Round 21 – Gold Coast v Richmond: Post-game Talkback on Gold Coast’s Glitz 106FM


As a Brisbane resident, I attended this game and was going to write a conventional report. However as I rode the train home listening to local talkback I realised that a sampling of callers would offer a better insight.


Matt from Ormeau

We got smashed today but I’ve had a gutful of dickh#*ds saying the Goldy can’t support a team. We’ve backed in more teams, pound for pound, than any town in Australia. Six from League (Chargers, Gladiators, Seagulls, Giants and Titans), two from AFL (Bears, Suns), three from basketball (Blaze, Cougars and Rollers), a top A-League team coached by Clive Palmer (Gold Coast United) and the mighty East Coast Aces who Twiggy Forrest reckons would still be in the Australian Rugby Championship if the comp was still going.


Melanee from Paradise Point

Metricon Stadium is tops. It’s only 2 ks from Nerang Station but the buses don’t rush you – ours took about half an hour and the kids loved looking out the window at the highway, open fields, derelict shopping centre and new housing estate. Once you’re in, the roof lets hot sun spread everywhere, so you get to seek out shady sections every quarter and see the game from different angles. Also, my husband became an alcoholic during the 90s Richmond era, so it’s great that you have to actually leave the stadium to line up for a drink then come back. They could have pokies though, because the game’s only interesting for about 20 minutes.


Tom L from Southport

I know Riewoldt kicked 10 and Caddy got 4 but most of them were flukes. If the Tiges don’t land a big forward they’re no chance. They still miss Ty Vickery. They should look at someone on the outer somewhere, a top bloke with no mates, maybe round 200cm. Former all-Australian type, with go-home factor. Throw 2 mill a year at him.


Maureen from Tallebudgera

My husband Clarence and I moved up here from Narre Warren after retiring. It’s too hot and many young people walk around with their tops off.


Gerard W from Brighton

I didn’t watch the game but I’m confident I can get on my high horse about it.


Pauline from Ipswich

I’m not racist but it was full of Mexicans. Born and bred locals could hardly get a seat. They come up here and stick their religion in our faces, flaunting their ethnic Victorian colours, roaming around like wild gangs. They form ghettos behind the goal posts and don’t assimilate. All the tickets, jobs, caravan spaces and draft picks that should be reserved for Queenslanders are being given to these people. I fear we’re being swamped by Tigers. Ban the beanie. Please explain.


Cody from Mermaid Waters

I didn’t see Shane Edwards do anything but the stats say he had 17 handballs. We need to mandate one midfielder at stoppage to get the fast handball out of the game. We risk losing a generation of short attention span 20-Twenty You Tube addicts.


Gill from Docklands

About Melanee from Paradise Point. There were 18000 people at this game and only 11000 at the Titans v Panthers next door. Metricon’s bouncy castles are the best and there is face painting for the kids with no interest in one-sided games. The Suns have a strong foundation and no one plays football in Tasmania anyway. AFL management is awesome.


Chris S from Geelong

Tigers are pretenders – Cats would’ve won this by 114. Cotchin barely touched it. Captain? Sitting on the bench? A real midfield warrior like Selwood, Dangerfield or Ablett would’ve got at least 30 today, not counting free kicks.


Steve from Burleigh Heads

I’m calling about the icy cold cans of coke?



GOLD COAST   1.1       3.5       3.8       7.9 (51)

RICHMOND    4.4       8.5       15.9     19.11 (125)



Gold Coast: Leslie, Sexton, Swallow, Ah Chee, Weller, Young, Holman

Richmond: Riewoldt 10, Caddy 4, Ellis 2, Vlastuin, Edwards, Martin



Gold Coast: Hanley, Fiorini, Miller, Harbrow, Lyons

Richmond: Riewoldt, Caddy, Martin, Lambert, Short, Ellis


Failed to get drafted out the Wallsend Swans in the early 80s Newcastle league. Joyrider on the Richmond karma bus.


  1. Love it! Especially the Chris S from Geelong.

  2. Ben Fenton-Smith says

    Thanks! Are you Gill from Docklands? I’m nervous.

  3. Thankfully not. I have more idea about running the AFL than the one at Docklands.

  4. Michael Nichols says

    OLV, Ben, thrilled to read you’re still a Tiger through that Newcastle childhood and all. Hasn’t seemed to have obscured your insight into the game up there at all. Well done. You know, I nearly booked that beautiful winter break Melanee describes. Maybe next year. The karma bus stops at Nerang, right?

  5. Gill from Docklands says

    I am and I am not amused

  6. Joe De Petro says

    That Chris S guy seems like a knowledgeable fellow.

  7. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    Well played Ben. Doesn’t Mario from Doncaster like STD calls?

  8. Ben Fenton-Smith says

    Whoa Michael- it’s only been 41 years since we last had contact in the OLV U’9s! What an amazing way to reunite! We disappeared to Newcastle in 77 and I never lived in a footy state again but never gave up on the Tigers. On the contrary I saw it as a proselytising mission to pump them up across frontier country. A beer is in order – will send you an email.

  9. John Butler says

    Can you get this station on a digital frequency?

    Much better than the crap we get down south!

    JB from Ballarat.

  10. Michael Nichols says

    I look forward to that, Ben. I love beer! I posted that comment not having read your Geelong and GWS numbers. What a tour de force. Just when I thought Paddy Grindlay told me everything I needed to know about the Richmond experience, here you are. Hope you’re keeping the date of the Almanac launch free. Surely in line for a gong.

  11. Michael Nichols says

    And I hate to name-drop but you do realise that if your dad had played things differently you could have gone to Richmond games with Ian Turner himself. That’s what I was doing in 77 with my dad. Bummer. We have to talk.

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