Round 20 – Adelaide v Port Adelaide: 825 days and growing


ADELAIDE              1.9   5.15  12.18   18.22 (130)

PORT ADELAIDE     1.1   1.3     4.4       7.4 (46)



Adelaide: Jenkins 4, Betts 4, Walker 3, Jacobs 2, Laird, Greenwood, B.Crouch, Lynch, Sloane

Port Adelaide: Dixon 2, Westhoff, Polec, R.Gray, Ebert, Hombsch



Adelaide: B Crouch, Sloane, Jacobs, Walker, Betts, Lynch, Laird, M. Crouch, Douglas (and virtually every other player.)

Port Adelaide: R. Gray, Polec, Boak, Dixon



Adelaide: Mackay (corked thigh), Talia (groin)? Port Adelaide: Nil

Reports: Nil

Umpires: Stevic, Stevens, Dalgleish

Official crowd: 45,028

Malarkey Medal Votes B Crouch (Ad) 3, R Sloane (Ad) 2, S Jacobs (Ad) 1.



I would like to publicly thank the Port cheer squad for the mention and glad that I spooked the power shortage to that extent! Thanks to Danny Hansen re on face bob saying Rulebook is worth 85 points to the Crows!


Happy 825th day and continuing to grow yes that’s how many days since Port have beaten the Crows and may we hope it adds on plenty of more days yet this wasn’t a game it was a shame and only Crows poor kicking for goal prevented the magic number of 119 getting a nudge (or surpassed!) It was a game for maths/science students to revel in with just some ridiculous stats plus 50 for inside 50 tees, 29 more scoring shots, 100 more possessions, 42 more marks, 13 more contested marks, 46 more contested possessions, dominated the clearances and amazingly still had more tackles. You could go on and on. Basically, it was a complete and utter obliteration and continued to lay claims that Crows supporters should be doing rain dances in September; it is a club that clearly revels in and loves the wet!


Before the game I no this will amaze people who no me I was out and about at the Wellington Hotel selling raffle tickets and for those of you (ok all of you) who enjoy the mickey being taken out of me I strongly advise you click on Luke Reynolds article it is very, very clever and bloody hilarious


2 The ruck battle was billed as the possible All Australian battle between Paddy Ryder and Sam ‘Sauce’ Jacobs. Well the Sauce has thrown the cat among the pigeons by thrashing Ryder and winning the Showdown medal with a large part of it that he edged forward kicking 2 goals. The medal really could have gone to any number of Crows players it was like the MRP it could have been a lottery (grrrr back on the MRP later.)


3 The magician Eddy Betts returned after missing a game through having his appendix removed and quickly blew the theory that the Crows had rushed him back out of the water not only throwing in his regular entry in for goal of the year but his balance and unselfishness was yet again on display he continued along his merry way in showdowns and added to his reputation of loving the big occasion.


4 Tex Walker is a incredible wet weather footballer his ability to use his body and protect the drop zone in a marking contest is 2nd to none with his field kicking again exquisite it was only his kicking for goal which hurt him from having a bigger influence on the game


5 Brad Crouch after missing a game through a cheekbone injury was brilliant. With him missing last week, the Crows were annihilated at the stoppages by the Pies. He was a large part of the reversal. Ducks yes he is winning me over. He needs to do it in September to get the final tick the best part of Brad’s game was his disposal which at times has been his weakness; to go at 80 odd per cent in those conditions was amazing.


6. Rory Sloane destroyed Brad Ebert his direct opponent and yes how he copes with a tag in the finals will play a large part in whether the flag returns to SA, Rory had strong claims for back to back Showdown medals.


7. The connector tickets please, Tom Lynch again ran and ran it is a testament to his fitness and level of professionalism. To have so much impact after being quite ill and let’s not forget spent time in intensive care only a month or so ago really quite incredible he is such a key player. The best small defender in the game, Rory Laird, continued on his merry way with another 30 plus possessions. How he is not considered a lock by every one for the All Australian side is bizarre (it’s that stupid any one would think the MRP is picking it.) Matt Crouch and Richard Douglas were industrious in the midfield basically you could wax lyrical about just about every Crows player.

8. For Port, it was Robbie Gray then space to say he was the Power’s best is captain obvious. Jarrad Polec did a little bit, Travis Boak tried but it’s really just searching an empty barrel for contributors they were putrid.


I admit I have a couple of bug bears and 1st wack is the Match Review Panel and following on from last years incredulous and idiotic suspension of Rory Sloane. The game has hit new lows with the suspension of Patrick Dangerfield. Yes, we know the head is sacrosanct as it must be with the studies of concussion and brain damage but there are FOOTBALL ACCIDENTS and the benefit of the doubt must go to the player. The game is losing its soul now heaven help us Brody Grundy has delivered the PERFECT tackle on Ben Brown it was a Bo Derek 10 out of 10 is facing the possibility of being suspended.


How bout some FOOTBALL COMMON SENSE and HONESTY it was a system designed by a lawyer in my humble opinion lacking footy nous. It is a system which is failing the game dismally with gradings garbage. It hasn’t and can not work, AFL and footy in general needs and demands so much better. I just shake my head in bewilderment when I hear Nathan Burke speak with the explanations and truly wonder is that what he really thinks or is he just an AFL mouthpiece only he truly knows.


Now I realise you’re not going on social media for footy intellect but as one Crows supporter inboxed me have we got the dumbest supporters in the game? Some Crows supporters more than suggesting we don’t pick Mitch McGovern and Jake Lever as they won’t commit for season 2018. Wow, just wow wee. Not only are you sabotaging your chances in 2017, you would face POSSIBLE sanctions from the AFL for bringing the game in to disrepute arguably restraint of trade action (use what term you wish) from the Players Association let alone mutiny from within your own player ranks. Geez, good luck holding onto players in the future.

(Let’s remember Melbourne weren’t found guilty of tanking but received enormous penalties. Any one thinking the AFL wouldn’t take action is more than a touch naïve.)


Now after a fair bit of research and using contacts that there would be enormous repercussions, I reckon I had more evidence than you would need to get a murder charge to stick some supporters still buried there head in the sand and wouldn’t listen.


Mitch McGovern and Jake Lever are hot property (don’t dare think it’s only the WA clubs having a real crack re Mitch), this is the area where the Crows MUST be tough and purely because of the demand for both are in the box seat to DEMAND 1st round draft choices and players if not force the player to go in to the draft (entirely different than standing them down now). Yes, while it is short term pain, Port did it with Nick Stevens and that has helped them in the long run.


So we wait with baited breath the MRP lottery result while the Crows march on to face the Bombers Saturday night it is a game they must not take lightly and bring a far better want and desire to start the game than they did last game in Melbourne while Port face a huge game with so many potential outcomes against the Pies.


How far can the Crows go? Your thoughts re MRP? Other feedback? Thank you.


  1. Dave Brown says

    Yep, as a Norwood/Crows man, Rulebook, happy for it to rain until mid-October. Nice to have the Showdown ledger in the Crows’ favour for the first time since 2000. Fair to say the level of banter around the office is up a level as a result of that banner. Not sure Port fans are appreciating it now. Apricot slice for morning tea, anyone?

    Re. the Dangerfield suspension and soon to be Grundy charge, I have a fairly different perspective to yours (and many others). There’s no point in saying the head is sacrosanct and then actually doing nothing about it. Players must learn that the moment they pin an opponent’s arms they are responsible for what happens next. Sure it comes down to an element of luck but by pinning the arms the tackler is accepting that the luck falls upon them and that if they drive a player into the ground after pinning the arms (rendering them defenceless) that action is by its very nature careless. Have heard a lot of footy types saying ‘but that’s how we’re taught to tackle’. That’s no longer the case at the early/mid junior level (the bear hug is taught and a free kick is supposed to be paid if the player is taken to ground) and for good reason.

  2. Ben Footner says

    Both Lever and McGovern aren’t free agents. While I obviously want them to stay, should both go it will give our superbly skilled recruiting team plenty to work their magic with at the trade/draft table.

  3. Hi Malcolm
    fantastic win by our boys , bring on the gf and lets all do a rain dance on the day, because surely no
    other team in comp has our wet weather skills. We are the only club that can stack our team with talls
    in the dirty weather as they all have supreme skills.

    So surprised to see Port roll over so easy in this game, its as if they turned up knowing they are going to
    get thumped and just went through the motions.Having said that our pressure at the contests was superb
    and tackles were sticking. Fantastic news during the week to read that Hugh Greenwood a big part of our tackling machine has signed on for another two years.

    Agree with your comments on the MRP and have already shared some thoughts with you on this.Now waiting to see the outcome with Grundy. I can only imagine how we would feel if we had a player rubbed out
    in the prelim for making such a good tackle that created a footy accident .

    Keep the match reports coming Malcolm….GO THE CROWS

  4. Willow Wilson says

    Good summary Book, Port were putrid and showed no desire to work hard and get dirty. Great to see the Crouch brothers blossoming. Back 6 were excellent with Lever back in, Keath looking a little shaky still but got to have some quality time on Dixon.
    I have a huge amount of respect for your footy knowledge Book but am baffled by your view on the Dangerfield and Grundy tackles. I completely agree with Dave Brown’s comments above. Clearly the game has evolved and the duty of care to protect the head is crystal clear. The AFL are clearly saying, “accidental or not is not relevant, it is the outcome that matters”. Agree or disagree with this it is clear.
    So players and coaches need to adapt, it is clearly not a perfect tackle to pin the opponents arms and drive their head into the ground, accident or not. If you pin the arms then you are taking a risk. You can try and pin the arms and force them down on their side or back, but you must not slam the head into the ground.
    Whether we like it or not the game evolves and in terms of protecting the head, I am comfortable with the AFL’s direction.

  5. Well since my last comments I have to say that the Crows have definitely showed a style of footy more suitable to winning finals and maybe even the big one.
    Sloane is proving to be meeting his challenges head on with a notable difference in his approach and his toughness. Dusty just needs to be reported now and the Brownlow is Slones.
    Well I’ve been waiting for the Crows to fly into Melbourne to take on the mighty Bombers, I’m not as confident given Fantasia and Merrit won’t be playing it will test the Bombers depth.

  6. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    It doesn’t follow that the laying of the “perfect tackle” (ie both arms oinbed) gives the tackler the right to sling the tackled player downwards into the turf. That’s no more an “accident” than me rear-ending the car in front because I was texting.

  7. Poetry’s been subjected to humiliation over the years, but perhaps none as cruel as having their art form abused on football club banners.

    That said, the Port banner was not poetic, and was yet another example of how the AFL has been a boon for mediocre comics.

  8. I thought it was cold wet and miserable ay the junior footy in Melbourne’s east, Malcolm, but Adelaide Oval looked worse. Hopeing for a cold, wet and shocking September in South Australia and Victoria.

    We’ve got a real mud runner midfield – between Upwey, Broadford, Tasmania and Beaufort, the Crouch boys, Greeenwood, Sloane and Douglas were born to play in the slop. And even without wet weather specialist Andy Otten our KPPs were excellent. I’ve watched Eddie’s goal at the Riverbank end a lot of times, and more and more the quality of the tap down from Jenkins catches my eye.

    And Sauce was magnificent.

  9. Jill Tathra says

    I must admit I was baffled at Ports game. I really thought, even with the wether conditions it would be a close game. Ports are just lucky we didn`t kick straight, especially in the 1st quarter.

    As for the suspension of Dangerfield I am going to, sort of, disagree with you as the bloke didn`t take further part of the game because his head had hit the ground. Mind you I don`t know how the tackle is to be treated as it wasn`t a malicious act

  10. Jamie Mason says

    Good summary Book, but having had my arms pinned in a tackle and lost consciousness for 5 mins as a result, I think the MRP has it right. If you pin someones arms, you alone have control of the impact zone and if you don’t get it right, then pay the price.
    You must be licking your chops at the prospect of playing the Tigs in a final!!

  11. Cheers Malcolm, glad to see you feature on the banner. That was 3 hours of my life yesterday that I’ll never get back, just miserable to be there.
    Hmmm how far will the Crows go? I predict runner up to either Swans or GWS.

  12. Excellent summary as usual. Still recovering from the cold – but well worth it. Anyone would be dumb not to play Lever and McGovern whether they stay or go – they are in our best 22 and maybe a flag would convince them to stay.

  13. Jeff Milton says

    Great to see Brad Crouch play so well in a what was supposed to be a big game. Where were Port? Never gave a whimper and it would have been all over before the end of the first quarter if the Crows hadn’t kicked so poorly for goal. Crows continue to beat sides that are in the top eight while Port continue to lose to them. How can they be 5th with such a poor record against top 8 sides?
    The Crows could go all the way but GWS loom large and anything can happen in Prelim Finals. Do not want a repeat of 2005 where they beat the Eagles in Perth in the last game to claim the minor premiership but lost their captain to suspension for the first final which they then blew and ended up in an away prelim final rather than a home one.

  14. Good article Rulebook. Clearly your reputation procedes you, judging by Port’s banner ‘mention’ yesterday. The Crows are preparing for the Finals very nicely, evidenced by yesterday’s rout over Port. Still, they’ve got 3 tough games leading into the Finals, so it’ll be interesting to see how things unfold. In my view, Adelaide, GWS, Sydney and Geelong are a touch better than the rest of the competition and I can’t wait to see these sides square off in the Preliminary Finals.

  15. Wheres the Troy Chaplin reference?

    Maybe – the banner had the biggest backfire since Chaplin decided to launch his airplane celebration.

  16. Mark Ducker says

    Spot on RB – I’m glad you’ll realising the jet that Brad Crouch is NOW, his huge importance with the Crows engine room & if he plays well we win. Even if Rory is tagged out of it somedays. He’s not taggable the way he plays so hard on inside. And I agree his disposal by foot ( not hand) can be at times questioned. But 86% efficiency yest. was great. His average for an insider elite MF should around 72- 75% efficiency not his usual 65-70. And yes finals will define where he’s truly at NOW as a 50 game player. Look out at 50-100 games from now.

    Spot on re footy accidents – can do 2 action sling with no control & luck the head misses the ground & everyone is happy but just plain dangerous & should be suspended. Likewise can pin arms correctly in one action tackle with no intention to hurt opponent but unfortunately head hits ground ie Dangerfield. He gets a match! I just shake my head of the game’s decision makers. If this continues tackling will be virtually taken out of our game for fear of accidentally concussing someone. All for protecting head and being sacrosanct, but it CAN be done still around ACCIDENTS. I think everyone needs to consider if we want tackling out of our great game before crucifying the Dangerfield tackle and like moving forward. I don’t but those not wanting this type of tackling really must be happy within 10 years of a game of basketball on a large field!!! Careful what you wish for when considering sacrosanct head. Can get accidentally concussed in anything in life with contact – that’s life ! This is another example of left winged political correctness gone mad.

  17. A disgraceful performance by Port Adelaide. They should be ashamed.
    The Bulldogs will surely be hoping for a cold, wet day in Ballarat in two weeks’ time.

    Rulebook, I read the article twice, searching for the Troy Chaplin reference.
    Can I just add that Port were so bad that Chaplin may have been of assistance in the back-line.

    Congrats on making the banner.

  18. anne sargeant says

    If McGovern and Lever can help us win a premiership this year, i don’t care where they go and we are compensated fairly. No point giving the farm away to keep two bulls

  19. Eddie surely had to be in the votes

  20. Lovely Lisa says

    Nice to see you got a mention Book, but more importantly nice to see a good flogging.

  21. Peter Crossing says

    You’ve always been an apricot slice kind of guy to me, young Malcolm.
    That on-field insurgent displayed greater pace and evaded more tackles than did any of the Port players on the day.

  22. In narrowing down the banner writers to literate Power fans, I suspect it is Rivvies progeny who have been piecing together snippets from Hold Your Bowlies (Chardonnays, Book, et al) but who are “Needles” and “Apricot Slice” ? A Showdown GF is now looking a one in 7 chance.

  23. Tony Cove says

    1. Adelaide need to “bottle” the form & method they demonstrated around the stoppages yesterday, & produce that on a REGULAR basis. It was missing vs C’wood in Round 19, and could go missing again in future unless that Crows midfield set up and perform the way they did yesterday. Next opportunity: Saturday night vs Bombers at Etihad – bring it on!! 2. Tex Walker is the most complete key forward in the game at present if you consider all aspects: marking, goal-kicking, game awareness, goal assists, disposal to other forwards. He can do it all. 3. Josh J: he needs to “bottle” his form from yesterday & contribute like that EVERY week. NO reason why he can’t. 4.Crouch brothers, take a bow. Their influence as a pair yesterday was the most significant it has ever been. 5. Crows defence was well-drilled, focused & always in the right spots. 6. Mitch McGovern: delights & frustrates in equal measure. Saved the game in Round 19. Yesterday got in the right spots, but wasted it & didn’t finish well. He is still a work in progress IMO. 7. Sam Jacobs a deserving medallist, with Betts, Sloane, Crouch M. unlucky to miss out. It is a disgrace that Jacobs has never been selected in an All-Australian side. 8. As to the Power, some of their “middle-aged” players are jaded & have plateaud out. A change of club needed by a couple IMO. Gray R. excellent, Powell-Pepper tired & needs a rest, their forward line is one-dimensional. 9. Essendon @ Etihad looms as a different challenge for Adelaide, I suspect it may end up being a goal shoot-out rather than a defensive grind. If that is the case, Crows should cruise to a big win, especially if the tag on Sloane doesn’t happen OR is ineffective.

  24. Cameron Glenn says

    A very one sided Showdown where one team turned up and the other thought they were witches hats. Plenty of history in the making with the Crows biggest Showdown win, Port’s biggest Showdown loss, Port’s biggest loss at Adelaide Oval, First time the Crows have won 5 Showdowns in a row and first time with a clean sweep in consecutive years. Probably the wettest Showdown in history too. Gee the Crows love playing in the wet. Great game.

  25. Melina Mueller says

    I have previously made my thoughts re playing Mitch & Jake known, and will again. Make hay while the sun shines!! Whether we have them beyond this season or not, both of them are in fabulous form, Lever especially scintillating. It would be reprehensible to drop either simply because they’ve not put pen to paper. As for Port – you know, in the dying moments of the game, I almost, ALMOST, felt a tiny bit sorry for Robbie Gray. Almost. Poor bastard. I truly expected more from Port, this being a Showdown and all (although I never expected more from their fans). While I never really thought we’d lose (no matter how nervous those behinds made me in the first quarter), I thought there’d be some mongrel in the opposition, some fight, something that made it clear they were saying “weare port Adelaide”. Instead, this insipid team came out and literally laid down in front of the steamroller that is the Crows. Now to the good stuff. My boys!! That brilliant Eddie magic, just wow. What can you say? What a return to his sparkling best. The brothers Crouch – we are so blessed to have them both in our team. The Rorys – again, what can you say? And my man Tex – he picked that game up and asserted his dominance on it every bit as easily as he did to Pittard; honestly who thought that he would be able to match up to the Texan? That was just silly. And so, onward we go, September is calling. How well we answer that call is the question.

  26. I think you play the best players on your list. Football is not based on local club, Jumper and loyalty any more.

    If they tag Sloan in the finals , will the crows pull a D Jarman and play him at full forward ?

  27. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Dave rain rain rain please couldn’t disagree more re the tackle,Ducks nails it in the comment imo.Ben spot on.Dave while we were v good geez they were terrible last few picked falls away dramatically,Greenwood is the quiet achiever his basketball skill re deflections in close is just so important and amazingly such a good tackler for a basketballer yes touch footy prelim finals.Willow all for protecting the head and go hard with huge suspensions for sling tackles but re this 1 is pure and simple a footy accident,Brown tried to shrug the tackle and Grundy momentum carries forward with a agrressive tackle like we all demand surely the factor of playing on a bloody rock hard ground,MUST be taken in to account.Riverboy yes could be the Stephen Bradbury brownlow for Sloane yet geez dumb dumb dumb by Merrett.( could have been a clash between ex Redlegs teammates,Fantasia and Brown alas hammy not to be.Swish totally and vehemently disagree re sling.
    Steve v good point re midfield suited to the wet and I didn’t realise how good the tap on was from,Jenkins till watching several times since.Mase yep likewise having been knocked out I no where your coming from this one to me is just a pure footy accident the soul of the game is being destroyed I admit I am rapidly losing interest in afl footy.Wren I would be the same as you re roles reveresed and I fear the giant ( pun intended) awoke on Saturday.thank you

  28. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Litza I just thought it was average neither good or bad sort of harmless with out achieving anything certainly not in the dogs class.Jill yes puzzling by Port it seemed all week the power in every regard were more worried about the Crows than what they could control themselves both supporting and coaching wise,re Danger and now Grundy this is where the game has lost the plot going on the outcome not the intent.Droop exactly yes bizarre by some Crows supporters.Milts where the Crows end up will have a lot to do with Brad Crouch injuries and reports will be vital just hope no player is as dumb as Merrett and Hawkins and yes not Roos finest moment.Paul thank you there will be twists and turns yet.Byron Bay keep the punters guessing re Chaplin he may appear again ( depends if I watch any more just so disgusted re mrp and direction footy is going the bump and now the tackle just pure garbage ) Ducks thank you this thread needed a past players input your intelligence and thoughtful analysis and explanation was desperately needed.Smokie it was as if some power players put it in the to hard basket and just didn’t want to be out there and yes they were powerless and Craplin would have fitted in to there defence for his expertise of standing the mark perfectly.
    Anne couldn’t agree more.Raj I reckon I about 10 Crows players could have featured at least. thank you

  29. Citrus Bob says

    Thanks again Book for your sensible comments re football in general.
    Did you all notice that Kreuzer kept running all day on Saturday? So much for concussion and the head and 35 is ineligible for the Brownlow. Where is the justice in that? Seems like the Bluebaggers were in sinc with the MRP..
    So the Match Review Panel this week gives Grundy 2 weeks for the same incident. Ben Brown will probably play this week and the next and kick a bag of goals for the Roos against hawthorn and St.Kilda. Well done Brodie Grundy for your sportsmanship after the event.
    Like many I a worried where OUR game is heading. Let us have an Knackers Forum on it in China..

  30. Great to see you get a well deserved mention from the Port supporters! And what a massive win for the Crows, absolutely dominated Port, to get the biggest ever showdown win in such dreadful weather conditions was fantastic.

  31. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Thanks LL,Noughts don’t mind a apricot slice and yes I should have put the pitch invader in the powers BPs.
    Jamesey well played v clever.Tony agree with every point and totally agree re the powers last few surely the talk re PP rising star will did a natural death and hopefully the Crows are mentally switched on this week.
    Cameron some enjoyable history.Melina yes bizarre some Crows supporters re McGovern and Lever and then not listening and wanting to learn re the possible ramifications of not picking them as always love your passion glad you almost felt sorry for R Gray ! Betts again loving the big occasion the Crouch’s sensational,Tex inspirational with good leadership and yes we wait and see how,September unfolds.Farmboy I reckon,Sloane will be used in a variety of ways his team 1st ethic every time is a huge asset.I can’t stress my disappointment and disgust re the direction of footy it is losing its soul I wonder how many other people feel the same ?
    Thank you

  32. Well sadly Nathan Buckley has to go after five&half yrs&only in recent times,players saying there behind him is beyond belief,this yr we gone fear away from climbing the ladder,it’s totally unlike Collingwood tradition.we need rebuild under a new fresh ideas taking us forward.

  33. Martin Rumsby says

    The Crows were awesome and added some real credibility to their top position in the competition. They can secure that position with a couple more wins. Apart from the great form of the midfield, one of the most encouraging features of the game was the return to form of Eddie Betts. Also interesting to see the way that Riley Knight was used.

  34. Debbie blades says

    Wooh Wooh Wooh!!!! Thats all I have to say. The vics are scared cos the crows are coming that’s why they feel need for poaching our players. We teach them they take them. I prey that we have some loyalty left in the footy world and we hang onto lever and McGovern. They are valuable to us and we need to play hardball.

  35. John Butler says

    Re making the banner – it was only a matter of time, Rulebook. :)

    So how do we join the dots between Good Crows (v Geelong, 2nd half against Pies, this game) and Bad Crows (most of game v Carlton, 1st half v Pies)?

    Having watched them intently, what are the keys to them playing well? What breaks down when they struggle?

    Are there any specific elements you’ve picked up on?


  36. Nice analysis “Book. I’m praying for a wet and woolly September. I’ve seen us inside at the Docklands and on still, sunny days, and not handle and dispose of the ball with such accuracy and poise. Go the rain!

  37. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Citrus Bob when you have sports nuts like myself rapidly losing interest in the game the afl decision makes are exactly the same as the bombers thru there whole saga head buried in the sand and won’t admit the game has a MAJOR problem and won’t admit there faults and mistakes as I have said the game is stuffed.I just glimpsed at other games on the week end I have lost my passion.thanks Campbell.Bazz the pies hard to work out there list is a hell of a lot better than there ladder position.Martin Betts was brilliant and Knights toughness is vital ( game lost at selection re leaving him out v hawks ) Debbie yes we need to play hardball
    re clubs after,Lever and McGovern which some Crows followers don’t understand ) but I have nothing against players swapping clubs in reality all they have done is swap jobs which is lost in the emotion of it all.JB the Crows need to have manic desire and intent they haven’t really demonstrated that they can do that away from feeding off the energy of the crowd at Ad oval they were a hell of a lot stronger thru the return of Betts energy re defensive pressure and class,Brad Crouch is finally getting there and is now a very good afl footballer and while it looks like we only have till the end of the season to enjoy,Lever he is a jet.( goes back to as we all no how much sport is played above the ears ) thanks folks

  38. thanks RB.
    What an enjoyable Sunday evening it was, and for the 2nd Showdown in a row the Powder supporters that sit in front of me didn’t return after half time. I wear that as a badge of banter honor!
    MRP – what a disgrace, and it’s not getting any better. Shall we just take the tackle out of the game?!!!
    Hawkins suspension is bewildering.
    The Crows – super impressive all over. Whilst Essendon pose a challenge on Etihad this weekend I can’t help but look ahead to the Swans game which has me salivating. That game for me is the REAL litmus test. We win, and I might book some flights!
    I couldn’t agree more on Knights selection – he is a hard nut and I love seeing B Crouch with some games under his belt playing to his potential.
    Concerns on all the trade talk – but all un-contracted players will look to possible suitors – it’s a job.
    Lets hope the rain continues well into September.

  39. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Chris well played re Port supporters and yep tackle is dead MRP and guidelines just so much to answer for
    mental test this sat night and yep supporters have to remember it is the players job and remove all the emotion

  40. No mention of the massive loss of your favorite player in DMac.
    Just think if we had our best player it could have been that magic number 119.
    Of more concern is the apparent groin injury to Talia.
    I agree with you re Lever and the Governator but I’m greatly concerned Fagans statements are appearing to contradict Chapman’s statement that the club will stop at nothing to sign both players.

  41. Port got an unbelievable bashing by the might Crows, and so they should of after that pathetic attempt of a banner, I dont like apricot slice,nor Chardonnay, I dont own any Rulebooks and I certainly dont knit. having the flu all of last week I was not going to attend, but I just couldnt stay away. I was there, sick and Im so glad I went because probably one of the best Showdowns Ive ever been to, to play in those conditions like it was dry was just incredible to watch our boys do that. How far can the Crows go? I believe this is going be one of the best chances to go all the way, I personally dont think that far ahead, and just hope we can win the next 3 games…MRP…i dont like putting in opinions, but pinning someones arms back and throwing him head first I would of thought would be a serious offence…hmm
    Overview of showdown 43, Crows showed up, and every player played his part, watching Tex captain the boys on field and watching them listen and do shows much respect, and I hope he gets to have a massive influence on McGovern and Levers decisions, hopefully these 2 boys can see the bigger picture. Stats galore, cant even do stats, Im not mathematical..and as for port, still waiting for them to show up

  42. Mark Duffett says

    I’m still a bit in two minds about the tackle thing. On the one hand I can’t see what Dangerfield did as anything other than a textbook illustration of how it should be done, and reckon it a travesty that he was suspended. I just couldn’t see evidence of force beyond that reasonably required to bring a (massive) player to ground. On the other, I’ve never been comfortable with the ‘make him earn it’ call (i.e. deliberately hurt as much as possible without giving away a free, or if doing so cannot be avoided) that can often be heard around lower-level games. If that sort of thing goes out of footy culture as a result of the MRP policy, maybe that’s worth the sacrifice of a Dangerfield Brownlow.

  43. Great read Book, and glad to see you are banner famous now! I watched the game the other night from my hotel room in Melbourne and had to chuckle at your comment “it was a shame not a game”. Disappointing that it wasn’t much of a contest, albeit it was good to see how good the crows can be and the stars in the team lighting up at the tail end of the season. Would love to see the crows at the big dance.

  44. Luke Reynolds says

    I’m surprised Rulebook hasn’t been on a banner many times before. I’m sure you’ll get a run on Norwood’s AFL banners!!
    Great analysis as usual.

  45. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Adrian D Mac v imp player I don’t fancy chances re keeping,Lever and McGovern hope,Tals is ok this week.
    KDE passionate as always,Mark I am really firm just totally believe both footy accidents and the most dangerous tackle of the weekend was Ziebell but because,Treloar wasn’t seriously injured no action just so so wrong.Ben thank you and good luck mate.Thanks Luke greatly appreciated mate thanks folks

  46. Bit late to the dance with my comments Rulebook but nice initial analysis but I think you devoted too much time to the tackle issue. Where the AFL are coming from on this issue is to do all they can to avoid future lawsuits that players could bring against them if they’re not seen to be doing everything they can to prevent serious head injuries. Unfortunately this is the real world now with its emphasis on litigation and trying to blame someone else for ones woes.

    The game itself was fantastic to watch and clearly the Powa are complete pretenders and the absolute definition of downhill skiers. What blew me away with Port’s banner is that it demonstrates their obvious inferiority complex when all they can do is carry on about the opposition’s supporters rather than concentrating on their own team’s positives (if there are any).

  47. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Jim I couldn’t agree more the afl are terrified re law suits but the game had lost the plot pinging re purely because of injury the most dangerous tackle by a mile last week was by Ziebell pure incompetence.
    Shattered re the direction the game is going.Port were bizarre last week I agree total inferiority complex showed it at selection as well and just in general they were terrified. thank you

  48. Caz Phillips says

    Not sure about a few things written but still a good article .
    Tackling now in the game just has to changed once the head hits the ground you’re up for the MRP ,players need to be wary of this and tackle differently .If you watch playefs like Eddie and Cyril and others they have a great tackling technique.
    Anyway off that and back to the game ,what a ripper it wasby us if we kicked straight in horrible wet and windy co nditions game would’ve been over before quarter time .
    Crows were all over Power and played one of their best games this season .I must admit I thought it would be alot closer but Power were insipid to say the least and weren’tin the contest .
    Eddie worried me all week I didnt think he’d play but wow he did and whata marvellous magician he is ,just so skilled in every way .
    Tex led the way and the others just followed well played boys ,next team up and its another win which hopefully we can get the job done .

  49. Anyone saying McGovern and Lever should be left out are in one word imbeciles. Saying that sadly I think we’ll be saying goodbye to them both. Ps I’m thinking you got a quiet invite to help with the powers failing banner making

  50. Malcolm, it’s nice to see the power ( or do we now call them power blackouts) supporters appreciate your contribution to the game.

    On a serious note the AFL has no other choice but to take action against players who create injuries (concussions) when tackling.
    With the liabilities that the AFL faces with OHS in the workplace there is no other option but to try and minimise these situations

    Sadly this is the world that we now live in. People have to except that this will be the norm going forward and the game that we all love has changed and will never be the same as it once was.

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