Round 21 – Port Adelaide v West Coast: Ergo, therefore, consequently, accordingly and that’s all folks

Port Adelaide vs West Coast
4:05 pm, Saturday, 11 August 2018
Bob Neil Oval #3, Adelaide

Dan Hansen

As I have for the last few weeks I went to watch the game at the Burwood RSL with the NSW Port Adelaide  Supporters Group. Arriving just after the opening bounce, there was only Jason there. We watched the game for over two hours hoping Port could just iron out a few minor errors and run away with the game.


With about twenty seconds to go and two points down Jeremy McGovern marks the ball about thirty-five metres from goal.


We both stand up in anticipation as McGovern comes in to kick the ball. As it sails through the goals we both walk out, not staying to watch the post-match antics.


As we leave I say, “That’s our season” and Jason replies “Yep”.


Port Adelaide 5.1  6.2   9.2   9.4 (58)
West Coast 1.1  3.2   6.5  9.8 (62)

Port Adelaide: Johnson 3, R.Gray 2, Wingard, Dixon, Farrell, Ryder
West Coast: Cripps 3, Yeo, Masten, Sheed, Ryan, LeCras, McGovern

Port Adelaide:  Jonas, Howard, Pittard, Byrne-Jones, Lienert, Houston
West Coast: Lycett, Redden, Yeo, LeCras, Masten, McGovern
Umpires: Donlon, O’Gorman, Meredith Crowd: 32,534


OUR VOTES 3 Lycett (West Coast), 2 Jonas (Port Adelaide), 1 Redden (West Coast)


  1. The “if you can’t say anything nice don’t say anything” match report. Nice.
    Can Ken Hinkley coach? Discuss.
    Why are Port so defensive and low scoring when they appear to have a lot of creative, running talent? Discuss.
    Only playing one ruckman? Only having one ruckman on the list? Discuss.
    Chad Wingard – is there a bigger underachiever in AFL? Discuss.
    Michael Voss – Jonah? Discuss.

  2. Dan Hansen says

    Hi Pete,

    To answer your questions:

    Hinkley can coach and the problems don’t really lie with him. There is a problem with on-field leadership at times. Too often we need someone to organise the troops and it doesn’t happen. A classic example is last week where McGovern moved forward and Brad Ebert dropped back on him. Ebert or Gray should have demanded Jonas man up on him. A mistake like that wouldn’t have happened if Luke Hodge was in the Port team.

    Our back six is solid and our front six are quite good if we get the ball in quick. The problem is the midfield. When we try to move the ball quick between the arches our skill level is not good enough and we usually turn it over. When we chip it up slowly we bomb it into a crowded forward 50 and usually set up for it to come straight back. Hence the low scores by both teams. Basically our midfield is good at getting the ball but they’re no good at delivering the ball.

    We only have one AFL quality ruckman. From all reports Jake Neede is a better ruckman than Frampton at the moment. This is what they call in business textbooks “a key person risk”. With Ryder we’re a top 6 team. Without him we’re a middle 6 team. Why we didn’t rookie draft Zac Clarke or Jake Spencer, instead of Trent McKenzie, is beyond me.

    Chad Wingard is a primadonna who should go back in defense for a while to learn accountability and playing percentages.

  3. So, should Wines take over from Boak and can he provide the leadership missing at crucial times v WCE? I have significant doubts that he can, despite being regularly touted as next captain. I agree much of the problem is midfield inability to deliver the pill to the right spot, but some defenders are guilty also. Pittard seems incapable of kicking it to a Port chest. Too many blokes cannot kick to a team mate’s chest 30 yards away, or will handball to somebody under more pressure than them. Motlop wandering the defence of late also seriously worries me, he is capable of anything, which is exactly why he should be confined to the area forward of the centre line.

    Frampton has been a very slow developer, but I go to most Magpies home games and can tell you the young Sam Hays looks the goods, most unfortunate he did the ACL, watch for him upon return. As an aside, Neade looks cooked to me too, unfortunately. Agree too on Wingard, not maximising potential, one of the great crimes. Methinks the game comes too easily to him.

    But the Eagles game to me simply amplified what I regard as our biggest problem for some years. We recruit too many lightly framed players who, in tough contests, get pushed aside. Take a look when the camera zooms up close at the start and a Port bloke is standing next to his opponent, way too many are physically smaller. Q E D.

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