Round 21 – Cam Hooke’s Collingwood Life: Round 21 post-mortem

True believers, all.

Is our 2015 Season over?  Sure is, now; but our 2016 season is just starting – Game 1 done; about 33 to go (counting a few pre-season games early next year, as well).

All in all, a pretty disgraceful performance. I have some significant concerns about Bucks employing an ‘explanation’ that the team’s performance was a consequence of  “unrewarded performance” earlier in the game.  Get real – these are professional athletes who get paid whether they win or lose; we expect them to perform for the whole game; not sulk or have a hissy fit.

Bucks focussed very much on the last 20 minutes of the game, however that was the icing for Richmond.  3 goals to 7 First Quarter, 3 to 10 First Half, 6 to 14 at the last break topped off by a 1 goal to 9 Last Quarter.  A more accurate description is a “bad game” encompassing an appalling last 20 minutes.  I do, however, agree with his confusion regarding the team’s performance particularly in the First Half – our Forward line couldn’t convert our Entries into the 50 (ultimately, for the game, we won that 58 to 49, noting Marks inside 50 we lost 9 to 17).  And our Backline leaked (hugely) – how quickly could an Entry for them turn into a goal?  See my comments in preparation for the game – with the focus on the Forward Line and Back 6.  I did note, never surprisingly, that we lost the Frees (11 to 18).  Is there a listing of 50 metre penalties awarded?  Travis Varcoe, I love your application, but…


The Twos:  A great win.  And well done Cox.  I presume that Karnezis was not playing because he was an Emergency for the AFL team.  Caff – 24 possessions.

I’d like to think we might try something different for our Second and Third 2016 pre-season games. Not sure that the Pies team isn’t starting to challenge that old criticism of the Australian Cricket Team – harder to get out of it, than to get in. Who knows.  Maybe some rewards for performance in the VFL side (and disappointing performances in the AFL side)?


I lament with those who actually went to the game or watched it to its conclusion.  I followed it via the computer and ABC radio (pretty good commentary team).  Very disappointing.


This Friday – Geelong.  More later.


Maintain the Faith.  Believe.  Go Pies – 2016.


  1. Why doesn’t Karnezis get a game. Far better player than White !


  2. Glen, totally agree. Check the ongoing comments through the season. In fact, a better option would be to give him three games to let him fit in.

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