayes' hardworking attitudes are adopted on my trainings and practices. Nick Riewoldt's great plays are in my player audiobook too. 3. Writing: Here on the Almanac and also on the World Footy News. My skills utilise on great footy websites.


  1. What a heartbreaking way for both teams to wind down Season 2016 Yoshi? The Tigers have been pretty much unwatchable all year, but The Saints have played some great Footy. This match was not an example of it. Season 2017 can’t come around quick enough for mine. It can’t get any worse for The Striped Marvels. You can look forward to some exciting times next year. I reckon those Saints of yours are going to Come Marching In.

  2. Yvette wroby says

    If only life for u could be all footy. It’s your happy place. X

  3. Thanks for your nice comments, the Wrap and Yvette.

    The Wrap – Tigers seemed to play good footy this year, but I can’t believe what happened. As for Saints, we were better than expected. But it’s not good to miss close games against Hawthorn and North Melbourne. Also losing all interstate games was disappointing. These are strategies for 2017. But I believe we are marching in more next year.

    Yvette – Footy makes me happy. I admit I am footyholic. As promised publicly, I will watch a game at the stadium next year.

    Have a good day!


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