Round 2 – Richmond v Collingwood: Sloppy skills lead to frustration (Floreat Pica Society)

By Pam Lowther

Hi All


I have the great misfortune of having to write about one of the most frustrating games l have ever seen from a Collingwood team. l was as disappointed as those that have commented on the DR Votes, which by the way l agree with. But since l’ve had the day at work to cool down and reflect, l am just annoyed at how a side can have most of the ball for most of the game and still lose.


When l got home from work last night before l went to the game, my son was watching last year’s game and l noticed that almost half the team was different either by way of retirement, trade or injury.


Frost, Gault, Williams, McCaffer, Sinclair, Greenwood and Cloke and maybe a few more, all of whom you could say are replaceable but what have we replaced them with? l’m sure we’ll get better as the team plays more games but that doesn’t explain how professional footballers can be so sloppy with disposals by hand and foot.


And why can’t they not just kick it straight down the middle to a forward who just might be in the forward fifty? l’m no coach and have no clue about STRUCTURES or PRESSES or the like but it seems pretty sensible to me that if you have the ball instead of going sideways and backwards why not just go down the GUTS like my dear old Granddad used to say.


Having said all that l’m still going to be positive about our season as it is only game two, and Richmond were no better than us really, just a bit better at kicking straight.


The Votes


3  Grundy 

     was by far our best player took some great marks and if only he went back and kicked 

     more direct l’d have given him 4 votes.


2  Treloar

     Will be a true champion if he could improve his disposals.But he got squashed a few times

      last night by his team mates putting him under the pump with some crappy hand passes.


1.  Pendles 

     Thank heavens we have him even though he wasn’t his best, he’s always giving his all.


 I also thought Hoskin-Elliot tried and will be good even though he gave away a goal with a stupid chip kick into the middle of the ground. But he made up for it with 3 goals for us.


I’m predicting a stirring win against the Swans next week.


May the Magpie flourish.

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