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Round 20 – Sydney v Port Adelaide: Am I greedy? I wanted more than a 67-point win

Am I greedy?

In the true sense and meaning of the word, the answer is no. I do not have an excessive desire or appetite for food, and nor do I have a wish or need to have more than I already have in terms of wealth. When it comes to footy and the Swans however, my appetite is rapacious.

The rain had given Sydney a good soaking all week, and Saturday promised a bit of sunshine later in the day. The red and white umbrellas were up, walking to the ground at 12.30, and my main thought was whether it would be possible to kick a big score in the conditions – a score big enough to gain percentage. I certainly doubted it.

I was also thinking about Port and their performances this year, especially against teams higher than them on the ladder. They defeated North and only lost narrowly to the Dogs and Eagles, and by only three goals to GWS and Hawthorn, so they can certainly play. And I think of Justin Westhoff and his 200th milestone game – surely they’ll want to win for him? As usual, I’m a little nervous.

With light drizzle at 1.45, the game begins. 28 minutes later the score is 6.5 to 0.0, and the sun is doing its best not to outshine our boys. Goals to Buddy Franklin, Dean Towers, Tommy Mitchell, Gary Rohan, Tom Papley and our blond beauty Isaac Heeney all come as a result of a wonderful team effort, led by our brilliant midfielders. When the ball did get down the other end on the odd occasion it was quickly repelled by our glorious backmen, led by Reg Grundy, Dane Rampe and Aliir Aliir. However, at the end of the quarter, I would have given anything for the score to have read 11.0 (instead of 6.5) to 0.0.

During the entire second quarter, Port was able to manage just five entries into their forward line, scoring each time in those four or so minutes for 2.3. During the remaining 24 minutes, all of the play was down the Swans end, but for little result. 3.5 was slightly disappointing, with relatively easy set shots by Isaac 40 metres out straight in front, Tom Papley and Dean Towers from the same position, Gary Rohan from 30 metres, Buddy with a close-in snap and Georgie Hewitt from another close shot – all missing.

But the goal from Dane Rampe in that quarter almost made up for everything! It was sensational! Intercepting a mark across Port’s backline, Ramps just kept going: through a couple of startled Port players, past his even more startled Swans teammates and slammed it through from 45 metres. His first goal for the year. The crowd erupted! With 9.10 to 2.3 the scoreline and a lead of 49 points at half time, I’m happy, but a little disappointed with so many behinds, so I decide to phone my brother Tony in Violet Town to have a “Swans” chat.

He’s in the car, driving home from his chiropractic clinic in Melbourne and has only heard the scores whilst listening to the Melbourne v Hawthorn game on radio. He’ll manage to see the second half.

“We’re killing them I believe,” he says, as I tell him the up to date score.

“Sort of. But we’re kicking far too many wretched points AGAIN!” I mutter.

“Aren’t you being a bit, uhm, well, uhm, how would I describe it………greedy?” he replies.

I hadn’t thought of it that way. I just wanted goals, goals, and more goals, and percentage. After all, what were GSW going to do to the Suns, and Geelong to Essendon, and Adelaide to Brisbane? We have to stay above them all!

We finish our conversation and I think to myself Isn’t it great that we’re playing so well, especially in slippery conditions and without our two main ruckmen, and with Gary Rohan limping……and if I’d been told before the game that we’d be 49 points up at half time I’d be ecstatic! Carn the Bloods!

The game resumes, and three quick goals in as many minutes to Joey, Heens and Gazza have me jumping from my seat, waving my flag very enthusiastically. Maybe this is the start of a massive win? Then, frenzied excitement from the crowd as Hanners marks on the run from a long kick from Aliir, handballs over the top to a running Gazza who takes off 20 metres out straight in front and misses, turns to a loud, prolonged Ohhhhh……!!! His limp explains it, perhaps. Xavier Richards (twice), Buddy and Paps then miss set shots they’d normally kick, before Hanners kicks truly to give us a 74 point lead going into the last quarter.

I certainly want more, and am now thinking of a 100 point win. Surely this will be possible? The sun is now shining and the sky is clear, and all we need are four or five goals. Well, it doesn’t quite happen. Port is getting hold of the ball more often, even though most of the play is still in our forward half, but we fail to improve on our three quarter time lead. They kick a goal and a few behinds and we kick just two points. The so-called foot on the pedal would have been nice, but after such an exhausting day’s play by our boys, who’s complaining?

The sun is still shining as we leave the SCG. We walk home with the happy Swans fans and I’m not interested today in their conversations about what they might like for dinner, or their plans for the evening. I just want to get home and watch the replay.

I change into my sit-back-and-relax-watching-footy-on-tv-gear, go to the fridge and pour myself a glass of the just-for-footy white wine that I bought two weeks ago (it still seems perfectly fine), grab some cashews – and the remote – and revel in it all for a second time!

So, I ask myself again, am I greedy? I’ll leave that up to you to decide.

My highlights from the game:
Isaac Heeney
All of the mids
All of the backline
Jake Lloyd
And, even though I wanted more, a 67-point win!

About Jan Courtin

A Bloods tragic since first game at Lake Oval in 1948. Moved interstate to Sydney to be closer to beloved Swans in 1998. My book "My Lifelong Love Affair with the Swans" was launched by the Swans at their headquarters at the SCG in August 2016.


  1. Two glasses of wine in two weeks! I don’t call that greedy! I have a tot of something every evening, and I don’t reckon I’m greedy. But a good win over Port – I think all Swans fans were greedy for goals.

  2. Tony Courtin says

    Great win, Jan,albeit by only 67 points!! Must play our best against St Kilda to secure victory and remain top 4 chance. Thoroughly enjoyed witnessing Dees beat cocky Hawthorn. They may not be cocky,but this attitude suits my mindset cos,like many,I want someone else to win the big one. Go bloods.

  3. Keiran Croker says

    Hi Jan,
    I managed to see the second half after earlier commitments. Watching in the Duke (formally the Duke of Wellington run by Whale Roberts who had a short but eventful career with South) I was really impressed with our skill level, especially field kicking. Like you I think we may have converted more of the chances, however an 11 goal win over the Power in those conditions was fantastic.

  4. jan courtin says

    Thanks fellow Swans
    Yes, Keiran, an 11 goal win in those conditions was fantastic! and Yes, Tony, the St Kilda game is just so vital to staying up there near the top of the ladder. And, then the North game and then that bogey team Richmond, albeit at home!
    And Marcel, how true. I’ve never really been a drinker. Only took ups wine when I came to Sydney, and for several years had a glass a night, then when I was sick about three years ago, just stopped altogether. I might however finish off the bottle before I drive down to Melbourne on Thursday.
    Cheer cheer

  5. Oh no! Not old opened Oxidised wine being brought into my house – thank whoever inhabits those big skies up there that the bringer of the stuff will be the only imbiber of the stuff.
    A fresh, zesty, lemony G&T for me thanks – and why stop at one? Or is that being greedy too…..

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