Round 20 – Adelaide v Brisbane: Dear, oh dear!

Port Adelaide beat Brisbane last week by about 80 points, and despite this result not one Port player got in the AFL team of the week. Imagine that: beating Brisbane by a record amount, setting new club records for scoring and winning margins isn’t rated as a worthwhile achievement. Everyone in footy knows how low Brisbane has fallen so it wasn’t with much hope that I sat down to watch Brisbane take on the rampaging Crows in Adelaide.

 This reminds me of a Grand Final I played for the Heathcote under fifteens far too many years ago. Peter Francis’ Dad was the coach and he revved us up for the start of the match, but we ran on remembering that the last time we played this mob (Rushworth) in the second semi-final, we had not scored. We did score but we didn’t win.

I enjoy watching footy on the TV but I suffer terribly when my team is playing. I have never enjoyed it, even when Brisbane had their great team. Over the years I have developed a several coping mechanisms, some which don’t involve alcohol. I tape the match but allow the coverage to get a head start. It means I can fast forward the quarter time breaks. I replay salient contests which keeps the live action several minutes ahead. This allows me to fast forward the shots at goal that seem to take forever.  I occasionally turn down the sound and turn on the radio coverage but watching a game and having it described to you…… are you a bit thick?

One thing I do now is to fire up the lap top to get the up to date stats and I also follow the comments on the Brisbane forum on Bigfooty. This last bit I enjoy. Brisbane always gets thrashed now a days but some of the comments are funny, and some are insightful, revealing much about the game and the person making the comment. Just this week a bloke thought he would watch the game with the sound and the vision turned right down. He thought looking at a completely darkened screen would be much more fun than watching the Lions butcher another game of footy.

The comments sometimes get heated. These people care about the team. They get cross with each other. Is the problem Leppa, senior players, drafting etc.? I think they should remember that a dysfunctional system leads inevitably to conflict and poor behaviour. Brisbane at the moment is certainly ‘dysfunctioning’. It is hard play good cricket on poor pitches and it is hard to keep an even keel when you are ten goals down at half time.

My wife reckoned I should tape the game and watch it later if Brisbane win, but you all know what that would have meant this year – I would have watched one game. She also suggested that I watch the game only while Brisbane is in front. This would mean I would watch the first eight minutes of most matches. Then what would I do? How would I know if we were still behind? Possibly I could adopt a losing margin of say 50 points. Fifty points behind, go to bed. But the close matches (OK I know we have had very few close matches) are often more agonizing than thrashings.

No, I am a Lion, not a poodle boy and I will watch this game start to finish. I’m ready to go. I’m taping the game as we go and I have already set the Foxtel thingo to tape the replay later tonight so I can rewatch the match without the intervals. Got the laptop on the power cord (buggered battery), two sites open: the AFL site on the advanced stats and the Bigfooty match day forum.

I have just had a thought. I could have two laptops open but this sounds somewhat improper. One Brissie fan, during the week, made some sort of comment about looking forward to having access to a proper computer. Is this what he was talking about?

Once the game started it was four quarters of exactly the same thing. Brisbane has a poor list and seems to have no real system. They kick out to a contest with all the players on one side of the ground every time. It never varies. The next problem is the Brisbane reserves team, playing in a minor competition, is about last and often gets thrashed by over ten goals. Brisbane’s last fifteen players on their list suck and will never be adequate AFL players.

There are two give aways that show we are a poorly coached team. The kick outs are always the same thing. Everyone to one side and kick it to a contest. Remember when we would isolate Darryl White and kick it to him. The next problem is that we seem to have no idea about spreading from a contest. Once last night, on our back flank, two Brissie handballs, admittedly under pressure, one after another, hit Brisbane players on their backs. What they were doing I could not see on the TV (easier to see these things at the ground) but they were not spreading from a contest to give us an easy way out.

I feel sorry for Rockliff. He cannot kick long and when he gets the ball he does not have Garry Wilson, Vossie or Acker running past making him look good. He cops some heat on Bigfooty, somewhat unfairly in my opinion.

The only positives was it would appear to someone not versed in stats that we kicked accurately for goal but nine shots is not a big enough sample to make a definitive statement. Harris Andrews made some good spoils and took a few marks. Rockcliff can actually get the ball.

However my best for the night was Carter S. A magnificent post about what does a coach say at half time after an effort like that. A few provoking comments on the review thread followed giving my BOT (best on thread) The Magician, Milux, Hench, and Abscotoz were in good form.

 About the only enjoyable thing about last night was seeing the comments on Bigfooty come up. I mean it was better than watching the game. I drank half a bottle of 2002 Wynns Cabernet and scoffed half a packet of chocolate biscuits.

I have a set of membership cards going back to the merger and lot of Fitzroy one’s going back years. I cannot see myself getting one next year. Not a Brisbane one I mean.


  1. Yeah, it was pretty awful.

  2. Adam Muyt says

    So they sack the coach and end up with what?

    The Darkness knows no End…

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