Round 20 – Adelaide v St Kilda: Saints wasting opportunities again

Adelaide versus St Kilda
Saturday 3 August 2019
7:10 pm
Adelaide Oval

St Kilda had performed so well and been even on the top of the ladder in the beginning of AFL 2019 season. Then we have fallen down after having been defeated by Adelaide at Marvel Stadium on 27 April.

At the previous meet in Melbourne, St Kilda led at first quarter and slipped down. My footy boss Matt swore at St Kilda Football Club in the closing ceremony of Osaka Dingoes’ IMPACT Anzac Day Cup on that day.

After Brett Ratten having taken over the coaching job, we had won the previous matches against Bulldogs and Melbourne. Saints scored more than 100 points at these games.

Meanwhile Adelaide had struggled with wins – lost two games in a row to Essendon and Carlton.

In AFL media’s preview, St Kilda had been predicted to win by eight points.

And St Kilda FC ran a flashback story of the win against Crows in Adelaide in 2011. My hero Stephen Milne kicked eight goals at the game.

Also it was South Australian Luke Dunstan’s 100th game.

St Kilda had opportunities and excuses to win and it was time to end losing games in Adelaide.

But I only witnessed sloppy and wasting footy on Saturday night watching the game live at nearby Starbucks cafe.

In the first three minutes, Langlands and Billings made a wrong decision in handballing. Then former Saint Lynch kicked the first goal of the match.

Betts followed within two minutes. Unfortunately bad on field performances came back to my beloved Saints.

However Hind kicked smartly and Membrey used hands to get space. Membrey kicked Saints’ first goal.

Then a good tackle was laid by Steele and great ball uses were demonstrated by Steele and Sinclair. Hind got footy at last and did his job bringing us six points.

Saints seemed to catch up, but distinct between two clubs has been shown afterwards in the game.

Coffield’s bad kick, allowing Crows a turn over after Gresham being awarded a free kick, and Hind giving away a 50-metre penalty influenced negatively. The last ended Crouch kicking a goal.

Then Eddie show continued.

At the end of first quarter, Sinclair was awarded a 50-metre penalty and Bruce took a big mark. However opposed to Betts, our forward number 27 missed.

First quarter ended with home team’s five-point lead. It continued until half way of third quarter.

Betts and Walker kicked goals while our key forward Bruce missed many opportunities.

Watching such a game was so frustrating. I admit I behaved like a frustrating coach in the coaching box, even I was at the coffee giant cafe.

I was advised to relax while watching footy, but I am a passionate and crazy Sainter. Footy is the biggest part of my life, so how can I?

Relaxing will bring success in our life, it’s said. I could imagine, but unfortunately I have been much pressure in my youth, especially academic. That’s why I never relax in this country (Japan). I admit I wish I could have been born in the western world…

Our interim coach Brett Ratten was calm in the coaches box no matter how his boys performed, although he showed frustration at last quarter.

He has been said that he brought fun back to the club. Ratts would be the right coach to bring us the second flag, I believe.

Back to footy, the game was intense. We couldn’t break the line while they could exit the congestion…

Gerard Healy described Saints slowed down at third quarter on his commentary duty on Fox Footy.

Wasting opportunities to win and score goals was shown in the game. I made wrong decisions in my life, especially my University course in 1991, like Langlands-Billings handpasses. I reckon I missed many opportunities to improve my life including enjoying my life and personal one, but they are invisible.

Both Saints and myself seem to need the right collaboration that Luke Beveridge and Bob Murphy have done at Whitten Oval.


ADELAIDE 4.1 6.4 10.7 14.8 (92)
ST KILDA 3.2 5.5 7.7 10.10 (70)

Adelaide: Walker 4, Betts 3, M.Crouch 2, Lynch, Douglas, Fogarty, Smith, Murphy
St Kilda: Membrey 3, Hind, Long, Lonie, Gresham, Ross, Bruce, Parker

Adelaide: M.Crouch, Walker, Laird, Betts, Talia, Gibbs
St Kilda: Billings, Marshall, Membrey, Wilkie, Ross, Steele

3. Walker (ADE); 2. Steele (STK); 1. Betts (ADE)

Umpires: Margetts, Brown, Findlay

Official crowd: 39,984


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