Round 22 – Essendon v Richmond: Traditional footy at the G?

Traditional Football at the “G”


I sometimes have to wonder, what am I doing to myself?


I’m at the “G”, for Essendon Football Club to take on Richmond, a game that once meant so much for me, but tonight, it’s just like going to see a game of footy between two teams that I couldn’t care too much about.


But it’s a traditional clash between these two clubs and I’m a bit of a stickler for traditions especially footy.


It starts at the traditional time of 7.20 on a Saturday night and Richmond are wearing their traditional yellow custard tart jumpers.




At least the weather is playing its traditional part for this time of the year. It’s cold, windy and misty. It’s almost impossible to see across to the other side of the ground from where I’m sitting. I’m wearing my down coat and cap and leggings. I reckon the coat and cap manufacturer must have shot a whole flock of endangered geese to make it.


Maybe I shouldn’t have written that.


Both teams enter this unwelcoming arena, greeted by one of the smallest crowds I have seen for years. At least five of the Essendon lads understand the conditions and are wearing long sleeves for the upcoming battle.


And what a battle it is. The game resembled an amalgamation of cross country wrestling and Welsh Rugby. Not at all pretty. I don’t remember an overhead mark or a kick that found a target, it was that sort of a night.


Richmond were dominating the play, but somehow Essendon through accuracy lead. A young bloke from Ireland raced in to an open goal and kicked The Dons first major, his first kick in AFL footy. As far as Richmond was concerned they couldn’t buy a goal. Their first and only for the quarter was the result of a very dodgy free. At quarter time, the Dons were two straight to Richmond 1.4


More of the same in the second quarter. Crap conditions and ugly football continued. Richmond were dominating the game if you could call it a game. They had nine more scoring shots but only led by four points. Richmond 4.10 to Essendon 5.0.


Richmond sort of found their target after half time, the highlight for me was Richmond’s McIntosh three soccer kicks off the ground in succession that found Martin in the square by himself for a goal. Riewoldt tried a couple of speccys without adding to goals, but the Richmond faithful loved it. At the orange break it was Richmond 7.12 to Essendon 6.2. Can the Dons do it?


No, unfortunately for me they couldn’t. The final quarter was a replay of the previous slog and slide and spilled marks and miss kicks. I think I remember an overhead mark sometime during the quarter, unfortunately I forget who he was. But thanks anyway.


Final scores Richmond 10.14 . Essendon 7.5


I find it hard to understand how the great Essendon Football Club find themselves in the current situation. This once great club was made up of outstanding people who stood for the high ideals of sportsmanship and good character. I’m hoping for the “old” Essendon to return in 2016.



1.4 4.10 7.12 10.14 74


2.0 5.0 6.2 7.5 47




Deledio 2 Vickery 2 Miles,Martin,Maric.Thomas, Edwards, Grigg.


Hooker3, Howlett,Dempsey,McKenna, McKernan



Houli, Edwards, McIntosh,Deledio.Grigg,Ellis,Miles.


Hurley,Heppell, Hooker,Hibbert,O’Brien,Stanton




37,864. I’m sure the bean counters at the AFL would be over the moon with this number. The “G’ looked empty!!!

Votes     Houli 3 Richmond, Grigg 2 Richmond, Hurley 1 Essendon.







  1. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    You could “stickle” for Australia Rod. Keep fighting the good fight.

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