Round 2 – St Kilda v Western Bulldogs: Appreciation for Rooey but Reality Check Rather Than Celebration

Saturday, 2 April 2016
7:25 pm (Local Time, 5:25 pm at my work)
Docklands Stadium, Melbourne

Listening to Final Siren on SEN in the previous night, Mark Finey talked about the potential game circumstances for the St Kilda vs Collingwood at Round 3 with a Pie supporter. The St Kilda supporting presenter urged our club had issues at the back line in height.

My thought came up that it would be no worries if we played attacking footy. I did not hesitate to call or talk to the fellow St Kilda supporter (Finey).

They took my call and I made a debut on the footy talk back program. But Finey just pointed the back line issue and I was shot down. The conversation only lasted 20 to 30 seconds and it went on the break. After the ad break, he told the audience that my phone call was a prank.

I realised I should have much knowledge of footy to debate well with the veteran footy journalist. I am just a rookie or a junior footy player on the Final Siren footy field.

Meanwhile Nick Riewoldt has got much media attention throughout the week because of his 300th game as well as Maddie’s Match. I hoped our boys would play good footy against Doggies.

Unlike 2015, it is hard for me to take a day off on Saturday or Sunday this year, so I have much less opportunity to watch footy live at Coolabah (Sorry Andy, the Kangaroo supporting owner).

Then I have to rely on watching the match highlight video until my St Kilda membership is upgraded into the international digital subscription one.

In the first few minutes, Macrae took a mark inside 50 and then kicked towards Liberatore who took another mark. Between two Bulldogs, we were unable to narrow space to possession or touch. Finey’s point of view about the back line seems to be correct.

Then after we allowed Footscray boys another five points, the ball was passed well from Dempster to Riewoldt and to McCartin. But he kicked the ball towards Adams. Why did it happen? Couldn’t McCartin see the opponent player? But luckily McCartin picked the ball and kicked towards our champion back and then towards Billings who kicked towards Newnes. Newnes kicked the first goal for St Kilda.

At the second quarter, nine minutes remaining, our boys gathered around the goal post attempting to block opponents’ goal. Even we allowed Picken to an opportunity to take a mark inside 50, but the ball was dropped and he fell down. We kicked and handballed well, but Johannisen grabbed the ball and bounced the ball that Nick missed about footy in his young years. The Saints gave much space to the Bulldogs. Instead we should have tricked them to allow us much room to create attacking footy.

At 3:29 remaining, Rooey time came! He took a mark inside 50, just right back to the posts. His dad Joe advised Nick how to kick, but only scored a behind and Dad was disappointed.

However later in the game, 11:03 remaining at the third quarter, Nick got another opportunity to score a goal after taking a mark inside 50. His effort to celebrate his milestone broke away, but the score was 29-56. I wish I could see more Rooey show in the special match.

Near the end of the quarter, Savage’s tackle was unsuccessful and Thomas Boyd was awarded with a free kick to score another goal.

At the last quarter, Paddy took a mark just behind the goal post but was tackled by 10.

Hotdogs seemed to be cooked at Etihad Stadium by Bulldogs diehards and I would feel the smell if I were there…

But Nick took another mark inside 50 around 1 minute and 40 seconds remaining. He reduced the heat on the Hotdog BBQ grill, but it did not help.

Back to the game day at work, all guests have gone for dinner, I tuned in the ABC Grand Stand through AFL App, but the game was over and I only heard the Bulldogs club song. I feel sorry for Rooey and my boys for not being able to keep up with the game properly (I only checked the score when I had time).

On the field, Nick was chaired off, and celebrated and honoured by our boys, Bulldog players, coaches, club staff members and spectators. Great attitudes were shown even the Saints lost.

Rooey is so respected and regarded because he is a true champion.

In post match, our champion and skipper expressed disappointment for the loss. I am so disappointed too. Reality check is needed. We need more attacking footy and to seek how to keep up energy not to get tired at the last quarter. Also using interchange well is needed to gain full energy and to have a productive game.

Even I strongly believe attacking footy is important, Finey’s point of view about back line seems important. Unfortunately we cannot hire a tall defender at this stage, so it is better to seek how to defend well within the current squad. Room would be the solution for both attacking and defending.

ST KILDA 1.1 3.5 4.5 5.6 (36)
WESTERN BULLDOGS 3.6 7.6 9.13 13.15 (93)

St Kilda: Riewoldt 2, Newnes, Lonie, Bruce
Western Bulldogs: Boyd 3, Stringer 2, Picken 2, Liberatore, McLean, Johannisen, Wallis, Hunter, Daniel

St Kilda: Dempster, Fisher, Montagna, Newnes, Steven, Armitage
Western Bulldogs: Hunter, Johannisen, Murphy, Wallis, Adams, Bontempelli, Liberatore

St Kilda: Nil
Western Bulldogs: Nil

Reports: Nil

Umpires: Hosking, Hay, McInerney

Official crowd: approx 37,353

About Yoshihiro Imagawa

Love, passion and pride are seen on the footy that is the biggest part of my life. 1. St Kilda Club member: I am a passionate and crazy Sainter. Just hope we will win the second flag soon, especially after Dogs and Tigers having ended long premiership draughts. 2. The Osaka Dingoes Player and Public Relations Officer: Player number 44 that I chose to honour Stephen Milne with my wish being like a small forward like him. Lenny Hayes' hardworking attitudes are adopted on my trainings and practices. Nick Riewoldt's great plays are in my player audiobook too. 3. Writing: Here on the Almanac and also on the World Footy News. My skills utilise on great footy websites.


  1. Phillip Dimitriadis says

    I heard you Yoshi and you did a great job!
    You sounded much more sober than most of Finey’s callers and that’s a feat in itself.

  2. Cheers Phil!

    I had no choice rather than being sober because I rang the radio station just after my work. Thanks for your compliments!

    Probably getting drunk can be the solution to win over Finey?? Do you think Andy from Pakenham always drinks and calls the Run Home’s Soap Box?


  3. Yvette Wroby says

    Hi Yoshi,

    I just wrote to SEN to let them know who you are and sent your article. Hope Finey gets to read it, so next time you call, he’ll say g’day instead of thinking the worst. You keep ringing, keep supporting and hopefully we will see better games from all our players. Riewoldt is an absolute gem. Take care

  4. Hi Yoshi,
    I retweeted the link to @SENEvening and suggested a bit of respect. Keep up the passion, its always appreciated.

  5. Hi Yvette and davep,

    Thank you for your great help writing SEN. It will help improving our relationship.

    Yvette – Yes I will ringng them when I have time. Actually Finey greeted saying “Good evening Yoshi” at first. Thanks for your positive attitudes towards our Saints. Take care too!

    davep – Thank you for retweeting. Hopefully he will know who I am next time.



  6. Neil Anderson says

    I didn’t hear the call to SEN unfortunately. I’m glad Yvette let Finey know who you are and that you are a star here at the Almanac.
    We still can’t believe how knowledgeable you are about footy and StKilda, so it’s no wonder they thought it was a prank call.
    He was probably confused receiving a sober call… nothing to do with the accent.
    Glad my Dogs won of course and then formed the guard of honor for Rooey. Bob Murphy’s 300th to come later this year.

  7. G’day Neil,

    Thanks for your compliment on my knowledge of our beloved footy and my St Kilda. I’m so happy Yvette helped me about Finey’s call on the prank phone call as well as davep’s retweeting.

    Your boys have been playing fast and attacking footy that I admire. Sadly we are behind to your club, but are improving. Young blokes need more experiences and will learn.

    Did you listen to the Run Home on SEN this afternoon? They say the Bulldogs are forming new types of footy comparing Sydney Swans and Fremantle. Young blokes come to the club and Bob Murphy shows great leadership.

    I admire Bob and will congratulate on his 300th game.



  8. Hi Yoshi,

    I happened to hear your phone call to Finey and I wanted to share my interpretation of why your call was cut short.

    When Finey first introduced you, he said, “Next up we’ve got Yossi from Japan”. He mumbled something about thinking this was a bit odd. As Finey is Jewish, and the name Yossi is also a Jewish name, he may well have thought something amiss with a Jewish man calling from Japan.

    Finey has had to contend with prank calls many times on his Final Siren segment and I think the above made him question the call’s authenticity.

    I shot off an SMS straight after your call to let him know that Yoshi was in fact a ‘Footy Almanac-er’ and a passionate Saints man. However he soon informed that the SMS system was down at SEN so would not have got the message.

    I would encourage you to call Finey again and I’m confident you’ll get a different response next time!

    Go Saints!



  9. Hi Scot,

    Thanks for your explanation of the behind scene at the radio studio and good encouragement on calling Finey again.

    Last week, he informed us SMS system went down and encouraged listeners to call them. Thank you for trying to send a text message telling him who I am.

    I am listening to Final Siren show now but just try to know what is going on between Port and Essendon.

    Hopefully I will ring him next week or a week after.

    Are you watching the game at MCG tomorrow?

    Go Saints!!



  10. G’day Yoshi. Hope you are well.

    Do you have any way of viewing the great program, aired on the Football Channel, on Tuesday 5/4 re the fifty years since the Saints last flag? If you can access it,, you’ll enjoy it. TH focus is on why St Kilda have not won a flag since 1966 . Five Grand Finals but no win(s).

    St Kilda has an intriguing history. In its 140 year existence only the one premiership, that by the barest of margins. THe most wooden spoons, 27, the most brownlow medallists, but only the one premiership. None the less they retain a solid supporter base.

    Hope you do well today !


  11. Neil Anderson says

    I hope you were able to watch the Saint’s great win today.
    Happy to say like 5o years ago, just as either Ted, Butch or Mike said in the commentary box, ” I tipped this!”
    In 1966 I was working in the St Kilda/ Albert Park area surrounded by diehard Saint supporters, so I celebrated long and hard with my work-mates after their win.

  12. G’day Glen and Neil,

    Glen – I am alright thanks for asking. How about you? Unfortunately I have had no chance to watch the Open Mike show. It seems interesting and I hope to watch soon. Hope you are well too.

    Neil – Thanks to AFL Global Pass, I was able to watch Saturday’s match against Collingwood. It was great with big efforts. Your Bulldogs nearly won yesterday that is sad. Wow it’s interesting about working with St Kilda supporters in 1966!

    Cheers mates


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