Round 21 – St Kilda v Fremantle: Stev welcomed back and saves Saints

St Kilda versus Fremantle
Sunday 11 August 2019
1:10 pm
Marvel Stadium, Melbourne



Positive thoughts
Even St Kilda losing to Adelaide and Fremantle’s biggest upset over Geelong previous week, I thought Saints would win the game because of our performances under Brett Ratten and the match would be played at our favourite Marvel Stadium.


Positive news
Jack Steven and Dan Hannebery were included in the team selection. Having the best team player (Steven) and skilled former Swan (Hannerbery) would be good for us.


Being backed
On Sunday morning, I rode a bike to a park and did footy drills on my own at the park, as usual. On the way home, I saw three blokes walking and one of them seemed to spot my St Kilda guernsey on top and said “Go the Saints” behind me. I said back and showed my thumb up.


Relaxing and friendly chats
I was working an hour after the final siren, so went to a Starbucks cafe near my workplace instead of the one I often go. A British gentleman offered me a table as he and his family were about to leave. And we  chatted for a while until they left. It was a good talk and I felt relaxed before the match.


Annoyance number one – Featuring Ross Lyon
Once I opened up Watch AFL app and went on the live coverage, Fox Footy featured Ross Lyon. I couldn’t stand him as he left a mess at St Kilda and I hate how he treated us including him leaving the club abruptly.


Annoyance number two – Eddie McGuire commentating
Since the Collingwood President left a remarkable and controversial comment on a Sydney Swans coin tossing, I always don’t want him to comment on a St Kilda game. When I heard his voice on the live coverage, I told myself, “F*** off Eddie!” I HATE McGuire and Collingwood.


Good performances by Hannebery
Walters and Hannerbery contested to a mark on the ball Coffield kicked long. No mark has been taken, but Hannerbery picked footy and scored a goal at 7:28 at first quarter. The former Swan was embraced by teammates.


Then five minutes later, he was in the forward pocket and picked up the footy Bruce handballed. Hannerbery kicked a goal with his left foot.


He demonstrated great skills.


Good to know Ratts’ game plan
More control and patience is Brett Ratten’s game plan mentioned by commentators during first quarter. It’s good to know and he set a good game plan.


Frustration number one – wifi disconnected
I had started worrying when Membrey missed an opportunity at 15:23 and Newnes kicked outside posts. Then wifi was disconnected while I was figuring out what was going on with Marshall. He went down with his knee. I hate facing wifi disconnection whilst watching my Saints in action.


Steven coming back with fine forms
Jack Steven has already shown his great skills in ball using at first quarter. He ran and tricked opponents to kick accurately to assist Membery’s second goal.


At six minutes of second quarter, Steven was on the top of goal square. Lonie kicked and another Jack took a mark 30 metres out. He’d done his job and was embraced by teammates and fans clapped hands to celebrate his goal.


Welcome back to the game, Stev! I had longed to see him on field.


Frustration number two – Poor performances and Coffield off
Good performances at first quarter faded at second quarter and sloppy footy came back. Inaccuracies in ball uses frustrated me a lot and I started worrying again. Then Coffield went down and wifi session expired. Later I found out the number one had a shoulder injury and didn’t come back in action. Technical issues while a player had an issue and Nick Dal Santo was reporting frustrated me in addition of injury itself.


Frustration number three – Errors and slowing down wifi
Errors in ball uses kept me feeling grumpy on the Sunday afternoon. Watching such footy worried me.


But I was still curious to know what was going at the last home game in 2019.


A group of Chinese families was the majority in patronising at the coffee giant chain at the time. They didn’t engage in talking and instead played with their smartphones no matter if they were adults or kids. Kids played rubbish online games and it slowed down wifi and my live coverage was buffering very often.


What were they doing in their foreign country? Why didn’t they do things that they couldn’t do in their own country?


Even the beloved Saints were behind, I missed seeing parts of actions and slowing down wifi irritated me the most during the match, and I was really mad at.


I wish I could be surrounded with mad Sainters who would have more interests in our culture and share thoughts in the game and the club with me.


Frustration number four – Umpiring
At the begging of third quarter, Membrey contested a mark. He jumped highly and caught footy but his space to touch down the ground was blocked and the ball was dropped.


He was not paid a mark and McGuire wondered why not.


Then our big defender Jake Carlisle chased Schultz and grabbed his lower back. The Docker held footy, but no free kick was awarded and Schultz scored a goal.


At five minutes reminding, Dunstan was laid a high tackle by Banfield and the young Saint was not paid a free kick.


I was really unhappy with umpiring and rushed into social media commenting:
“Disgrace umpiring


Having seen too many unfair umpiring towards St Kilda, I am planning to take more action so that umpires are aware of the issues more and can take fans’ opinions, especially Sainters.


Final relief by Steven and Bruce
At the last two minutes, Saints trailled by nine points.


Steven picked fumbled footy and ran swiftly and kicked a goal from the left pocket.


Battle tackled Cerra and the Docker was paid a free kick at our forward pocket. His kick was taken by Carlisle but the Saint was not paid a mark.


However it was not the end of the game.


Our forwards won the contests and Bruce took a mark inside 50.


The left footer snapped a goal and put the Saints in front.


39 seconds were left and we fought hard.


Steven and Bruce saved Saints and made me happy even if buffering continued that made me worried.


I was happy to be heard “Oh when the Saints go marching in. Oh when the Saints go marching in. Oh how I want to be with St Kilda. Oh when the Saints go marching in.”


Yoshi thanked by St Kilda Football Club

The footy club had emailed me informing club members’ names would be printed in a banner at the game as Saints say thanks.


Being far away from the Docklands Stadium, I would not see my name on my own. I asked members of a St Kilda supporters Facebook page to take a picture and a gentleman did for me.



I am happy to see my name on over in Melbourne showing I am supporting the mighty Saints.


Relief comes at the end.


ST KILDA 4.3 6.5 8.7 10.12 (72)
FREMANTLE 2.3 6.4 9.8 10.9 (69)


St Kilda: Steven 3, Hannebery 2, Membrey 2, Dunstan, Battle, Bruce
Fremantle: Fyfe 2, Matera 2, Walters, Darcy, Switkowski, Crowden, Langdon, Schultz


St Kilda: Ross, Billings, Hannebery, Steven, Savage, Carlisle
Fremantle: Fyfe, Langdon, Hill, Blakely, Tucker, Duman


3. Steven (STK); 2. Carlisle (STK); 1. Fyfe (FRE)


Umpires: Dalgleish, Gavine, Glouftsis


Official crowd: 17,715



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About Yoshihiro Imagawa

Love, passion and pride are seen on the footy that is the biggest part of my life. 1. St Kilda Club member: I am a passionate and crazy Sainter. Just hope we will win the second flag soon, especially after Dogs and Tigers having ended long premiership draughts. 2. The Osaka Dingoes Player and Public Relations Officer: Player number 44 that I chose to honour Stephen Milne with my wish being like a small forward like him. Lenny Hayes' hardworking attitudes are adopted on my trainings and practices. Nick Riewoldt's great plays are in my player audiobook too. 3. Writing: Here on the Almanac and also on the World Footy News. My skills utilise on great footy websites.


  1. Earl O'Neill says

    Onya Yoshi, name on the banner!
    Great format for yr match review.

  2. See Yoshi, I told you the Saints weren’t far off. A great win and I am so pleased for you. If the club haven’t made you a life member, they bloody well should. Keep on keeping on Yoshi.

  3. Yoshi, following on from your Collingwood comments, I don’t exactly hate those pesky Magpies but, it would be fair to say that they are my least liked AFL side. Eddie McGuire, in my opinion, should stick to compering “Millionaire Hot Seat”, where he does an excellent job, and leave footy calling to others.

  4. A great report, Yoshi.
    Nice to see you trying a different format for your review.
    Ross Lyon sure is a polarising figure: you either love him or hate him

  5. Good morning gentlemen,

    Thanks for your comments and my apology for getting back to you so so late!

    Earl – I’m so happy my name being on the banner. Thanks for your compliment!

    Fisho – Exactly! Two losses afterwards don’t scare me off and instead I keep loyalty to the club.

    Smokie – Thanks for your positive feedback on my format. I can’t stand Ross Lyon. I would be happy if I were a Freo supporter as Lyon was sacked.



  6. Well Yoshi, for you, Jan and me the footy is over till next year. We can enjoy the finals, should we so desire, as neutral supporters. We can soon, of course, watch with interest which of our players will retire (some already have), who will be traded and who will be delisted.

    Then comes the draft (or meat market as some call it). Excitement for young talent to come.

    Look forward to future articles from you Yoshi. Cheers

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