Round 2 – St. Kilda v Gold Coast: Super Saints Sting Suns

Super Saints Sting Shocking Suns

Gold Coast Suns v St. Kilda Saints

7:20 P.M. Saturday 11th April 2015

Metricon Stadium, Gold Coast

Andy Tuano


The past two days had been long and irritating. A Collingwood Girl had been trying to tempt me to a Collingwood that was woeful just hours before my Saints played. I would mock her about it as soon as the game ended, while waiting for my Saints. I didn’t see the whole first quarter, but the Saints were 4 points up at Quarter Time. Through hard work from all Saints, (especially marking legend Josh Bruce, with FOUR goals during the second quarter) we led by 42 points with minutes to half time. The SEN commentator (I don’t know which one) said, “That’s right St. Kilda fans, you are 42 points up.”

I was offended by that comment.

Jack Lonie lined up from straight in front and banged through the goal to drag the lead to 8 goals. I was stunned. It was brilliant. My Saints, the one mocked all the way up until the Crows-Pies game, were murdering Gold Coast. Bruce was sparkling. His marking reminded me of Riewoldt, who I forgot about momentarily.

The future of St. Kilda seemed much brighter, reminding me of 2009, when we’d just lock the bloody thing inside our forward fifty. I was proud we’d do it for Chips. But it was just half time. The game slowed down, with the lead backing and forwarding from 35-55 points in the third quarter.

It ends up a little disappointingly, but not really, with the Saints coughing up 5 consecutive goals, for the Suns to be just 4 goals, or 23 points away. Dempster cleverly coughs up a free kick, with Bennell taking a shot from 25 out. Hands over my mouth, I see the AFL page refresh. IT’S A POINT! From the kick in, the Saints work it down, and Jack Sinclair nailed the sealer.

The game was really much about Josh Bruce. Stealing several marks, kicking 6 Goals, he proved that we didn’t need McCartin. For now.

That Collingwood Girl and I have concluded a truce. I wonder what could ruin that…


ST KILDA 4.3 12.5 13.8 16.8 (104) GOLD COAST 3.5 4.6 5.13 10.16 (76)


St. K: Bruce 6, Riewoldt, Saad, Sinclair 2, Lonie, Curren, Dunstan, Roberton

GCS: Lynch 3, Prestia 2, Bennell, Garlett, Ablett, Hallahan, Rischitelli


St. K: Bruce, Armitage, Savage, Fisher, Riewoldt, Dunstan

GCS: Lynch, Ablett, Prestia, Bennell, Saad, Rischitelli

Our Votes: Bruce (St. K) 3, Armitage (St. K) 2, Rischitelli (GCS) 1

Umpires: Ryan, Schmitt, Jeffrey Official Crowd: 13, 649 at Metricon Stadium


  1. Yvette Wroby says

    Hi Andy, good match report. We Saints are ever hopeful and ever down to earth. Who knows who will sparkle Friday night. But bring it on.


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