Round 2 – Collingwood v Adelaide: Crows Deliver

The Crows take on Collingwood at Etihad , a good pick up by Brenton Klaebe pointing out that the Crows percentage after Round 1 was 222.2 , a fitting and poignant total in regard to the passing of Richie Benaud during the week.  I am at the Ponderosa watching the mighty Redlegs defeat the Dogs and stay top of the table.  A poor piece of programming by the SANFL in my book in that the Crows game starts at 4.  Adelaide United play home at 4.30 and Port at home and it is the 1st round of the majority of Amateur league grades etc.  Why isn’t the SANFL on Sunday?

I just briefly check the scores and note the Crows are away to a good start marred by poor goal kicking.  Betts has kicked a ripper for the Crows first and then Sloane and Douglas combine for the Crows second. The Crows all over defensive press is working a treat.  The Pies are struggling to make any impact on the scoreboard whatsoever.  At the half time break the Crows are convincingly in front by 37 pts.

Jacobs has beaten a very good ruckman in Grundy. Dangerfield continues to be electric and does things no one else can. Smith the best kick off 1 step with power I have ever seen.  He sliced through Collingwood’s defence and had a huge influence on the scoreboard.  Talia is well on top of Cloke.  Pendlebury is the Rolls Royce , such a smooth mover and seems to have more time than anyone else to dispose effectively of the ball.  While he has had 22 touches he is lacking helpers.  The Pies are desperately missing the classy Sidebottom after losing Beams and Greenwood being injured.  The Crows are just to strong in the midfield.  Cam Ellis-Yolmen has been a revelation.  His strong body is effective in the clinches in a pack and he is distributing the ball effectively.

The 3rd quarter commences and the Crows kick the first 2 goals to end the game as a contest with Adelaide players in general having more impact on the game as a team.  Sloane, Douglas and Van Berlo have been effective.  VB has seemingly fitted seamlessly back in to the AFL and will continue to be a vital player.  The link man Lynch is working hard as usual.  Henderson whose 2014 season was ruined by injury and he struggled upon his return is a vital player and is showing why other clubs offered 1st round draft choices for him which the Crows knocked back . Hartigan and White have had a good duel.   If the Crows continue to work this hard and get contributions from everyone performing their role they will play finals in 2015 .

Collingwood do come back to some extent following the injury to Brodie Smith but the game was well and truly over.  For the Pies Oxley shows a lot of promise and could develop in to a gun.  Frost has had a intriguing battle with Tex Walker.  Swan is still a very good player.  Grundy while being beaten still performed reasonably.  Williams and Langdon were ok.  As a Crows supporter I was surprised (and) at the non-selection of Freeman, De Goey and Karnezis. The Walsh era at Crows-land has been refreshing with the game plan changes proving very effective a very promising start to the season, and don’t worry Port , New Zealand would love to have been 0 for 2 in the World Cup final.

Go the Crows !

Adelaide 12 – 18 (90) def Collingwood 9-9 (63)


Adelaide: Dangerfield, Lynch, Walker 2, Smith, Cameron, Betts, Cameron, Van Berlo, Jenkins 1

Collingwood: Blair 3, White 2, Fasolo, Cloke, Swan, Broomhead 1

Best Players:

Adelaide: Smith, Dangerfield, Jacobs, Sloane, Tahlia, Ellis-Yolmen

Collingwood: Pendlebury, Oxley, Frost, Swan, Grundy, Blair

Crowd: 33, 731 (where were you Collingwood members?)

Malarkey Medal Votes: Smith (Adelaide) 3; Dangerfield (Adelaide) 2; Pendlebury (Collingwood)  1


  1. Meg Lindley says

    Great commentry

  2. Alex Page says

    Great summary Book. I thought Laird played a pretty good role as the link man in the back half. Worked hard to press forward when we had the footy and showed more poise using it then most of his age/experience.

  3. Thanks for the erudite summary Malcolm. An impromptu decision to catch the train into town to see the disappointing Swans
    /Power contest (son Cam was born a Power supporter) meant I missed most of the last half. It seems the boys took the foot off the pedal at the end there – and hoping Smith pulls up ok. Watching Luke Parker play well down on his best last night after being KOd last week makes me think he should have a week off.

  4. Steve wood says

    A good summary RB, Phil Walsh wants a team performance and that’s what he is getting. I thought Jacobs was fantastic not just with his ruck work, but at ground level he was clean with his hands too. Their work rate was fantastic, it will be interesting when they come up against Sydney after watching them last night

  5. Another great write up for a great game! I know Walsh wouldnt have been happy with the drop off in the last quarter though

  6. The Philby says

    Good recap, Malcolm. Your Crows are looking quite promising with Phantastic Phil in charge.

    But I will mention that if I was still over in Adelaide, I’d rather have my commute home from the Ponderosa on a Saturday rather a school night!

  7. Cam Bryson says

    Thanks Book, always enjoy your insights and agree with most of them. I’m only saying ‘most’ to make it seem like I have some additional opinions of my own, but in reality…..
    As a 25 year supporter it’s been fun to watch the Crows perform as a true team – sharing the goal kicking while wining is always a good sign.

  8. Matthew Wojcik says

    Solid start but remember we own NM usually anyway and beat Collingwood away last year?

  9. Great work as always Book! Great to see the pies get beaten comfortably, but unsure how I feel about the crows beating them!

  10. Citrus Bob says

    Rulebook – what price the Dangerman for the Brownlow?
    Rory Atkins ahs been the revelation along with Ballarat Bertie (VB to those under 40). Hyphen will only get better and Citrus Sam has not yet appeared. WOW!!

    Heard at Kardinia Park this afternoon from a man with a blue and white striped jumper – “When do the Ashes start? “” No ,it wasn’t PJ Flynn or JTH!
    Ditto Dennis Napthine, Ted Bailleau or Steve Bracks
    Re the doyen of cricket people RX Benaud. Read in The Sporting Life (circa 1951) an article by KR Miller headed “I’ll bet on Richie Benaud” what a foresight by the man Richie adored

  11. Malcolm Ashwoos says

    Thanks folks Alex Rory’s dad Dean is like yourself a ex black and a member of the greys . Model concussion is a strange 1 in that there are so many variables with delayed concussion inevitably worse , there are stringent tests now days so it is a wait and see . Steve Jacobs hands are quick and a major asset and yet another player
    Carlton would regret losing . Campbell yep a disapointing last q but a good win overall
    and it gives , Walsh something to really hone in on this week . The Philby a interesting point . Thanks Cam but how many of these players would die there hair blue for a gf ?
    Wo Wo a good reminder point but there does seem to be more passion and purpose we wait and see further results , hopefully a better effort against the dees than last year !

  12. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    Citrus – if you have that bet, just make sure you use your own account.

  13. Luke Reynolds says

    Spot on wrap of the game Malcolm. Crows looking very impressive, their ball use reminiscent of the very best Crow teams of seasons past. As opposed to Collingwood’s ball use.
    Poor crowd, could’ve fit that many into Victoria Park. Pies fans just don’t like Etihad.

  14. Tom Martin says

    Have to hand it to you Book. You know that Crows list inside out and the match analysis is always penetrating.

    That said, I only start to really enjoy your reviews when the wheels fall off at West Lakes, and your formidable football acumen is unleashed on bagging Richmond. I doubt you’ll be able to mock the Power much longer this season.

    Another good’ un though.

  15. sophie petropoulous says

    Spot on Malcolm really enjoyed the read and the info its great to see the crows finally playing like they should I think Walshy is a man that knows how to drill this team and get the best out of them but in saying that our test is yet to come when we play top four teams like hawks freo sdyney and i will say power as well dont think the power is going to fold this season i hope it does lol but cant wait for the show down interesting read malcolm good job.

  16. Good piece the rulebook and carrrn you legs….

  17. Chris Davas says

    Very good article and very spot on about the poor programming. Every sports game for SA supporters at once and then Sunday nothing.
    Chris Davas

  18. Dave Brown says

    Smith was on the plane home one hour later so must have pulled up alright. All the Crows can do in the first half of the season is beat the teams that the AFL puts in front of them and have a finals spot pretty much sewn up by the bye and before the draw gets tougher. I’m not going to talk these two wins down though. North Melbourne was considered a top four team and Collingwood a similar team to the Crows (oh, how we laughed)

  19. Crows the smoky for 2015? With Bombers?

  20. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Citrus Bob as Swish said you just be careful with that bet a Danger – Fyfe double looks a good chance at this very early stage of the season
    Luke would love to no why pies supporters just won’t go to Etihad ? The pies crowds were also disappointing towards the end of last season but so many members ?
    Chris disgraceful programming by the SANFL and the more people who bring it up publically the better
    Dave I rate the pies youth but injuries and losing , Beams has really hurt them also the 2 players re drugs .
    Dips I think any objective footy follower would go thru the crows list and see they have 2 many elite players and provided the others do there role to not make the 8 injuries will likely decide in all reality ( same re a number of sides )
    Essendon list likewise is good , the crazy journey they have been thru if there is not another chapter to come are a huge chance would still be a emotional roller coaster as well

  21. Good job Malcolm. Watching Smith kick is a major attraction in itself. There’s such brutality and power.

    I’ve not checked, but would be shocked if we’ve previously beaten Collingwood three times on the trot.


  22. Great review. I’m sure it was hard on the boys watching Smithers go down, especially with Radar’s incident still on their minds. However the effort prior to then was enough to ensure we still had a great victory. There’s not too much sweeter than winning over the ‘pies. In Melbourne. And for the third time in a row. Love the Crows!!!

  23. Anorther great write up. I’ve got to say, although it’s always great to beat Collingwood in Melbourne. I walked away a little disappointed in only a 27 point win. It would’ve been great to really bury a team that has had our number so many times in the past, and If we kicked accurately, we would have done so. But a win is a win and hopefully we can continue this form against Melbourne.

  24. Maurice Dunstall says

    Adelaide has to be happy – they have to watch the last half/ last quarter but an inspirational 4 points anyway. Also nice to see the Victorian comments don’t rate Adelaide in the second half of the season. Memories of ’98 for me. Long way to go but at least the ‘Victorian-centric’ journalists can stop talking about Hawthorn’s domination on the year of their hat trick premiership.

  25. Nice recall RB. Crows were way too good. They do tend to have enlongated honeymoon periods when there is a new coach so will see if this time is different. Whilst the final margin was only 27 points, that was not a reflection of the chardonnay dominance. Please refrain from any Richmond bagging – the doggies beat us last year as well.

  26. Appreciate your appreciation of a forward who reads it as well as Tom Lynch.

    Sort of bloke who gets off the lease and kicks 5 in a granny.

  27. Leash!

  28. A really enjoyable read very football astute far better than the advertiser . I look forward to reading more summarys thanks , Malcolm

  29. Walsh the messiah. Was he the real coach of Port?

  30. hi malcom its was a great game on Saturday had the pleasure of being their watch eddie kick a complete fluke of a goal,tex walker is playing like a king on fire,the crows team are playing a lot more tougher than last year

  31. Only saw 2nd half… teams flying the BobNeil banner started Satdy too! To me the key is T Lynch, required to break the line at half forward, the hardest thing in footy, hope he stays healthy. B Smith’s leg is ridiculous! But will likely miss a week with concussion. My only disagreement being VB, I luv him but he seems the rustiest Tri colour player out there, and is a 1 trick pony nowadays. Important adelaide took the pedal off on the last 20 mins, that level of manic intensity is new for them, and they should have been mentally and emotionally cherry ripe cum Sunday morning.
    Keep up the good work book!

  32. Dave Brown says

    For the record Mickey, Crows won four in a row against Collingwood in 2005 & 2006 – in Craigy’s almost glory years

  33. Jeff Milton says

    Norwod and the Crows both winners. Power still not on the board. All in all a pretty good day’s footy.

  34. Matt Zurbo says

    another ripper piece mate, be very interesting to see where the crows go from here.

    is it a coincidence that the crows started winning the day roo went on the board?

  35. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Mickey Smith a incredible leg and Thanks Dave . Elli , Jonesey , Maurice a very promising start and agreed Jonesey the last fifteen min did take a bit off gloss off the win . Jags thanks mate you are a different breed a realistic tiger supporter .
    Half Woman and Jamesey Lynch may well be the most underrated player in the game and is vital . VB has played his role , it must be remembered he has missed a year of footy . Thanks PB appreciated . Randall the crows tackling has been a feature .
    Raj interesting comment there is no doubt that Walsh was v imp to the power .
    TM I definitely think there will be more chances re Richmond than Port re bagging .
    Thank yo

  36. E.regnans says

    Well played Rulebook.
    I agree it’s good to be winning in April.
    But I’d rather be winning all through September (and into October this year), instead.
    Go pies.

  37. Good write up as usual. Crows were fantastic for 3 quarters but don’t mind them falling away late with a huge margin. Still top and looking for win #3 on Saturday.

    I was frustrated with all the games on Saturday. Having Norwood in Elizabeth as 1 of 4 SANFL games on then Adelaide United and the Power games was a bit much but not much we can do about it. Watched Norwood reserves win and then the first qtr of main match, listening to the rest on radio (glad they won). Saw United play and hoped they would win but didn’t. Do they want to finish top? They had Victory lose and Perth Glory unable to play finals so had their chance to be on top. There was enough time for fans to go from Hindmarsh to Adelaide Oval. We have the best stadium in Australia. Really love going there regardless of who plays. Expected Port to win but like a few other teams, cost us a few tips. Brisbane Roar and Sydney Swans love playing in Adelaide. Could have had a game to go to on Sunday. Not big on netball but glad our Thunderbirds won. SANFL lost a huge opportunity here. Still got to stay home and let Geelong shock me by losing to Freo and the amazing thriller of Essendon beating the Hawks. Even went down to Noarlunga on Friday for the South vs Port game. Needed to experience a night game down there and got to see what I couldn’t on Saturday – a full game. Long trip but love Friday games even if it was chilly. Glad next week we have Friday and Sunday SANFL games with AFL on Saturday and United playing that day away in Sydney. Hopefully a better week for tips.

    Keep up the good work Malcolm.

  38. Ben Teague says

    Hey Malcolm. . I notice you mention, if the crows continue to work this hard and get contributions from everyone, they will play finals in 2015. My opinion is, looking at their draw that something would have to go seriously wrong for them not to play finals (Sauce or Tex get injured), and that if they do continue to work this hard and have the even contribution a top 4 spot beckons, let alone just a finals spot. Have a good study of their draw. There are two 50/50 games in the first 11 rounds, but the others they should win. If they beat port in the showy they could be 6-0.

  39. Lewis Pounentis says

    Had doubts about Taylor Walker as a captain – glad to so far be proven wrong

  40. Lovely Lisa says

    Thanks for keeping me informed, Crows and Norwood winning=all is right with the world.

  41. Great read informative and extremely accurate ( totally agree with your analysis of various players ) thanks Malcolm

  42. great read!
    Gotta feeling there’ll be a few changes next week to

  43. Excellent as always book . Can we please have the ins and outs reading this week as
    Out Rucci In Ashwood

  44. Nice one: – Re Yo Man -was impressed on the way he used his long arms stopping passing balls going past him. Smith in my eyes has become equally the Crows most influential player. ……………………………………………………………………………………………………
    You started with the Crows % 222.2 You could have finished by saying that at the end of rd2. we were …. 2 from 2 lol

  45. Dave Nadel says

    Pies’ supporters hate Docklands because Collingwood does not play well at the indoor venue. The Magpies game is developed at the MCG and we seem to need a large Oval ground. I haven’t checked the stats but I would guess that when we were playing reasonably well (2007-13) we would have had a better win loss record at Subiaco than at Docklands. This is not to suggest that the venue had anything to do with Saturday’s result, given the respective line-ups and the way the teams played, the Crows would have won on any ground in Australia.

    Rulebook, I notice that both you and Swish had Grundy amongst Collingwood’s better players. I think that this must be South Australian solidarity. I found Brodie’s game very disappointing. Jacobs seemed to brush him aside in most of their contests. At the time I remarked to my mates that Grundy obviously needs to bulk up to play against big blokes like Jacobs, but when I went home and checked the player stats I discovered that Grundy is exactly the same weight as Jacobs. I think Grundy may one day be among the top ruckmen in the AFL but he has to learn a lot more skills including how to stand his ground. I look forward to Jarrod Witts’ return to the Collingwood side.

  46. Malcolm Ashwood says

    OBP the pies have a very good record in October to many Inj and youth for this year tho . Macca good point re 222.2 and 2 from 2 . Ben agreed the crows have to many elite players nog to have a huge spike ( barring key inj ) provided a game plan and the lesser lights stand up . Lewis so far very impressive it will be interesting to observe when something goes wrong . Thanks Lovely Lisa aka Miss China .
    Thanks JD and Popstar . Dave I rate Grundy very highly he will learn from Sat and I congradulate the pies for having the courage to draft him something if the tigers were serious about having a crack at a flag would have done . The comment that the pies could drag a crowd anywhere , any time is incorrect , thanks folks

  47. Jacqueline Sewell says

    Great summary and comments….any win against Collingwood is a big plus! Richard Douglas always puts in too.
    Just like to add….SANFL always needs support!

  48. Nailed it as per usual.

  49. Didn’t see the game but feels like I was there.
    Nice write up.

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