Round 20 – Essendon v Adelaide: A Bradman win at Etihad by the Crows

Adelaide Crows take on Essendon Bombers at Etihad today. I finish maggot duties early today, call in to Bob Neil 1 and run into a couple of AFL officials. We chat and one makes the point that he is in awe of what the Crows have achieved since the tragic loss of Phil Walsh. We all wonder if there will be some more flat moments like occurred against Sydney. I suspect not today as the Bombers have been diabolical and, as we all know, have their own problems caused by their own stupidity, arrogance and ‘what ever it takes’.


The game commences and while Walker kicks the first goal of the game for the Crows, the Bombers surprisingly get on top around the stoppages and Hooker looks dangerous and too good for Hartigan. He kicks two early goals. In the first quarter Adelaide have been too cute at times and do look a little flat but end the quarter only six points down.


The Crows get on top quickly in the second quarter with good forward pressure, a clever give from Tom Lynch and Rory Sloane goals. Then an incredible pick-up at pace by Patrick Dangerfield who kicks to Eddie Betts who strolls into the open goal. Danger is the best player in the competition and as good as anyone in the history of the game at picking up the contested ball at ground level and bursting away with extreme pace. Sam Jacobs has clearly got on top of Jon Giles in ruck. Sloane and Danger are combining beautifully on ball. The premier stopper of the game, Daniel Talia, has Joe Daniher well and truly under control. Nathan Van Berlo has been a welcome addition since coming back into the side – with his calmness and surety in defence proving an asset, he drifts forward to kick a goal. Tex reads a ball over the back to goal and the quarter ends with some clever ruck work by Jacobs, a quick give, and Rory Atkins opens his account. Half time arrives and Adelaide are in complete control, leading by 30 points. The Adelaide Uni Greys at the game contact me with the thoughts that in the crowd of 25,000 there are more Crows supporters at the game than Bomber followers and that with Rocky’s 1982 Ratpack Premiership reunion the real winners are the bar.


The third quarter starts as the second quarter ended, with the Crows being on top all over the ground, sharing the ball around a brilliant trap and then fantastic forward pressure sees Betts goal. Charlie Cameron adds his own touch of magic, a trademark dash and goal from Dangerfield results in another goal. It is hard to find a contributor let alone a winner for the Bombers – Heppell and Hooker have at least been ok. At three quarter time the Crows lead by 58 points.


The last quarter is a cakewalk for the Crows with the lack of defensive pressure from Essendon a disgrace. I reckon Princes Under 10s were better in the morning! Essendon’s game plan is a complete and utter farce with nothing kicks, chipping the ball around in the back half with plenty of marks and the ball effectively going nowhere, giving the Crows plenty of time to drop back and clog the holes. Goddard is particularly guilty in this area. It is staggering and a farce that the Bombers end the game with virtually the same amount of touches as the Crows. The most pleasing aspect of this quarter is the laser boot of Brodie Smith being used by the Crows. He is our major weapon in quick transition from defence to attack and after two serious bouts of concussion has had an average year compared to his electrifying All Australian 2014.


The Crows completely blow this game apart and kick 11 goals in the last quarter with everyone joining in the party. Rory Laird strengthens his All Australian claims, Tom Lynch has worked hard being the effective link man as usual. Matt Crouch has efficiently got plenty of the footy as well.


Now to gripes on how the AFL have given votes for the Brownlow, re. the round when the Crows game was cancelled. It is a farce, in that due to everyone just assuming that Fyfe was home following his blistering start to the season, it got very little publicity. Dangerfield has been just as electrifying and conceivably may have received 15 votes in his last six games. He is a superstar and, incredibly, his form is at an all time high, despite all the publicity he has received and likelihood he is leaving the Crows.


How James Hird has a job in footy is mystifying and bitterly disappointing. Surely common sense will follow and Essendon finally sack him at the end of the season so that their club can move forward. The Adelaide University Football Club Greys A.K.A. Past Players have our Melbourne lunch on Sunday. Unfortunately John Harms with family illness is a late scratching it never the less is great to catch up with King of Passion, Rocky 1 and 2, Iceman Kube, Shop of Horrors, Hurricane Higgs, Swish Schwerdt and others – the club of magnificent nicknames continues to thrive.


The Crows are back in the eight and need to keep going to play finals footy. After what they have been through that would be a fantastic achievement.


Adelaide 27-9-171 def Essendon 8-11-59


Goal kickers
Adelaide: Betts 5, Walker, Jenkins, Dangerfield 3, Sloane, Lynch, Cameron 2, Smith, Mackay, Atkins, Jacobs, Knight, Van Berlo, Lyons 1
Essendon: Hooker 2, Edwards, Zaharakis, Laverde, Melksham, Hibberd, Dempsey 1


Best Players
Adelaide: Dangerfield, Jacobs, Sloane, Betts, Lynch, Laird, Talia, Smith, Van Berlo, M Crouch
Essendon: Heppell, Hooker, Laverde, Hibberd


Malarkey Medal Votes: Dangerfield (Ad) 3, Jacobs (Ad) 2, Sloane (Ad) 1
Crowd 25,914


  1. 3 words HIRD MUST GO

  2. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says
  3. Melina Mueller says

    Great review of the game. There seems to be an air of magic about the Crows at the moment, one I’m sure can be attributed to our guardian angel. Nobody has mentioned the big P word at the end of September, but it’s almost a possibility.
    The last quarter against the Dons was virtually a farce, one of the very few times that I’ve let myself get distracted from the game in the dying minutes. Surely it was just a training drill? Fantastic to get some goal kicking practice though!
    I’m loving watching our boys right now, it really feels like they are on the brink of something special!

  4. Essendon need to tank for 5 years, stock up on high draft picks and start from scratch without Hird.

  5. Willow Wilson says

    Nice work Mr Book, hard to know what to take out of that game, a percentage boost, some ruthlessness in the second half, better goal kicking, but the pressure and effort from the Bombers was horrible.
    7 good quarters from the last 8 for the Crows, and good team football.
    The Bombers appear to need a circuit breaker and when that is required it tends to be the coach who gets moved on, rightly or wrongly. I admire Hird’s stubbornness and resilience, but he continues to put himself before the players and the club, that is not how good club people operate, so he needs to go. A bit of board rejuvenation may also be in order, starting with Paul Little.

  6. Jeff Milton says

    Great article. Who is more important to the long term future of the AFL in Melbourne, the Essesndon Football Club or James Hird? The answer would appear to be James Hird as he is still coach despite the enormous damage he has done to the club.

    Still all good for the Crows percentage which could be vital in staying in front of Geelong on the premiership table.

  7. Dave Brown says

    Good work, Malcolm. Such an amazing contrast between two broken hearted playing groups. To hear Zaharakis’s interview on the radio after the game, they are just shot. Seem to be hurting with no end in sight. While Hird is still there the blood will continue to flow. At the other end the resilience and positivity shown by the Crows is something to behold. The pressure on the opposition has been outstanding the last two weeks. Sloane is the undisputed leader at the club in that respect.

    As for the Brownlow, the AFL will be hoping like hell that Dangerfield doesn’t finish within three of the winner. I have no doubt they’d cave and give him one too, so why make the stupid decision in the first place?

  8. Maybe the Essendon board realise the players are not playing well because of what has been happening the last 3 years, proberly cant wait for season end. Hirds a idiot as a person. he will be bankrupt before long, and if he dosnt have a job after this year i am concerned for his family.Hope other teams take note. if your club asks you to take something check with your own doctor and family first. Crows showed a ruthlessness yes, but other teams wont roll over for them like that. They need to play just as ruthless for the next 3 games. Wonder if Essendon is tanking, that would be silly arnt they in enough trouble as is.

  9. Jill Tathra says

    I don`t think Essendon will be the only club looking for a new coach next year either, Carlton and Collingwood just may be added to the list!

    Wish the Crows could play that footy, the last 3/4, every week as no one would beat them. Maybe they are all coming together at the right end of the season and especially as they fielded an unchanged side which must be a first for a long time.

    I still think ALL Brownlow Medal counts for that round should NOT be counted nor should the leading goal kickers and points of the other winners either. It was a most unfortunate and impossible situation to have come about and no one team should have to pay even more for it. RIP Phill

  10. Mark mcinerney says

    Never thought of the Brownlow situation

  11. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Thanks folks incredible that,Hird is still at the club ( I have more repect for Troy Chaplin than Hird)
    I really think the afl just didn’t bother re Brownlow as thought its Fyfes a amazing decision not to cancel votes for that round purely due to the tragic situation it was let go,Dangerfield has been unbelievable in season 2015 ( Jill is correct Coleman medal all player of the year awards had to be cancelled for that round )

  12. Sean O'Dwyer says

    So good to see finally put away a team and be ruthless.
    Looking good for finals, Dangerfield for Brownlow medal put your money in now
    Great report Hird definitely has to go
    Eddie Betts another 5 goals what more could you want from a small forward, Cameron 2 he is coming along nicely!!

  13. Go Crows.

  14. Great summary Rulebook.

    Some Essendon perspective to your report: I’m a karmic Essendon fan (i.e Bombers fans have had a good run of success, we’re due for a spell at the lower end of the ladder, so what goes around, comes around etc.), so I take (and have taken) the losses as they come. Losing, I can handle, but what is most difficult to accept in this downward spiral is the utter absence of any spirit and the lack of pride in performance – with the notable exceptions of certain players and their emotions displayed in the post-game. A bit of heart and a refusal to give in were the classic traits of Essendon’s sides no matter where they were on the ladder in years gone by, but this mob have lost all heart and that is sad at best, appalling at worst.

    Despite all that, the Crows were magnificent, Eddie Betts was sublime and it would appear that like a Bart Cummings Cup hope, the Crows are reaching peak form at just the right time. Well done Crows.

  15. Hard to line up the Crows form RB. They look good on paper and against the modest sides. Round 22 will see if you are the real deal. Sauce v Nic Nait might tell the tale.
    Who do you think the Cats will take – Danger or Selwood (very) minor?
    Good report. Regards.

  16. Great read Rulebook.

    I’m sure everyone in the footy community is impressed with how the Crows have responded after such a tragedy. Much respect.

  17. Sam Penniment says

    Good stuff rulebook! Summed up the game nicely

  18. Crows have had a great couple of weeks. Bombers are officially a basket-case. Hird has to go, he is so on the nose and until he moves on, well there is little hope the players can. On current form they would be lucky to beat North Adelaide – and that is saying something. Don’t care about the Brownlow anymore, it is purely a mid-fielders medal. Dusty Martin will get plenty of votes, or should do.

  19. Hird- slow motion train wreck thats brought the game into disrepute but then the AFL’s form on the matter hasnt been much better.
    Crows- Too little too late, dont like them and never will
    Brownlow- Goldstien (one of the games biggest midfileders) or Pridis (the silent assasin lets see if the Brownlow night growd can look even less enthused than it did last year when he goes back to back, plus it doesnt hurt to look like a gollywog to stand out in a crowd)

  20. Was going to the TAB this morning to put $100 on the boy at 25/1. Damn your wisdom Malcolm he is now 15/1.

  21. Charmaine Brillanti says

    Good read Malcolm, once again. I didn’t see any of the game (I cannot watch games that are so one sided unless they involve a winning Hawthorn team lol!) but I really feel sorry for the Bombers players. How demoralising it must be getting shellacked like that when they are already lacking self belief, and are in turmoil over the WADA thing. Not taking away from the Crows efforts though, they must have been really great to see and given their recent tragedy it must be very uplifting for them to have such a resounding win.
    My thoughts re: Essendon. There appears to be a level of toxicity at the Club, and it seems as though there are too many in senior positions within the football department and even the Board, with their own agendas. There does not appear to be cohesion in any shape or form right now, and the team and the code are paying for it. Not good for the game we all love so passionately, and certainly not good for Essendon. Something needs to change. The findings of the review that is currently underway will be interesting. Watch and see…

  22. Peter Flynn says

    The more you bet the more you win Old Mate Citrus.

  23. Neat and Tidy says

    Nice work, Bookmaker. Great to see Eddie at his lively best again. Even the Bomber fans seemed to enjoy his drop-punt from the pocket.

  24. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Thanks Sean.Steve effort in the end is all we as supporters want and can demand,I think the Bombers look more disheveled and totally shot than even,Fitzroy were in the end if Hird really cared about the club we would have walked long ago imo.PB love the cats just to take minor,Selwood just as I wish,Citrus Bob was betting on Danger staying.Jags Essendon v North Adelaide could be a nil all draw.,agree with you in reality re Brownlow and the afl players association mvp should be the major award in footy but at least don’t award votes in anything etc in that round.Jerk entertaining as always thanks mate.Charmaine totally agree with you.PJF always the punter thank you and hope so thanks,Neat and tidy,May Bob be with you

  25. Just so predictable from the Bombers, a game style and application which mirrors the insecurity of the coach and resentment in the playing group.
    Hopefully the guts get ripped out of them at the trade table.
    We’ll take Myers.

  26. The Crows are in a Premiership window timewarp unfortunately. The forward line are at peak powers however re-signing Lynch is a must. He is very underrated as a linkman and enables Jenkins and Walker to stay closer to goal. Our midfield is likely to regress with the departure of Danger, the retirement if not downturn of Thompson and VB and Douglas pushing 30 and 29 respectively. As good as Brad Crouch and his ever improving brother are, they are huge shoes to fill. I’m still shaking my head over Mackay’s 4 year deal….it’s not like he has had a poor year, he is just where he always has been. A 27 year old who continues to struggle to 15 disposals per game. Then our defence is probably 3 years away from reaching its peak. Lever will be a gun but is still just a kid and to expect him to take better than a 3rd tall is unrealistic. Kartigan I get frustrated with but has still played less than 30 games of AFL and Talia we all know is the great negator and has years left in him. I’m really thinking we need to take a punt on the WADA outcome and go after Carlisle as a three way in the Danger trade. Hooker showed again on the weekend that our 2nd tall defender is vulnerable as Tippett and Dixon have also shown recently.

  27. Barb Jamieson says

    Good read Malcolm, and echoes of my thoughts on all points .
    Adelaide has a bit to look forward to, with so many of our young players showing a lot of promise .
    If I have any concerns, it’s their slow starts, and this simply can’t continue to happen if they want to be considered finals material , I don’t think it’s a physical thing, but it’s almost like they have to mentally wind themselves up , before they then put the foot down . Hopefully, they can overcome this , there are too many teams you can’t give this leeway to .
    Saturday gave me all the things I’ve been looking for this season , there was effort, structure, and composure, with everyone contributing to their game , and great to see fourteen players putting the points on the board, that’s really good flexibility , and versatility from a lot of contributors .
    Sauce continues to just keep on getting better , Dangers ball handling skills are the best , and Tex has great footy nouse , what he does isn’t always obvious, but he’s only going to get better as Jenkins improves and provides the alternative lead in the goal square
    I’m not going to say that Adelaide is going to go all the way, but if you take into consideration that PHIL Walsh didn’t expect that yet, I think we have turned the corner, and that the future is looking pretty good.
    . A great team effort , with growing confidence, comes better results , and right now, it’s heading in the right direction. .
    Essendon is a club in Crisis, they way look and play shows a team with no direction , or spirit , and I don’t think they will get through their crisis until they take a good hard look at everybody at the club. And they still have WADA to deal with , even if nothing more happens regarding sanctions, as things are now, it can get worse, But it sure won’t get better .
    Clearly, Hirds coaching isn’t enough to get over that hurdle, but I can’t help but think by their past actions, that Essendon will not be ruthless enough to make the changes that are needed . Loyalty is nice, but it doesn’t win games , and that’s the glue that holds the club together .

  28. Great work as usual rulebook

  29. Jack heard says

    The bombers were deplorable. Need to start from the top and get rid of Little and Hird. Trade players with currency I.E Carlisle. But the crowd are a good side.
    Great write up

  30. according to some across the border, Essendon smugly claim they have won 16 flags (actually that would be two AFL flags, same as the Crows? ) I reckon they are now paying the price for that sort of arrogance highlighted by their efforts to go global after their 2000 flag (ie We are Essendon, we will be bigger than Man Utd because……. we ARE Essendon) SEN suggests Sheedy stayed too long and too many people did as they liked around the club without thinking of the actual club first. James of course was the chosen one but unfortunately he was a poisoned chalice.
    Your report Book highlights how things can turn around when individuals get bigger than the club. the current players are the victims – rather pathetic to watch them just give up – we hadnt beaten them in Melbourne for years. I just hope Im not around if the Crows ever sink so low on and off the field.

  31. Jon Sampson says

    Top work. As an Adelaide member from day 1, I’m excited but apprehensive. Have always believed in peaking at the right time which might be on the cards, but we seriously need to nail the next 3 games as victories if we think we can seriously get on our high horses LOL

  32. mickey randall says

    Malcolm- While I maintain that James Hird is among the best footballers I’ve seen play the game in the flesh with his play-reading ability, creativity and poise, my lasting view of his legacy is being corroded by the minute. The simple view is that his arrogance keeps him in his position. Can this really be the case? His hubris now exceeds King Lear proportions.

    Well done to you, the Blacks (I say this as a Jets man), and the Crows.

  33. Great write-up! The Crows looked good, but the Bombers made us look even better. It’s gonna be a big last game of the season vs Geelong, will definitely be one to watch. Essendon couldn’t look any more sorry, I reckon Hird will be gone soon.

  34. great write up malcom

  35. Bec. Blossomvictory says

    Malcolm, the most amusing piece ever read from you at here — light hearted at last, lol. Both my partner and I have been so pumped by the Recent Wins, gearing up to go Nuts again at the Oval over the coming weekends!! Boys’ bests are enough, Grand Victory belongs to the fearless!!! The class the Club has shown since the tragedy underlines the rock-solid leadership we luckily have at the moment, complete contrast to this time last year. Now, at least 3 generations of good Crows players consists of ours best 22. We have a tradition of Excellence (though as a relatively young club), our not-compromising foundation has long been laid. The 3rd Premiumship is on our own hands, have a crack — nothing hurt, play it religiously!!! My question is, why the ‘Grand Final game’ has to be held in the same location every single year?? — This bores me to death. Yes, it’s a tradition / custom, but Footy is a different game today and evolves every year, so the localities of the ‘Grand Finals’ should really be reconsidered based on fairness & current Australian social and economic development. Move on with Time pls.

  36. I was at that game and it was probably the best I have seen them play this season, it was very disappointing for the Essendon supporters to have to see their side play like they did. Adelaide ran rings around them. Keep up playing like that Adelaide and we should have a good finish to the season GO CROWS

  37. Mark Duffett says

    The impression I’m getting is of a poor Essendon rather than a great Adelaide, so I’m not booking tickets to Melbourne just yet.

  38. Incredible effort by these young people of Adelaide, Rulebook.
    Must be a very close group, I would think.

    Surely Essendon will re-sign J Hird.
    He’s The One.
    Those poor young players of Essendon.

  39. I’m an Adelaide supporter but I’ve got to say the Crows were deplorable with their ball use in the first quarter. It has been reported widely that Adelaide were off the pace early and lifted, but I think the main change was style. Early they were getting easy ball through the middle with quick break aways but butchering it going forward. Now these days there’s rarely space inside 50 and so lack of delivery can usually be forgiven, but these were wide open opportunities with forwards leading into clear space and the midfielders just popped it up high for easy spoils. Essendon then scored some easy goals on the way back.

    Sadly I can’t say Adelaide improved thereafter. The style of game changed so they got the ball in deeper and with more numbers so there were more crumbed goals, but it was not through improved delivery. Why or why they can pin point through defence and midfield then butcher it forward I do not know. Until it improves they won’t get beyond week 1 of the finals, assuming they make it. The good news is they do have the skills as seen in Round 1 so maybe it will click. I just hope the coaches see the deficiencies the same way.

    Alas Dangerfield is one of the worst culprits. I don’t rate him in the same class as Fyfe or Pendlebury or Ablett because most weeks he costs goals from terrible turnovers. I know he plays at extraordinary speed which is a plus but the other guys don’t turn it over like that. He just needs to settle a bit more and he’d be up there with them. If he does go to Geelong I wonder if they can fix up that area – he’ll be the odd one out otherwise.

    So the raw materials are there to go deep in September, but they need to improve in a few key areas very quickly. But obviously a great effort so far in terms of mental strength to continue on under such tragic circumstances. We’ll never know if Walsh had some tactical tricks up his sleeve for the finals.

  40. Great summary malcolm. The crow’s have hit form at the right time especially after such a tragedy. I’ll keep reading your run downs. In depth and on the mark

  41. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Half woman totally agree and yes I wouldn’t mind,Myers but as with,Footys comment is it to big a risk recruiting a bombers player ? Footy great comment and in reaility I think you are correct unless in the unlikely event,Danger stays I reckon we all realise now how good a player the truck was.and a panic move to signd Mac to a 4 yr deal.Barb to realistically improve and to actually challenge for the holy grail we need to keep,Danger need a fit,Brad Crouch another key defender and some more skilled outside run.
    thanks mal,Jack,DL,Mickey every 1 how,Essendon have handled this whole sorry saga has been totally incompetent from the minute the story broke and nothing has changed.Sambo it is remarkable what the
    Crows have done since the tragedy I still take anything as a bonus really.Thanks Rob and Campbell.
    Bec I am a bit each way re where the gf is played the g fits the most number of people in but in reality you are correct and if it was truly a national competition not a expanded,VFL this would happen,thanks Charmaine and watching the game unfold that was my exact thought,Mark.Succinct and spot on OBP.
    Goat in the modern area with playing so many numbers behind the ball it isn’t always easy to hit a forward target and it is hard to notice that on TV hence why so many set shots at goal from all sides happen to occur from so wide and near the boundary line,Dangerfield yes he does butcher the ball at times and no he isn’t as good a kick as Pendlebury but we all must remember the areas of the game where he Is a freak at and ironically disposal by foot is Fyfes only weakness.thank you !

  42. The only reason Hird could be at the Bombers next year is if he has material he is blackmailing club hierarchy with – this is getting beyond ridiculous, they have to cut their losses and start again. Predicting big movement from their list this year, lost of these big dollar nobodies moving on the from club.

    On the other hand the crows youngsters look the goods, if they can get a taste of finals football it will be great for their development. Hopefully can be close to an undermanned westcoast and then blast brisbane off the park to keep themselves in the hunt.

    sneaky side note, north melbourne are no guarentee for finals when you look at their draw – could they drop out???

  43. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Thanks Holsty and Hird finally gets the bullet,the crows do have some promising youth.The roos could drop out personally must admit I rate them higher than others it is going to be a interesting 3 weeks

  44. Goat Northey says

    Rulebook I realise the congestion but I go to most Crows home games and their delivery to leading forwards is poor even on a fast break when it’s wide open. Other teams do not suffer from this. But yeah I hate it when the uneducated scream kick it he’s free overlooking that it’s a 50m kick with 2 players in between and 2 loitering to pick it off.

  45. Steve wood says

    Good write up Mal. Essendon looked mentally shot, and played accordingly. The crows do look galvanized in their want to play finals, but up against the top two or three may struggle. I’m sure it will come down to the game against Geelong at kardinia park on the last round.
    As for dangerfield , he’s playing one hell of a year if it is his last here , enjoy it while it lasts.


  46. Love your work Book – fair as always. Good to hear a mention of the King of Passion and Iceman Kube – it’s good they’re still alive.

  47. Good to catch up again on Sunday. And all the better for Saturday. Footy will be all the better without Hird the Coach, but I doubt he will go quietly. More’s the pity for all footy lovers.

  48. Peggy Knowles says

    Enjoyed reading Malcolm. It was a great percentage lifter and I’m
    Not sure where Essendon go from here. I too have nothing but admiration for the boys to be able to get their thoughts and talents back on track. I don’t know how they do it. Phil’s death still haunts me. We will never know how far he could have taken us

  49. Patricia Horne says

    Crows were great ! Both teams been thru hell! I hope essendon can be the team they once were and keep going crows!

  50. Good summary Rulebook. As we discussed elsewhere, Hird now joins joins an exclusive club consisting of Dean Laidley (North Melbourne), Malcolm Blight (St Kilda), Robert Walls (Richmond) and Wayne Schimmelbusch (North Melbourne). Cheers.

  51. Interesting to note all “visiting teams” to Etihad comment on how sore all the players are post game due to the very hard surface there. Great for fast footy, but brutal on the joints. Made me think that apart from the 2000 Bombers team, no club who calls that stadium home has won a flag… i.e. Bombers, Kangas, Dogs, Saints, Blues.

    Do you reckon there’s something to that… or just coincidence?

    Oh yeah… and nice article mate!

  52. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Goat there is no doubt the crows foot skills have to improve to become a chance in the next few years
    but I gradually think they are improving in this area.Steve spot on,Stormtrooper of love always enjoy your humour.Totally agree,Good as.Peggy family wise and for the game it will always be a unfathonable tradgedy.Thanks Patricia.Grunter some fair talent as players in that group and some have left a fantastic legacy,Hird has not.Jamesey great point and certainly worthy of debate and with so much now days about recovery the fact that it is harder to do and takes longer after playing at Etihad adds plenty of validity to your comment,thoughts folks ? Thank you

  53. Rick Neagle says

    At long last James Hird has fallen on his own sword; and he would argue, at the behest of others. What amazes me is how the Essendon FC has handled the situation during the WADA investigation. Why would a club with its long history and standing in the game, reappoint Hird on an inflated salary whilst suspended for 12 months by the AFL? Answer, blind loyalty. I have never been taken by James Hird. Yes, a great footballer – courageous, committed, highly skilled and a match winner for the Essendon FC for more than a decade in the 1990s. But it is his integrity that has always remained in question for me. Over 20 years ago, the Eddie MacGuire Channel 9 Footy show was at its zenith. A raft of super stars were special guests footballers on the highly rated show. Warwick Capper and James Hird were occasionally scheduled to appear together – Capper, the affable bogan larrikin and Hird the polished smooth poster boy of the AFL. What I saw was Capper, a real and honest person just being himself and Hird, putting on a façade for whatever agenda he was running. For me, I will always take real!

  54. Lou Bailey says

    The performance of Essendon was below standard, I completely agree, according to most commentators the type of performances seen of late from the Bombers has been an expectation for some time. I believe that the off field performance hasn’t been reflected on field gives testament to the support network at the club.It certainly seems to have finally caught up with the boys.
    So who did the Crows play, how much can you really take from the game?
    All the best Crows for the rest of the season, with a record of 0/5 playing against the top 5 this year having any real impact in September seems unlikely.

  55. Stephen Hunt says

    The last couple of weeks the Crows have played Richmond far from their best and Essendon at their worst. Let’s hope they look as good against some real pressure from the top sides. With Hird gone, I don’t think there is too much interest in the WADA investigations now. Hopefully it will all die a natural death and Essendon can get some clear air and start winning a few games in 2016. The AFL and by inference, we do too, need them doing well and putting lots of bums on seats.

  56. Lou Bailey says

    Oh yeah good article Mal.

  57. Lorraine Munday says

    I agree with just about all that’s been written about the Crows on this page , I’d also like to say how impressed I was with the Essendon supporter , who paid up on his bet with Eddie , it’s restored my faith in humanity . Even though Patrick Dangerfield was nominated best player ( and I agree ) he was , anyone who does not like Eddie Betts is very hard to please , he is personality personified , even the Essendon supporters were smiling when he slotted THAT goal , it just proves that you can get much more with honey than you can with vinegar . Cheers Malcolm

  58. Huge win by the Crows against an Essendon side looking so bad. I didn’t see the game on Saturday and finally watched it tonight (Wednesday 19/8) after a busy weekend comprising of 4 footy games. To win by 112 points yet trail at qtr time is something you don’t expect. The Crows were ruthless and the Bombers did the opposite of Port Adelaide’s motto – they gave up. The game after half time became a training drill for Adelaide. It reminded me of the Crows SANFL win over North Adelaide the day before the Showdown and the first time I saw the Crows in person since Phil Walsh passed away. At Prospect, the Crows walked all over North just as the AFL side did over Essendon. I wonder if North Adelaide would stand a chance over Essendon at the moment or even Carlton? Sad to see these clubs go downhill especially having experienced finals action in the past year or 2 and credit to their supporters who are still turning up to see them play.

    The Crows have a very winnable game against Brisbane. The Lions are looking good after a win over Carlton but have a tough ask. I think the Crows will thrash them and will need to with West Coast and Geelong in Geelong coming up. Brisbane’s only game at AO was a 113 point belting by Port Adelaide and they were a better side last year. While some may think only 1 of Adelaide and Geelong will make it but both can as with North playing Freo, Bulldogs and Richmond, will miss out if losing those 3 which is likely.

  59. Scott Balchin says

    Very good display from the boys, just need to fix up a few things on the outside that’s where we are vulnerable. This week against the likes of Brisbane who had a decent win as well on the weekend. Would like to see kerridge this week against the lions and also Cheney. Douglas to come back will strengthen the middle but Matt crouch surely doesn’t diserve to be dropped. Need to kick a good score this weekend so we can close the gap on the teams above us percentage wise.

  60. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Thanks Lou.Lorraine well done to the Bombers supporter following thru and getting in touch with,Eddie re the bet and also,Eddie then organising the charity link a feel good footy story.Cameron your love of footy is incredible great stuff! Thanks folks

  61. Lovely Lisa says

    Great write up Book, and a brilliant win. They are pulling out all stops for Walshy.

  62. Mariusz Danielak says

    Good comments , but don’t agree about VB, no place for him in this side, makes too many basic errors for an experienced player takes up a spot of young half back

  63. Good read. I’d like to see someone at some point in time highlight the fact that Sauce is arguably in the top two ruckmen in the league.
    Having been to 16 games this season I have been staggered by the consistent improvement shown by the younger player’s. I mentioned to a mate in round one the Cameron woill be a superstar in a few years if he works on his decision making uder pressure. Well those years have been condensed into 18 games. Similar can be said about Lever.
    lynch is the league leading the goal assister. JJ has proved to be a great mark and consistent shot on goal. I’m mentioning JJ and Lynch because they cop the brunt of fan displeasure yet I feel they’re making huge gains.
    As for VB his time is coming to an end and I find it hard to believe a player who coughs up 70% of his possessions can get a game.
    Tex has struggled a little with form but his leadership skills are quite amazing both on and off the field.

    Very reliable sources are saying Danger is staying. I believe that he’s holding out for a big offer and I feel the AFC will match it making Danger a crow for life.
    I have also noted Woosha in post match functions is hinting at staying. Campo has do well in the interim and I have a feeling nothing much will change from the current coaching group.

    What I’m now totally unsure of is 1 will we make the 8 (70/30) and how deeply can we go into September and dare I say October

  64. I forgot to add I believe that conservatively there were 8k crows supporters at Etihad. It was most noticeable post match when the team walked off.
    I had the honor of helping with the banner Saturday and looking at the crowd there certainly was a significant crows presence. Although it’s hard to put a figure on it because I think the red blue and particularly the yellow in our colours stands out more than red and black.

  65. Carla Burns says

    Unbelieveable game. Glad to see Hird and Essendon finally worked it out. Had to go! Heard last night Worsfold is thinking of coaching again. Sounds good to me. Cheers Malcolm

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