Round 2 – Geelong v Hawthorn: Jeff Kennett seems to establish second curse

Friday 12 June 2020
7:50 pm
Kardinia Park, Geelong


On the previous night, two strong sides Collingwood and Richmond had a low scoring game with 5.6 each. I wondered if games would be similar to the re-opening match for a while.


Friday night footy was played by two arch rivals in the modern era, Geelong and Hawthorn. They always play at MCG but COVID-19 withdrew the original fixture and the blockbuster was relocated to Geelong’s home of Kardinia Park.


I had picked Hawthorn to win because they are strong and won over Brisbane who they lost a few games in the last few years in Round 1 and Geelong lost heavily to GWS in March. But many experts predicted the Cats to win because of the unique structure of Kardinia Park.


Footy was bounced at Kardinia Park and Geelong picked and passed the ball quickly and then got a first opportunity. The first goal was scored only within a minute. Former Saint Rhys Stanley performed well in the centre hitting out, picking and kicking with good skills. Geelong led the traffic well and found the exit at a bit congested goal square.


When Geelong kicked two more goals (the second one was scored by Stanley) and Hawthorn didn’t kick any goal, I thought that the Friday night footy was similar to the previous night, and I commented on my social media.


However I was wrong… Hawthorn found the way out. Burgoyne could pick the long kick but not and Hanrahan entered and kicked the first goal for Gold and Brown. Then their good goal kicker Gunston had a good set shot but ended up kicking to the left. Ball was fumbled and it was about going through posts. Finally Burgoyne kicked footy in the goal line and collided with a goal umpire. Under the goal review, he was awarded six points. Hawthorn narrowed the margin to six points.


Geelong dominated again. Albett took a mark inside 50 and ran sneaky when he did a set shot. The veteran midfielder has done his job.


Geelong led by seven points at first quarter.


Hawthorn gained power at the beginning of the second quarter and the ball flew to the hot spot. A big contest was held at Hawks goal square, but the road code was broken. Luke Breust was awarded a free kick and put his Hawthorn to the score level. Then a behind was scored and Hawthorn led for the first time in the match.


Then Cats started snarling to stop Hawks flying in their unique and visitor unfriendly Kardinia Park. Stewart ran into the traffic picked footy and kicked into the right direction. Dahlhaus collected and kicked towards the hot spot. It was contested and the ball was played over two Hawks heads and eventually dropped right to Ablett’s hands. The great Cat just kicked towards the middle of goal posts. Geelong got the lead back.


Once again Hawks led again, but involved in illegal contacts just after Ablett’s leading back goal and just before the half time. A free kick from the latter was delivered to Dahlhaus who shot a goal. Geelong were again back to lead the match.


Hawthorn seemed to kill the game in the midway of the second quarter with illegal contacts when they were about to get the game on their hands.


The last half of the match was all the way to the Cats. They gained speed and had turnovers. Hawthorn had chances to break into the goal square but Geelong defenders worked hard to stop and led the ball to the right traffic. When Cats had balls in their hands, they found the right space to end their jobs. And Hawthorn handpassed sloppily and some of them were mischievous on the field. Pushing an elbow to the best midfielder, Patrick Dangerfield was unnecessary and indeed illegal. Hawks cost the big blockbuster by their unnecessary actions and with wrong decisions.


Opposed to my prediction, Geelong won hugely by 61 points at their home. The game was decided with different levels of skills but I think also with what Hawthorn President had done before the game.


Listening to SEN Drive in the afternoon, co-host Andy Maher put Jeff Kennett’s comment in the radio program. In a letter to Hawthorn members, Kennett suggests that AFL should seek a solution to relegate clubs into VFL if they don’t meet financial strategies or KPIs in three years. I am not happy to hear what Jeff says. Maher discussed with his co-host Bob Murphy about the issues and asked him about the financial difficulties that his old club Footscray/the Western Bulldogs faced 25 years ago. The Bulldogs legend didn’t answer much as he was not at the club at the time.


Then the agenda was up in the pre-match program on SEN and his comment impacted the footy community. I had to leave a comment with my wish that St Kilda would survive because of the strong community on the St Kilda supporter Facebook page. Many fellow Sainters comment against Kennett. I even thought the second Kennett curse was established and their opponents acted quickly.


After the game, other St Kilda supporters pointed out Hawthorn’s loss in the Facebook thread I started. Indeed I reckon Jeff cost the game, although he didn’t say his message was not towards any club.


To be honest I wanted Hawthorn to win the blockbuster as I prefer Hawks to Cats, but the result shows against Hawthorn President and I am happy about it. Even though I think St Kilda will overcome with a strong community, but Jeff trying to ruin other clubs is ridiculous. Can he feel Fitzroy fans being heartbroken when the club was merged into Brisbane Bears in 1996? Doesn’t he know Hawthorn were nearly merged into Melbourne Demons?


Well, all I say is that St Kilda have been demonstrating strong support during COVID-19 crisis and get ready to smash Hawthorn whenever we take. And I am ready to support my Saints passionately and can’t wait the Sunday night footy. Go the mighty Saints!




GEELONG 5.2 7.5 13.6 17.6 (108)
HAWTHORN 4.1 6.4 7.5 7.5 (47)


Geelong: Miers 3, Ablett 2, Dahlhaus 2, Stanley 2, Atkins 2, Menegola 2, Selwood, Dangerfield, Duncan, Rohan
Hawthorn: Gunston 2, Hanrahan, Burgoyne, Breust, Patton, O’Brien


Geelong: Selwood, Parfitt, Stanley, Ablett, Stewart, Dangerfield
Hawthorn: Mitchell, Gunston, Smith, Frost


3. Stanley (GEE); 2. Dangerfield (GEE); 1. Gunston (HAW)


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