Round 2 – Richmond v Collingwood: Hot Pies

by Paul McKay (Bangkok, Thailand); for the Floreat Pica Society


The name De Goey is recorded in a number of forms. A French surname of uncertain etymology. Probably in the British Isles of 17th century Huguenot origin, the spellings are believed to include Degoix, Degoy, De Goy, De Goey, De Goe, De Gouy, De Gowe, and possibly De Gogay, Degue and Degne. It is said that the origin is locational from places called “Gouy” found in the departments of Aisne, Oise, Somme and Pas de Calais. “Gouy” is an ancient word of the pre 7th century believed to translate as fiefdom or settlement, and as such referring to a place held by a local lord.

Q1 started with only 60,000 in the house at the MCG, apparently due to some technical issues at Flinders Street station. Over the duration of the first quarter, the grand stadium started to fill up, and later in the game, the annoying sounds of Richmond supporters loudly complaining about umpiring decisions was audibly, well, annoying. However, the scales were very soon balanced by a small number of Pies fans, during the relative quiet when Jack R was taking a kick, all in perfect chorus, to the tune of “Riewoldt’s a Wanker…”

To the action, and the Pies were simply hot, and switched on from the very first bounce. The pace and aggression at the ball was there (as our American friends love to say) right from the “get-go”. Unfortunately, the execution would not fully match the endeavour in the first half, since there were still many obvious skill errors still present in our game, which of course, kept the Tigers in the game. The Tiger’s boogie man, Mason Cox, got on the board early, thanks to a perfect pass from Jamie Elliott, who patiently waited for the gap to open. The sight of several frustrated Tiger backs would be symbolic of the remainder of the game, in particular once a certain Jordan De Goey started to put his name on the game.

Highlights of Q1; after Mason’s early goal, he was soon after spotted way up field, putting pressure on various Tigers on our half back line. Great work rate by the big guy. Darcy Moore and Brody Mihocek were both superb in Q1, Checkers conceded a few errors after some strong aerial efforts, but not Moore – his back line efforts were full of athleticism and confidence, sometimes monstrous, perfectly weighted, perfectly timed, and his Dad must have certainly been proud of his son on this day. Pendles was flicking the ball everywhere, highlighting his sublime basketball skills, and we were witnessing high quality footy, almost “keepings-off” when we had the ball, and intense pressure when we did not. There were a few freaky moments, notably Beams kicking off the deck to find Phillips, who goaled late in the quarter. There was a bit of minor biffo as the boys came off for the quarter time break, and looking carefully at the army of assistant coaches coming off the Tiger bench, one could see a look of desperation and possibly defeat, on the face of Justin Leppitsch.

Q2 started with the Tigers getting back quickly to level the scores, controlling possession better, and launching further forward pushes, several of which were repelled by the cool calmness of Darcy Moore. He was ably supported by Howe (the unrelenting chase down of Castagna was enough to upset his kick), and also Mayne, Maynard (who really appears to have found some much-needed poise) and Roughead were all super composed across the back line. We have really improved in this department, and at least for tonight, the famous “cough ups” from recent years seem to be a distant memory. It is clear to see there has been some sustained effort in this area in 2018-19. Backward kicks used to be accompanied by panic on the field, and deep breaths of desperation by the fans, but now, all appears to be a perfect part of a grand plan to find a loose player up field. And it is a pure joy to watch.

A few mistakes from both sides saw Checkers on the end of a chain of handball for our first goal of Q2. Jason Castagna would be a “dead-cert” for a support role if they were to make a Godfather Part IV, however he could not find the goals from a set shot at the 10 minute mark. Crisp & Greenwood might be the perfect name for an old-fashioned hardware store in Castlemaine, but they were having the members wing to themselves over the next 10 minutes, not letting anything past. Another passage of keepings-off, (which could again be described as composed patience, waiting for a gap) followed up by a chain of quick handball saw DeGoey on the end, and a goal. A half back interception by Mayne, hard running by Pendles down the middle saw another quick chain of handball on the forward line, this time with Treloar on the end. Goal. Pies up by 18. Treloar down clutching his knee put Pies hearts in mouths momentarily, thankfully it was only a case of being winded after a cheap Edwards blow to the bread basket, but this was soon soothed by Phillips pulling in a Daicos-like one hander on the wing, under plenty of Vlastuin pressure. His forward kick was placed perfectly for De Goey to take a mark of the year contender, and the quick round the corner goal is fast becoming his trademark move. That the Tiger defenders don’t get this yet, is bizarre. Pies up by 24 points and the fans were salivating.

We really did have enough ball to make it 30 points up, but it wasn’t to be, and in the closing 10 mins of Q2, we generously allowed the Tigers back into the game, with three goals to them before half time. At the long break, it is a one kick ball game, and with the Edwards goal after the bell (why was he given the kick, since MacIntosh applied the tackle??) now the commentators are salivating.

Q3… and it couldn’t have started better. Pendles waltzing untouched through a dementor-like posse of faceless yellow & black ghouls, to find Mayne in space… goal. The quiet, muffled applause would indicate that most Pie fans were still in the beer queue. A quick look up to the respective coaches boxes sees Hardwick, red-faced with frustration, and Bucks just beaming. Pies back to a 12 point lead. From here we have another 5-10 minutes of Richmond simply unable to penetrate the wall of Roughead, Mihocek, Crisp and Moore to get it past the wing. Another superb chain of precision kicking & handball sees De Goey on the loose at 52 metres, which he goes back and duly slots. With reference to the opening historical notes above, DeGoey is truly Lording it over the MCG tonight. This was his third goal for the evening, and he is not done yet. A Jayden Short goal brings the margin back to 12 points. Dusty continues his rusty night by finding Sidey in the middle and we go forward again. A series of comical umpiring errors culminates with the ball coming off the side of Sidebottom’s bottom, and is astonishingly paid as out on the full!

Still a 12 point ball game and the pace starts to move up a notch. Dusty gets a mark and amazingly, goes for a banana from a gettable angle and misses. The kick in goes short, and after some precision chipping around the half back line, we go coast to coast, thanks to perfect delivery up the ground; Maynard to Stephenson to Checkers, a cheeky bounce for the statisticians, GOAL! Pies fans are drooling. 17 point lead, and Dusty is benched. After the bounce, a freaky kick off the deck from Edwards finds Lynch, and Tigers bring it back to 11 points. The game is not over by a long shot and a further Tiger push is repelled by some Langdon coolness under pressure, and the Pies take off the pressure with some pin point delivery. Grundy takes a one hander on the forward flank, gets it to De Goey in the pocket, repeat as above. A debate starts up about why De Goey is brought off after each goal. One theory is that he needs to recover from the 200m sprint that he must do each time to get off the field. Go figure.

Mason Cox could have made life very difficult for the Tigers, but he struggled getting the ball cleanly along the long journey down to his boot, and the ball stayed to the right.  More Moore defensive brilliance sees a perfect tackle on Weller deep in Richmond territory and we release pressure again. However it comes back again and Higgins gets a shoelace to the ball for a goal, back to 12 points. A Pendlebury tackle on Prestia sees him make amends for last weeks easy miss, and back to 18 points. The skipper has played a masterly captain’s game tonight. Had Sidey’s one handed scoop been caught by Razor Ray, it could have been another Tiger goal right on the bell, but is was not to be… Pies by 18 points at the last break, a huge 30 minutes of footy ahead. And given the Tiger’s well known pattern of putting in strong Q4s, the game is not over yet. The mark count at 3Q time; Pies 133, Tigers 60.

Q4 could not have started better… clean Grundy tap to Beams, over to Pendles, a long kick into the forward line, and suddenly the ball bounces off the deck and into Mason’s hands. Five Richmond players go immediately into panic mode, expecting him to peel it off to one of our running forwards, not expecting him to just ease back and slot it through himself! Looking at the replay, it was clear that all our forwards, Elliott, DeGoey, two Brodies, were all queuing up for the handball, but it seems Mason has learnt the local expression “nah, yeah, nah”… and after all Tigers duly moved off, he went ahead and did it all himself. Pies by 24.

Edwards gets one back with some very smooth pack roving, and the Tigers stay in touch. Another forward push by Richmond and Crisp was very lucky not to give away a free with a high tackle on Butler. Our backs stand up well with the pressure and we go back to our forward line, to find the French Huguenot descendant, who with another trademark helicopter kick from his favourite pocket, hits the post. The tepid Ellis kick in is gleefully raked in by the long arm of Mason Cox, but he is tight up against the boundary and kicks a minor. The kick in still fails to penetrate the Black & White wall, and the Tigers are unable to get it forward and are again under intense pressure. Beams takes the full weight of a Lynch bump and gets up. A critical Josh Thomas tackle on Ellis sees us go forward again, and it is clear it is only a matter of time before the Tigers capitulate. Another classic Moore intercept down back is wildly applauded and the clean, uncontested moves out of the back line creates another coast to coast scenario, with Stephenson on the end of it for a perfectly executed goal. The flood gates are opening, and another forward move by the Pies sees Crisp find Jamie Elliott, who also finds the woodwork. Pies by 25, with 9 minutes left. Jamie gets a second chance after a Vlastuin scoop is deemed a throw, and he nails the goal, which gets the COLLINGWOOD chant going. At this point of the game, Grimes falls over and rolls around like an Italian soccer player, after a very soft bump from Cox. Interesting to note that about one minute later, he takes a mark & kicks comfortably. Langdon dances around three Tigers on the wing and delivers it forward and Checkers and Elliott share the mark. We lose possession again, but Tigers are incapable of getting the ball clear. Eventually Jamie Elliott, hard up against the boundary, gets his boot to the ball, then cops a Grimes elbow to the head, but the ball finds Stephenson, GOAL. Pies by 37.

The next play is champagne footy. Pendles drives the ball forward from the bounce, gets two touches as the ball moves forward, and DeGoey gets his 5thgoal. The camera moves into the stands to see Eddie saying goodbye to a stone faced Brendon Gale and Peggy O’Neill.  The last play is a DeGoey pass to Cox 30 metres out… he finds the post too! Pies by 44, Tiger fans making quick exits.

Overall, a complete team effort, and no injuries!

Commiserations to Richard Moody for the difficult task of allocating the DR votes, it was hard to see any passengers tonight.

To the Horsburgh votes, equally difficult to hand out, but here goes;

Pendles gets three for a consistent four quarter effort, cutting through packs, retaining possession and finding targets. A masterclass tonight.

DeGoey gets two for a celebrated forward performance. A superstar in the making.

Beams one vote; he was roving to Grundy in perfect fashion, ending up with 36 touches. Would love to see him wearing another GF medal around his neck in late Sept.

Apologies to Treloar, Mayne, Crisp, all of who were at the top of the stats boards.

Eagles at the G next week… with their loss against Brisbane, they may still be in hangover mode, but it is payback time, after that painful GF loss.



RICHMOND           2.2     6.3     9.4      10.6 (66)
COLLINGWOOD    3.2     7.3   12.4    17.8 (110)



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  1. E.regnans says

    G’day Paul.

    The buzz of this game even filtered into my mountain top hideaway of silence.
    That is a mighty work of observation from Bangkok.
    I wonder how the acquisition of D Beams will be seen at years’ end.
    Good to see D Moore and J Elliott amongst it, too. New “recruits” into the Grand Final team of 2018.

  2. Luke Reynolds says

    Paul, well done on giving S.Pendlebury the three Horsburgh votes. His was a wonderful game of skill and leadership, lifting when the team needed a lift. Such an underrated, harshly marked player by the mainstream media.

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